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>> No. 14288 Anonymous
31st January 2022
Monday 6:52 pm
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I have an interview next monday for an internal promotion. I'm usually quite good at interviews - if I make it to a face to face interview, I typically get the offer. But this time, I'd say that's not very likely. Most, if not all of the other people I know who are going for this position have more industry experience than me, have worked for the company longer, and in closer proximity to the people conducting the hiring.

I'm definitely qualified enough and have bags of relevant experience outside the company, but I know that industry experience will weigh more heavily in the eyes of those making the decision.

Basically I applied for experience and to be seen to be applying, I have no expectations of getting the job. I don't even really want it, I love the job I have now and the money isn't hugely different. I thought that this would at least mean I'd be relaxed about the whole thing, but the reality is I'm nervous as fuck. I have an entire week to go and I already feel sick. I'm not entirely sure why, but I thought that maybe asking for tips in this very specific scenario might help my nerves.

The role is basically what I already do, but more, and I basically know the interview will be almost identical to the one I did for this job, just longer or more specific. I really don't know why I feel so fucking anxious about it.

Failing that, general interview technique thread?
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>> No. 14289 Anonymous
31st January 2022
Monday 6:57 pm
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Maybe you feel nervous because you think you're good at interviews and don't want to fail at something you think you're good at. I am worthless beyond belief at job interviews and I would barely be nervous at all in your position. Maybe a bit nervous because change is always scary and I don't want to embarrass myself in front of people I know, but the job sounds like a piece of piss from what you've said.
>> No. 14290 Anonymous
31st January 2022
Monday 7:01 pm
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In your shoes I usually adopt a "fuck it" mindset. If you don't get it it's not a big loss.
>> No. 14292 Anonymous
31st January 2022
Monday 7:13 pm
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You might be right that I'm just not relishing failing at an interview, but honestly if I don't succeed it's really just going to be because other people have more experience, which is hardly something I'll feel bad about. Maybe I just want it more than I'm telling myself. Perhaps this is more of an /emo/ thread than a /job/ one.


That's exactly what I expected to do. I have no idea why I started to panic when I actually got the interview confirmation.
>> No. 14293 Anonymous
31st January 2022
Monday 7:37 pm
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I don't have much help to offer but whenever I've done internal interviews, it's always been twice as nerve wracking as an interview at a new place.

I had to have an interview with my two most immediate managers for a promotion last year and I was a wreck. Totally bollocksed it. It messed with my head too much going from the usual relatively informal relationship we have to pretending it was all super serious. Still got the job like, the interview was a formality at most, but still. The whole vibe was just too incredibly awkward.

Anyway best of luck m8.
>> No. 14295 Anonymous
31st January 2022
Monday 8:11 pm
14295 spacer

>It messed with my head too much going from the usual relatively informal relationship we have to pretending it was all super serious.

I think this may be it. I work, laugh and joke with these people, they're my peers in all but title, so it'll be fucking weird to have to explain to them why I'm good for a job, when they already know exactly who I am and what I can do.

Also, the most important tool in the interview arsenal is embellishing or lying about experiences on the job, which is much harder to do when the interviewers were there with you.
>> No. 14296 Anonymous
31st January 2022
Monday 8:14 pm
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Do it anyway. The more obviously stuff they know you can't have been doing the better.

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