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>> No. 5249 Anonymous
2nd July 2013
Tuesday 8:25 am
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Is this for real? I'm not a holocaust-denier or something but I feel a bit jaded after being conned by the fake autobiographies A Million Little Pieces by James Frey and You Got Nothing Coming by Jimmy Lerner.

How does he cheat death so many times? Is he a superhero or something?

He's trapped in a burning house and he hasn't eaten for days. He tries to off himself with a handful of sleeping pills. He wakes up later and is fine despite the fact the room is full of smoke and the door handle is too hot to touch. Really?
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>> No. 5250 Anonymous
2nd July 2013
Tuesday 1:42 pm
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I still think that James Frey book is good. Similarly I still enjoy JT Leroy's work after the author was exposed as not being what s/he pretended to be.

Haven't read The Pianist but remember enjoying the film. There are quite a few Holocaust memoirs that stretch the facts like any other autobiography would: there are one or two that are in fact shameful fake memoirs of the Holocaust. No doubt that among the 'painful lives' section there are also books by people who were never abused as children, but the Holocaust still happened, just as child abuse does.
>> No. 5251 Anonymous
2nd July 2013
Tuesday 1:46 pm
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James Frey's quirk of repeating himself for emotive effect drove me up the wall.

Up the wall.
>> No. 5252 Anonymous
2nd July 2013
Tuesday 1:56 pm
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I don't blame James Frey and Jimmy Lerner. I think they both approached publishers and said

>Here's a novel which is loosely based on my experiences

and the publisher agreed to print it as long as they pretended it was a strict autobiography.

I enjoyed You Got Nothing Coming but I didn't find out about the fabrications until after I finished. I'm not sure if that would have tainted my experience of it.

I googled up James Frey partway through and didn't end up finishing the book.
>> No. 5253 Anonymous
2nd July 2013
Tuesday 3:40 pm
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Whereas I thought it an admittedly cheesy but fairly effective way of conveying his exhaustion, his trauma and his pain.

His trauma.
And his pain.

Because when you are being paid by the word and need to fill 300 pages, it's the only option left.

The only option.
>> No. 5254 Anonymous
2nd July 2013
Tuesday 4:06 pm
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>something but I feel a bit jaded after being conned by the fake autobiographies A Million Little Pieces by James Frey

This is a common thing isn't it? I read a Child Called It a while back and I'm pretty sure it's fake too.

It's so pathetic that these people do this and make so much money.
>> No. 5255 Anonymous
2nd July 2013
Tuesday 4:13 pm
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I give misery memoirs a wide berth regardless of whether they're supposedly true or not. Prison memoirs are my guilty pleasure though.

I think Dave Pelzer's family said he grossly exaggerated but if they were as bad as he claimed, they would say that anyway.

Constance Briscoe's mum sued her for libel and won but then it got overtuned in the High Court.
>> No. 5256 Anonymous
2nd July 2013
Tuesday 4:23 pm
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I snickered.
>> No. 5257 Anonymous
2nd July 2013
Tuesday 4:29 pm
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Sure, of goat's milk I'm going to have me fill...


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