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>> No. 4822 Anonymous
20th August 2020
Thursday 11:01 pm
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In my early 20s I had to go on a course of antibiotics which seemed to coincide with IBS starting up. I've held the suspicion that the two might've been related in the sense that the antibiotics will have effected my gut biome. I got fluffy as well but that's more to do with being a greedy bastard.

Anyway, last week I had to start on a course of antibiotics again but this time the pharmacist managed to up-sell me some gut-bacteria pills to take with it. Do you think it was a silly purchase or do these things actually work? The science part of this thread is I will be able to tell you soon if they've worked.
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>> No. 4823 Anonymous
20th August 2020
Thursday 11:08 pm
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I wouldn't think over the counter capsules would be very effective, no, or at least no more so than drinking a Yakult every day. Seems like snake oil to me.

That said. Have you ever heard of a faecal transplant?
>> No. 4824 Anonymous
20th August 2020
Thursday 11:25 pm
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>faecal transplant

Not the OP, but I have - the whole thing is fascinating to me. I think it might actually validate some of the ideas/hypothesis around the gut biome - not saying "probiotics" are anything other than snake oil, but there is clearly something in the science we have yet to discover. Also, some of the work that people are doing behind gut biome and depression/mood - very interesting. But still a bit gross. Maybe there is something in that ice docking business?
>> No. 4825 Anonymous
20th August 2020
Thursday 11:53 pm
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The science is pretty well known, to be fair, just only to scientists. It's not yet at a stage where much practical can be done with it, or simple enough explanations trickled down to Joe public.
>> No. 4826 Anonymous
21st August 2020
Friday 12:42 am
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>That said. Have you ever heard of a faecal transplant?

A few months back we had a thread discussing the weaponization of faecal matter. The ultimate evolution in the martial arts.

On the contrary, in America you can now get paid $40 per donation at the local stool bank:

We've literally been flushing our money away!
>> No. 4827 Anonymous
13th September 2020
Sunday 12:30 am
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As I'm sure you've all been gripped with suspense regarding my bowel movements: I can report that things are running much better. That's nothing scientific but I've even been shagging my guts out this week by going back on huel with coffee with the side effects being much milder (just a bit of bloat).

I'd recommend it. Maybe I'll get some different types so there's an ongoing cycle of different bacteria and I'll see how it changes things.

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