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>> No. 3595 Anonymous
11th April 2021
Sunday 4:42 pm
3595 spacer
How do you find shared flats in London? I looked online and there seems to be conflicting recommendations with some services even charging a fee.

The overall impression is it's a minefield even with a global pandemic on. I'm not a chancer looking to pay pennies for a palace, when I moved to the London from my parents house I started renting a studio flat for myself, a nice place but not somewhere you can really take a lass back. Cost is what it is but I didn't want to fuck about with nightmare housemates when I was getting serious with my career. Years later and I was planning on buying a house this year but will need to do at least another year of saving on top.

As an aside, it also seems tacitly demanded that I'll need to join board game nights - all the ads from my last look implied this. I mean being social is fine, I'll have a brew and maybe do dinner some nights but is this some kind of filter or code?
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>> No. 3596 Anonymous
11th April 2021
Sunday 5:24 pm
3596 spacer
I'll share a flat with you. I'm not paying rent though.
>> No. 3597 Anonymous
12th April 2021
Monday 1:28 am
3597 spacer
I'd prefer to bring a girl back to a studio than a shared house. Just me thought.
>> No. 3598 Anonymous
12th April 2021
Monday 1:52 am
3598 spacer
I'm looking for somewhere there right now.
>> No. 3599 Anonymous
12th April 2021
Monday 11:49 am
3599 spacer
Jesus fuck, Purps. You really should clean your house again.
>> No. 3600 Anonymous
12th April 2021
Monday 5:18 pm
3600 spacer
It depends on how big the studio is. Shagging is doable in a London studio flat but there's not the space for two people to just hang out, it'll get stuffy and you'd better hope you don't need to take a fat ogre shit. Plus the neighbours are universally the sort who enjoy peace and quiet.

So what normally happens is I end up spending my weekends at her place. Particularly if we go anywhere and come back late.

Let us know what you're looking for and when, I suspect my 2 months notice might nix anything. Still, there's some pretty nice places we could get if you fancy clumping in together.
>> No. 3601 Anonymous
12th April 2021
Monday 6:30 pm
3601 spacer
The bedroom looks horrific but the kitchen I could live with. I'm not saying it's great but it only looks like a day or two of not bothering to clean anything.
>> No. 3641 Anonymous
31st October 2021
Sunday 12:32 pm
3641 spacer
Right I'm thinking of biting the bullet and handing in my notice to the landlord today. I need to give 2 months notice so do you reckon I start looking right away or do I wait until the final month? Should I hold off on a move until January given than December is likely a bad time to move?
>> No. 3642 Anonymous
31st October 2021
Sunday 12:43 pm
3642 spacer
Rather ironic having a "pride" flag in a room such as that.
>> No. 3643 Anonymous
31st October 2021
Sunday 5:18 pm
3643 spacer

I've found with the gays, at least gay men, that their homes are either oppressively orderly and tidy, or exactly as bad as OP image. There is no inbetween.
>> No. 3644 Anonymous
31st October 2021
Sunday 6:03 pm
3644 spacer
Tenancy terminated. Now I just need to find flatmate/s who aren't complete insufferable weirdos and also avoid ending up homeless come December because nobody wants to be my friend.

Imagine if I were to get covid now.
>> No. 3645 Anonymous
5th November 2021
Friday 12:53 pm
3645 spacer
Oh God, nobody is responding to messages on spareroom. I have 6 weeks to move out and if worst comes to it I'll just use rightmove and find another studio but still.

What time should I start to panic and find a place? Are there anywhere decent areas left in that London?
>> No. 3646 Anonymous
5th November 2021
Friday 2:50 pm
3646 spacer
It's usually down to being gay and being OK with it and the same, but being ashamed of it. The latter point is more to do with the general mental health crisis we face, but it's compounded by sociatal guilt around what we like to fuck.
>> No. 3647 Anonymous
5th November 2021
Friday 4:29 pm
3647 spacer
Talking of being gay, I sucked my first cock last night and it was fun. No idea why I felt the need to post that, but I can't exactly tell my dad, and you two are all I have. Cum tastes a bit rank though.
>> No. 3648 Anonymous
5th November 2021
Friday 4:57 pm
3648 spacer
He came in your mouth? You slag!
>> No. 3649 Anonymous
5th November 2021
Friday 5:15 pm
3649 spacer

Fair play to you.
>> No. 3650 Anonymous
5th November 2021
Friday 5:32 pm
3650 spacer
You're meant to ram the cock as far down your throat so the jizz goes directly down the gullet and you don't have to taste it.
>> No. 3651 Anonymous
5th November 2021
Friday 6:29 pm
3651 spacer
I'm also now convinced I have aids.
>> No. 3652 Anonymous
5th November 2021
Friday 7:30 pm
3652 spacer
I think I recall that old gem of a class called PSHE, and being told that you couldn't catch HIV from swallowing cum because your stomach sorted it out.

I definitely recall being sucked off by a guy the same year, but I didn't really feel it and couldn't cum, so he just wanked himself off in the cubicle afterwards while I stood there. What a fond formative memory.
>> No. 3653 Anonymous
5th November 2021
Friday 7:57 pm
3653 spacer

It's almost impossible to catch HIV from oral sex unless you're a crackhead with rotting gums.

You can't catch HIV from someone who is positive if they're on effective antiretroviral treatment, because the amount of virus in their bodily fluids is effectively zero.

If you plan on having a cock binge and want the reassurance that you're protected, make an appointment at your local sexual health clinic and ask about PrEP. This is an antiretroviral treatment that can be taken daily or before sex and prevents you from catching HIV.


It's also worth remembering that HIV is no longer a life-threatening or life-limiting disease. HIV positive people who are on antiretroviral treatment have the same healthy life expectancy as HIV negative people. Obviously it's sensible to take precautions, but don't let the fear of HIV spoil your fun.
>> No. 3654 Anonymous
6th November 2021
Saturday 11:01 am
3654 spacer
All this talk of HIV being not an issue makes me wonder if the sexual revolution of the 1970s (that was halted by AIDS) will be re-started.
>> No. 3655 Anonymous
6th November 2021
Saturday 11:20 am
3655 spacer
It's never going to be acceptable to have sex with a dog, stop trying to make that happen.
>> No. 3656 Anonymous
6th November 2021
Saturday 1:55 pm
3656 spacer
Sajid Javid will go on TV and say that while plenty of people are still dying of AIDS, we can't live in fear of the virus, and the economy needs to open up again because that's more important, and someone needs to suck Sajid Javid's cock right now. Yes, he will refer to himself in the third person.
>> No. 3657 Anonymous
6th November 2021
Saturday 4:08 pm
3657 spacer

Within the gay community, it's a bit complicated. There's still an obvious stigma about HIV and the community has a kind of latent trauma from the late 80s when it seemed like everyone was going to die horribly.

On a practical level, people know that it's not a big deal and you'll often see people mention their HIV status on dating apps. The safest person to have unprotected sex with is in fact someone who knows they have HIV and knows that they have an undetectable viral load. On an emotional level, a lot of people still have a hard time reconciling that with the stigma, especially if they come from a homophobic family or culture that stigmatises homosexuality.

PrEP has changed the game, but it's more about psychology than behaviour. Knowing that you're protected takes away the nagging low-level worry after a sexual encounter, which often stirs up feelings of shame. The switch from a nihilistic-hedonistic attitude of "fuck it, if I catch HIV then so be it" to a more confident "I'm protected, I've got nothing to worry about" tends to affect people far beyond their sex life.
>> No. 3658 Anonymous
8th November 2021
Monday 6:02 pm
3658 spacer

Lads, what life would you pick between these two options? By bizarre coincidence they have the same commute time, same train price, same underground line, both new builds. The cheaper first one starts 6 weeks before the moving out date on the address I'm at now.

Will probably pick one at 10pm tonight to seal the deal.
>> No. 3659 Anonymous
8th November 2021
Monday 6:05 pm
3659 spacer
Bit of water's always nice.
>> No. 3660 Anonymous
8th November 2021
Monday 6:36 pm
3660 spacer
Depends on what there is to do in the evening / weekends in that area. If that is London, I would say NW is a much nicer postcode to live in than E.
>> No. 3661 Anonymous
13th November 2021
Saturday 5:11 pm
3661 spacer
For an update Waterfront was a tease; was ready to sign but had to agree a time to meet the other housemate that they never got back to me on. It really is like dating.
NW had odd vibes, the guy started talking about it not currently being a joint-tenancy and he had his desk set-up in the living room which struck me as a power-move.

Going to get up early to go look around a flat that would be sharing with a 45 year old gay man tomorrow. Not really what I was looking for in being social but I don't want to be stuck in a months time without a place secured. Anyway, something I've noticed is that there are A LOT of flats with gay men - most are pretty obviously are picking only gay housemates which is annoying considering how many places that cuts out.
>> No. 3662 Anonymous
14th November 2021
Sunday 7:58 pm
3662 spacer

>a nihilistic-hedonistic attitude of "fuck it, if I catch HIV then so be it"

Those were almost the exact words of Freddie Mercury in the early 80s. Asked by a close friend what Freddie thought of that worrying new disease and if he was making sure he protected himself, Freddie allegedly flung up his arms and said, "Darling, fuck it. I am doing everything with everybody". This was at the beginning of his solo phase as a musician, when he was frequenting all the renowned gay clubs and bars in New York City, which was an epicentre of the early HIV pandemic. And that's probably where he got the virus at some point.
>> No. 3663 Anonymous
18th November 2021
Thursday 8:39 pm
3663 spacer

Huge Mistake.gif
So I just put down a deposit on a place. The new housemate is sound and the location is fun albeit one of those joke houses that is a conversation on a conversion, he's spending most of his time at his girlfriend's or looking at places to move to in a few months.

Anyway after my new housemate took the ad down I realised he has a mezzanine above the kitchen/living room rather than walled a room upstairs. I didn't think to ask because it seemed so illogical for him to live there. For Fucks Sake.

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