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>> No. 6213 Anonymous
2nd November 2015
Monday 1:11 am
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Long shot, but whilst reading S.H. I came across a word that means "opposing" as in "opposing forces". I don't really remember in which particular novel, but since I started reading S.H. in chronological order, I'd wager it's one of those novels.

I can't recall the word, other than some confusing combinations pop up in my mind, such as "ternacious" "calamicous" ternatious' tentatious, something like that.
Can you just simply list all the synonyms of the word "opposite", although I've already looked them all up, but to no avail. I'm certain, the word in question containted the letter "T", that's why the words with a lot of "T" come to my mind, I'd guess.
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>> No. 6215 Anonymous
2nd November 2015
Monday 4:09 am
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Oxford gives:
"1 the proposal met with considerable opposition
resistance, hostility, antagonism, antipathy, enmity, objection, dissent, criticism, defiance, non-compliance, obstruction, obstructiveness, counteraction;
dislike, disapproval, demurral
2 the home team made short work of the opposition
opponents, opposing side, other side, other team, competition, competitors, opposers, rivals, adversaries, antagonists, enemies
literary foes
3 the opposition between the public and the private domains
conflict, clash, difference, contrast, disparity, antithesis, polarity"

Collins gives
" = hostility, resistance, resentment, disapproval, obstruction, animosity, aversion, antagonism, antipathy, obstructiveness, counteraction, contrariety • " Much of the opposition to this plan has come from the media." OPPOSITES:
opposites: agreement, approval, support, cooperation, collaboration, assent, responsiveness, concurrence
= opponent(s), competition, rival(s), enemy, competitor(s), other side, challenger(s), foe, contestant(s), antagonist(s) • " The team inflicted a crushing defeat on the opposition.""
Beyond that it's not hard to find a few more online thesauruses and enter variants like 'opposing' or synonyms like 'antagonists' or 'opponents' yourself, using the magic of cut and paste to compile your own list.

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