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>> No. 6094 Anonymous
6th August 2015
Thursday 1:10 am
6094 spacer

Here's a cute, English girl talking about Philosophy.
Expand all images.
>> No. 6095 Anonymous
6th August 2015
Thursday 2:29 am
6095 spacer
What an annoying cunt.
>> No. 6096 Anonymous
6th August 2015
Thursday 2:58 am
6096 spacer


Are there more videos?
>> No. 6097 Anonymous
6th August 2015
Thursday 3:00 am
6097 spacer
I am quite drunk but this made me laugh, good old britfa. She is quite posh though. Oh my God, really posh. I can't take any more.
>> No. 6098 Anonymous
6th August 2015
Thursday 3:15 am
6098 spacer
She is a horse galdem.
>> No. 6099 Anonymous
6th August 2015
Thursday 8:20 am
6099 spacer

And we all know that this means filthy in bed, possibly has daddy issues which will come out during sex.
>> No. 6100 Anonymous
6th August 2015
Thursday 10:40 am
6100 spacer
The School of Life videos with Alain de Botton are superb, and an excellent introduction to philosophy and a myriad of other interesting topics.

However, to balance the diversity books, there have to be these "girl philosopher wow" videos showing how empowered and intelligent they have become. If it was a guy presenting this, I'd probably treat it the same way, and see them as pretentious ponces.
>> No. 6101 Anonymous
6th August 2015
Thursday 11:03 am
6101 spacer
If I'm going to have a tug to a YouTube video, I'm going to watch Plank All Over Me.

>> No. 6102 Anonymous
6th August 2015
Thursday 7:15 pm
6102 spacer
In forty years time there'll be prosecutions over that.
>> No. 6103 Anonymous
6th August 2015
Thursday 7:31 pm
6103 spacer

The future is not here yet. I am happy to party whilst Rome burns. And by that I mean snogging and fingering 18 year old chavettes in awful empty nightclubs whilst my wife is at home thinking how to fuck me over in the divorce. Living the dream.
>> No. 6104 Anonymous
7th August 2015
Friday 12:16 am
6104 spacer
Is that pic some sort of ancient .gs lore, or just some kid on a webcam?


Are you the dad from that Rubber Bandits song?
>> No. 6105 Anonymous
7th August 2015
Friday 12:29 am
6105 spacer

>> No. 6106 Anonymous
7th August 2015
Friday 3:11 am
6106 spacer
>Is that pic some sort of ancient .gs lore, or just some kid on a webcam?

It's an image from 4chan that was associated with the text

>I have to be up at 8 am tomorrow to found out the result of an urgent blood test due to low cortisol and before I went to bed I was subjected to an insult that seems insultingly optimistic: Cuckold.

>I am a man with tits and a tiny dick who can't yet masturbate, I have crippling social anxiety no social skills and I live at home with my bipolar mother and abusive father. That "You have a girlfriend that shags other blokes" is seen as a killer insult to someone who would love a girlfriend I didn't have to have sex with just underlines how thoroughly pathetic my life has become.

>I am going to have to have an injection of testosterone every 3 months even supposing I do get a good job meet someone and move out, oh and if I want kids I need to rely on IVF technology advances so healthy sperm can be isolated and frozen. Those are issues that affect me even if I get some Disney style happy ending. And oh by the way that also means I have to tackle the ethical issue of whether I want kids with autism somewhere down the line. Being made to consider eugenics of wiping out your own demographic is kind of heavy stuff to have waiting for you down the line.

>Oh and I have haemoroids which means I occasionally bleed from the arse and there are cataracts in my eyes that are slowly turning my blind and necessitating stronger and stronger glasses. Oh and I hsave rhinitis which means my nose is always running and thus frequently bleeding, meaning I need some sort of hanky or toilet roll near me all the time which naturally every stupid fucker uses to make a crack about masturbation.

>What am I though if not the boy who carried a towel to school and got the snot kicked out of him? Am I now the weird loser making strange videos on the internet? Where did my ambition and drive and hope go? What do I do now? I am so used to having the answers but I don't have them now. I have been mindfucked by too many people and not in a good way.

Despite the image and text being originally unrelated.
>> No. 6107 Anonymous
7th August 2015
Friday 7:54 am
6107 spacer

I am not a mod, so can't say for sure, but I think I know who you are and would like to state that you are a massive manchild who somehow has managed to get into a position which could be used for good, but instead you are being a dick. Grow up and give me a call if you need to talk.

If you are not who I think you are I am sorry, don't call me.
>> No. 6108 Anonymous
7th August 2015
Friday 10:16 am
6108 spacer

This is wonderful.
>> No. 6109 Anonymous
7th August 2015
Friday 11:13 am
6109 spacer
very aphex twin, and not what I was expecting at all when I clicked.
>> No. 6173 Anonymous
29th September 2015
Tuesday 11:29 pm
6173 spacer
She makes videos where she gives her thoughts on books she has read. Her Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrPjsdfkpkIhhHVOEP-jrHg

Originally posted to 4chan /lit/ a few months ago.
>> No. 6174 Anonymous
30th September 2015
Wednesday 4:56 pm
6174 spacer
I'd love to get Dionysian with her.
>> No. 6175 Anonymous
30th September 2015
Wednesday 5:31 pm
6175 spacer
Is this satyre?
>> No. 6176 Anonymous
30th September 2015
Wednesday 6:15 pm
6176 spacer
Phwoar I'd Noam her Chomsky IYKWIM
>> No. 6177 Anonymous
1st October 2015
Thursday 12:42 pm
6177 spacer
I want to fuck her
>> No. 6620 Anonymous
13th July 2017
Thursday 2:42 pm
6620 spacer
Here's a fit asian talking about books


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