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>> No. 4498 Anonymous
4th May 2012
Friday 12:19 am
4498 As we are not all playing CYOA
It seems there are some posters who have an interest in reading and writing literature in its various forms; are you aware the chans have their own eZine? It's not exactly prestigious, but it does mean they'll consider most any submissions for publication. So you have an opportunity too!

There is a $40.00 prize for the best prose fiction each month, if it helps. This months one I thought was especially deserving, knowing the author had a death and a heart attack in the family the month prior to writing it, so it was quite a touching story.
Their url is http://theaprilreader.org/, read a few back-issues if you can. It's a pain to get your mind into "reading internet fiction" mode but it's really worth it.
Expand all images.
>> No. 4543 Anonymous
16th May 2012
Wednesday 5:26 pm
4543 spacer

Thank you very much old chap. I'm having a look right now.

Might put some of my auld bollocks up there,too.
>> No. 4605 Anonymous
31st May 2012
Thursday 2:32 pm
4605 spacer
Nice one, Issue 15 is out tomorrow. Did you submit anything in the end?
>> No. 4621 Anonymous
3rd June 2012
Sunday 12:17 pm
4621 spacer

Here's the link for it;
I didn't get into it this time though, sadface. Confident about next month.
>> No. 4622 Anonymous
3rd June 2012
Sunday 12:37 pm
4622 spacer
I've just submitted a poem. We'll see if I hear anything.
>> No. 4704 Anonymous
3rd July 2012
Tuesday 5:50 pm
4704 Copy-pasted from elsewhere.
Another month, another TAR – this one's your literary fix for summer.




Our prose is a celebration for the season. Easler's Sin Vacuum is a reminder that nothing can beat a snuff film. Hurley's Shut Up Sauce and McVey's A Brothel Tale bring the familiarity of a youthful past from opposite ends of the globe. Scheer's Everything's Amateur echoes the insanity of a heat wave, while Arthur's A Common Fertility Ritual sheds new light on the heat of sex.

The poetry is a getaway from July's toils. Not Only That Fewer Men Know is a cure for the plagues of requited love and happiness; Rooftop's brilliant imagery is a release from the dull nature of the natural; and Untitled is a nice reprise from the motion of life.

Lastly, our new homepage is nearly finished, and will be deployed with the next release of TAR.

If you have questions - don’t be afraid to contact us!
>> No. 4705 Anonymous
4th July 2012
Wednesday 5:16 pm
4705 spacer

You are a star. What a gem.
>> No. 4807 Anonymous
2nd September 2012
Sunday 12:18 am
4807 spacer
Issue 18 is out
>> No. 4817 Anonymous
9th October 2012
Tuesday 9:19 pm
4817 spacer
.org domain expired. This link works though
>> No. 4974 Anonymous
14th February 2013
Thursday 8:07 pm
4974 spacer

What seems to be the produce of some splitters from TAR's editing team; The Metric.
Supposedly they have higher standards, the layout is certainly more attractive.
Issue 1 released today.
>Issue 1

TAR is up to #23 this month;
>> No. 4975 Anonymous
14th February 2013
Thursday 9:42 pm
4975 spacer
I got an email from them and they mistyped the href in the link. Bunch of amateurs.
>> No. 4976 Anonymous
14th February 2013
Thursday 10:52 pm
4976 spacer
It's a free e-zine, what did you expect?
>> No. 5032 Anonymous
16th April 2013
Tuesday 9:29 pm
5032 spacer
I subbed something once, didn't get accepted. Got it in my uni paper instead.
>> No. 5033 Anonymous
16th April 2013
Tuesday 9:34 pm
5033 spacer

Having seen the submission inbox for a few issues of TAR, I have to say that says more about the quality of your work than their acceptance policy.

That said, if you think it was really just over their heads, The Metric is significantly more discerning.
See http://www.themetric.co.uk/717/ and http://www.themetric.co.uk/issue-three-released/
>> No. 5034 Anonymous
21st April 2013
Sunday 11:25 am
5034 spacer
I wasn't having a go at TAR, just making idle conversation.
>> No. 5267 Anonymous
16th July 2013
Tuesday 10:31 pm
5267 spacer

New issue of The Metric if anyone is interested.
I haven't had a chance to read the content yet, but the cover is nice.
>> No. 5357 Anonymous
9th October 2013
Wednesday 6:18 pm
5357 spacer
A very delayed issue 7.

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