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>> No. 3584 Anonymous
1st November 2020
Sunday 1:03 am
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I’ve been saving up to buy a place of my own but, living in London, there’s no way I can actually afford anything in the city. Well, anything that isn’t just a lease on a place that costs as much as a four bed anywhere else or a 40k parking space.

Now that working from home is a permanent possibility I can and probably should look at places in the rest of country. Just so long as there’s a direct train to London. It gets complicated when you factor in the lockdown though as my understanding is that you probably want to try living somewhere before you buy which would certainly be a task at the best of times.

Do you lads have any suggestions or tips to help narrow down a search?

I don’t fancy moving back to my hometown and studied in student towns so I’m open to suggestions on areas I can look to live. Would say I have about 25k saved so far but not averse to saving up more (I’m factoring my parents vague offer of money as just covering cost of moving). What I’m looking for is a decent flat for 1 in a city where I can meet someone and where I don’t need a car – living in London I’ve neglected ever sorting the licence but could should pull my finger out.

So far I have:

Edinburgh seems popular here going by past threads but I’m unsure if they’ll do independence or I’ll get shit anyway for being English.

Inverness has the problems of above but is much cheaper where you get breathtaking scenery because you essentially live in Iceland. Its adventurous anyway.

Liverpool I've enjoyed when visiting and have mates in the North West but the market looks altogether quite shifty on the leases they offer. Cheap though.

Cardiff could be on the cards but heard it’s quite depressing.
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>> No. 3585 Anonymous
1st November 2020
Sunday 3:45 am
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I'd go out West from London, depending on how far you want to be from it. You'll end up at Bristol, which isn't a bad place at all, but you have Gloucester, Oxford, Reading to choose from, all sort of on the way.

Inverness sounds absolutely lovely, but it's truly at the arse end of the country. You had better like a) being on your own and b) paying for a lot of flights.

Edinburgh is a really great city but has many of the same problems as London.
>> No. 3586 Anonymous
1st November 2020
Sunday 4:35 am
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I live in Reading. It's a nice place but rather devoid of character and history, and I couldn't imagine spending my whole life here. As you say it gets better the further West you go and Gloucestershire (which I greatly miss) is gorgeous and full of friendly people. Although I'd add the caveat that Bristol may well not be your thing - rents are high and the town's full of druggies.
>> No. 3587 Anonymous
1st November 2020
Sunday 8:40 am
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Liverpool is rammed with investment flats on dodgy leaseholds as you've probably seen, but a terraced house in a reasonable area or possibly a flat in one of the old Georgian terraces is likely within your budget.

If you're willing to compromise a bit on location, Warrington might be worth thinking about - it's a fairly dull commuter town, but you've got direct trains to Liverpool, Manchester and London.

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