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>> No. 5371 Anonymous
18th November 2013
Monday 8:37 pm
5371 in need of a quick response
Can I get some book recommendations real quick? I''ll be in, uh, somewhere for the next month and I need some to last me. I like Nabokov, Conrad, Ronson, PKD, and similar. Anything good, fiction or non-fiction. I'm reading Lord Jim ATM and would like something a bit less dense, and maybe some action or humor.

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>> No. 5372 Anonymous
18th November 2013
Monday 9:30 pm
5372 spacer
War and Peace?
>> No. 5373 Anonymous
18th November 2013
Monday 9:36 pm
5373 spacer

You may enjoy some of Ken Follett's sagas if you like extended fictions/dramas with a historical setting. Start with The Pillars Of The Earth; it was a bestseller for years.
>> No. 5374 Anonymous
18th November 2013
Monday 9:42 pm
5374 spacer
I love those books.
>> No. 5375 Anonymous
18th November 2013
Monday 10:01 pm
5375 spacer
Solitary Fitness By C. Bronson or maybe something by Houdini?
>> No. 5376 Anonymous
18th November 2013
Monday 10:01 pm
5376 spacer
The Trial by Franz Kafka.
Them by Jon Ronson.
Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky.
The Circle by Dave Eggers.
And maybe anything by Albert Camus.
>> No. 5377 Anonymous
18th November 2013
Monday 10:53 pm
5377 spacer
Have you got the sequel to Fall Of Giants yet? I'm struggling to get into it; the loom of the Nazis is far too depressing and Follett writes far too convincingly of the pervasive fear in everyday life of that time. It's rather hampering my enjoyment of the novel having this big Fascist ghost looming over everyone, and knowing that they're going into one of the more harrowing wars in history makes me not want to read on.

Also, other things that will keep you engrossed for a good few days, or are simply too thick to be gotten through in one sitting: The Earthsea Quartet, LOTR, or the entire back catalogue of everything Terry Pratchett has ever touched.
>> No. 5378 Anonymous
19th November 2013
Tuesday 10:28 am
5378 spacer
Voinovich's "Life and Extraordinary Adventures of Private Ivan Chonkin" is a great little Soviet satire made even better this year with the announcement of the potato/tomato hybrid plant!, and Hasek's Schweik is also worth a look at for another satire.
>> No. 5396 Anonymous
26th November 2013
Tuesday 3:09 am
5396 spacer

Robert E. Howard I recommend,
His creation Conan has unusual permanence.

Try here:
>> No. 5398 Anonymous
28th November 2013
Thursday 2:00 am
5398 spacer

I don't want to start a new thread, so I will be hijacking this one for a short while.

Recommendations; I want a modern fiction about adventures, light-hearted fun and oddities. Maybe about journeys to find oneself, and such. Any help will be appreciated.
>> No. 5399 Anonymous
28th November 2013
Thursday 9:40 am
5399 spacer
What sort of adventures?
>journeys to find oneself
Not exactly modern but you could try Siddhartha. I'm not sure if you mean bildungsroman or kunstlerroman.
>> No. 5400 Anonymous
28th November 2013
Thursday 6:49 pm
5400 spacer
I have read Siddhartha. It was okay I suppose. Journeys, as in travelling just to travel. It doesn't have to be coming of age or anything like that. Any kind of adventures while travelling. I don't mean to sound vague, but I don't know how much clearer I can be. And no, not kunstlerroman.
>> No. 5401 Anonymous
28th November 2013
Thursday 7:28 pm
5401 spacer

There are a couple of old threads about travel writing.

>> No. 5403 Anonymous
10th December 2013
Tuesday 6:35 pm
5403 spacer

Not the other guy, but try "Bad Wisdom" by Bill Drummond and Mark Manning. It's travel adventure of a sort that I imagine this site would enjoy or somehow relate to.

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