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>> No. 14353 Anonymous
25th March 2022
Friday 10:06 pm
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If you were a senior manager how would you boost workplace synergies, comradery and sense of belonging? Say you had to plan quarterly away days, what activities would work?

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>> No. 14354 Anonymous
26th March 2022
Saturday 1:01 am
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>> No. 14355 Anonymous
26th March 2022
Saturday 9:56 am
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Team building exercises never work. A decent hotel in a nice setting, with a strong lunch and dinner. But basically what >>14354 said.
>> No. 14356 Anonymous
26th March 2022
Saturday 2:03 pm
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The biggest contributor to my sense of belonging at work comes from the feeling that we all hate the sales and marketing people. The best way to make us happy would be to pay us as much as the sales and marketing people who are all charlatans who steal a wage and take credit for our work.
>> No. 14357 Anonymous
26th March 2022
Saturday 2:17 pm
14357 spacer
Giving everyone regular pay rises and plenty of annual leave, and making sure the wrokload is manageable so people don't get burned out.

... Oh, sorry, you meant more like "pizza wednesdays" or "rock climbing day out" didn't you?
>> No. 14358 Anonymous
26th March 2022
Saturday 2:28 pm
14358 spacer
Focus on making your team happy at work, not on an optional (but actually mandatory) paintballing weekend.

If your workers feel heard, catered to, and well compensated for their work, then the "synergy" would be there already.
>> No. 14359 Anonymous
26th March 2022
Saturday 3:05 pm
14359 spacer
You two seem to have a very unrealistic expectation of how much authority a manager has over pay and holiday. There's a small budget set aside for a day at a conference centre or in a museum kind of affair, a lunch at Pizza Express where you'd better not even think about ordering a pint.

Just you wait until you need to be herded back into the office. It's easy now, 'we want you to socialise with your team once a fortnight' but you'll have noticed that we're asking you to come in once a week now so you can get used to it again to make life easier when you're throwing a teary at me.
>> No. 14360 Anonymous
26th March 2022
Saturday 3:17 pm
14360 spacer

Well, OP did say senior manager, so I'd expect at least some degree of discretion over annual raises/hiring salary, and if not the amount of leave, certainly at least they'll have some control over how flexibly it can be taken. If they don't then I'd dispute if they're even a "manager" at all, and not just a higher level of drone.

And even if not, you're bound to have more influence than one of the plebs when it comes to bringing such things up to the real bosses. I appreciate that they'll never listen, but even having a boss who can be seen to fight your corner makes a world of difference.

But yes I do appreciate it's never as simple as that, it's just one of those things where I think a bit of idealism would go a long way if more people could get onboard with it.
>> No. 14361 Anonymous
26th March 2022
Saturday 3:18 pm
14361 spacer

>comradery and sense of belonging

Be a people person who understands a bit of psychology at least on an intuitive level not academic. Make sure your staff are well paid and not overworked, well trained and confident in the tasks they have.
Listen to your staff and understand that not everyone will like everyone else, pay attention to team dynamics and make sure that there is no tension or resentment directed at certain people because they think they get preferential treatment or aren't pulling their weight. And be prepared to make changes to the team or rearrange things to smooth out such issues.
Be ready to muck in and do the grunt work if you're ever in a situation where unexpected work load or absences affect the team rather than just assume the team will spread out the work themselves.
Don't try and be cool and trendy and down with the kids or one of the lads, your team needs to like working for you, they don't need to like you.

>workplace synergies

Fuck off.
>> No. 14363 Anonymous
26th March 2022
Saturday 3:27 pm
14363 spacer
As a wagie I don't want that shit. I have never, ever, enjoyed having to communicate with my workmates beyond what is necessary for the job. Never been to a work do. Never will. Hated during lockdown where we had weekly quizzes over Teams, especially whenever it became my turn to write and run the quiz. I should have seen that sort of shit was coming when my manager told me "we're like a big wacky family in this department, especially me, I'm a bit crazy teeheehee" on my induction. I imagine if I was still working there out of lockdown there'd be bake sales and dressing up for Children In Need/Red Nose Day. Would have been awful.

In terms of incentives, we got access to a discounts thing, where you could get like 4% off at the Apple Store, and one free coffee a month from Cafe Nero. Occasionally we got £20 Love2Shop vouchers as thanks for working during lockdown, or the team reaching targets.
>> No. 14364 Anonymous
27th March 2022
Sunday 2:28 am
14364 spacer
I've never understood how some management types think this kind of stuff actually helps.
If our team is already working together 40 hours a week spending a day arsing about with giant meccano to solve some kind of ridiculously contrived problem isn't going to have any measurable effect (especially if said team is mostly technical staff who spend most of their time doing the real-world equivalent).

Likewise with any kind of enforced "fun" or not-technically-mandatory work socials, the only people who enjoy those things are the small minority of pathologically extroverted yet incredibly boring types who treat work as some kind of surrogate social life because no-one wants to hang around with them voluntarily. If a group of us who actually enjoy each other's company want to go for a pint after work we don't need work to organize it and we won't be inviting any upper management types who we need to be careful what we say around.

If morale and team cohesion need improving find out what the problem is and fix that rather than wasting everyone's time with teambuilding BS that either eats into their free time or creates a backlog of work they'll need to deal with when they get back.
>> No. 14365 Anonymous
27th March 2022
Sunday 5:25 pm
14365 spacer
Something I'd add: if you really have to make all your employees engage in mandatory fun time without being paid any more, for the love of God make it something appropriate for them, or at the very least not your own personal hobby. Once again: do not expect them to enjoy indulging your own personal hobby. Do not bring your own hobby into it.

At my work, which is a small company, the wife of the boss of the whole company is the HR lady. I'm sure there should be a rule against such things, but we all get on fine so she never actually does anything 90% of the time. Her personality is more or less that of a trophy wife, despite being in her 50s now. When she's not at work, she is always at the rich people spa, or the sauna, or the gym, or doing endless bloody yoga. And at some point in 2019, she decided we would all get on a lot better if we all did yoga too.

Honestly, it's not awful. It's a bit enjoyable. But we're an IT company of 13 fat men, her, and the accounts lady. I don't mind touching my toes or leaning to one side for a bit, but the yoga instructor kept saying things like, "Give yourself permission to relax." I'll relax if I want to, bitch; I don't need anyone's fucking permission. This yoga shit was so patently not for us that it felt much more offensive than if we'd been forced to play on a Super Nintendo or watch cricket or something traditionally male instead. But Mrs Boss the HR lady had not taken the time to consider the wishes of anyone other than herself, and it showed.
>> No. 14366 Anonymous
27th March 2022
Sunday 5:39 pm
14366 spacer
I just want to go home. Please leave me alone. I already go for a couple of drinks with colleagues that I get along with.
>> No. 14367 Anonymous
27th March 2022
Sunday 5:41 pm
14367 spacer
You'll do the damp shit hike and you'll bloody well like it.
>> No. 14368 Anonymous
27th March 2022
Sunday 5:47 pm
14368 spacer
Unionisation & decimation.
>> No. 14369 Anonymous
27th March 2022
Sunday 6:02 pm
14369 spacer

>"Give yourself permission to relax."

The only appropriate response to that is a massive fart.
>> No. 14370 Anonymous
29th March 2022
Tuesday 5:33 pm
14370 spacer
One hour wanking sessions every day.
>> No. 14371 Anonymous
29th March 2022
Tuesday 7:27 pm
14371 spacer
Unfortunately you've transformed your office into the Children of God cult.
>> No. 14372 Anonymous
29th March 2022
Tuesday 8:06 pm
14372 spacer
Daily Two Minutes Hate with films of rival companies.

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