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>> No. 2722 Anonymous
16th September 2013
Monday 8:12 pm
2722 spacer
Which is the worst train company in terms of service?
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>> No. 2723 Anonymous
16th September 2013
Monday 10:13 pm
2723 spacer
Sodor Railways. The trains have a mind of their own.
>> No. 2724 Anonymous
16th September 2013
Monday 11:04 pm
2724 spacer
All of them. People are bound to pick on their own pet hates, so let's just get it out of the way and say they're all shit.

Arriva Trains Fails Wales (or in Welsh, Trenau Arafa Arriva Cymru - holy cawl, a bilingual pun!): Stitch together long-distance services needlessly, resulting in widespread disruption whenever a sheep strays onto the line. Not helped by their "interesting" recovery strategy. Today, yet again everything was fucked up at Cardiff as a result of an incident in North Wales.

c2c, aka City2CuntCoast: Frequently boast about how they regularly reach the standard 92% punctuality target, which must be such a difficult task when you have over 0 other TOCs in your way to fuck it up for you.

Chiltern Railways: Smug as fuck. Like c2c, have two routes to run pretty much to themselves.

CrossCountry: Interesting ideas about train routing. Apparently the logical thing to do when running a train from Cheltenham to Cardiff via Bristol is Yate-Parkway-Temple Meads-Patchway-Tunnel.

East Coast: Surprisingly not shit, but then they are publicly-run. Therefore doing a shit job of promoting the idea that our trains are supposedly better in private hands.

Eurostar: Wait, you want us to check in how long before departure?

Worst Crapital Cunt First Capital Connect: Expensive, full, rarely on time. A good choice if you fancy season ticket discounts and being stuck in tunnels for three hours.

Worst Late First Great Western: Utter fucking cunts. For some reason don't want to adopt Delay Repay. Surely has nothing to do with trains regularly arriving 30+ minutes late, which would trigger cash compensation for DR, or the fact that their Welsh commuters never get anything because their tickets are covered by ATW's figures, which somehow always come in above 92%. If they hit someone, they'll happily take the delay money from Notwork Fail, but unlike most TOCs won't pay out to passengers.

Worst Hell First Hull Trains: Five trains a day. How can you fuck that up? Quite easily, as it turns out.

Worst TransPenis Excess First TransPennine Express: The reason for the one-way ghost train at Stockport, though can't really blame them for diverting from Piccadilly into Victoria. For some reason have first class. Not surprisingly for a fleet composed entirely of small DMUs, it's shit.

Grand Cuentral: Actually pretty decent. Unfortunately, you can't experience it without involving Sunderland.

Greater Anglia: New on the scene. Plenty of time to fuck up yet.

Heathrow Excess Express. Fancy travelling to the airport for just a single Zone 1-6 fare? Then fuck off and use the Tube instead.

London Midland: Drivers? We don't need no steenkeeng drivers!

London Overground: Yet another example of a publicly-owned operator competently running a train service. This shall not do.

Merseyrail: Here's a cool idea. How about we run trains from Liverpool only halfway to Preston and Wigan?

Northern Rail: Here's a cool idea. How about we run trains from Preston and Wigan only halfway to Liverpool? Also, let's get call ourselves .org and see if that makes us look nicer.

ScotFRail: Scotland. Enough said.

Southern: Boring. Not much to say about them. Evidently can't even fail properly.

Southeastern: Cuntbags. Keep insisting that you have to pay a supplement to use HS1 and harass people travelling on tickets routed ANY PERMITTED (or indeed any other routeing) when it is in fact a permitted route for ticket not explicitly routed NOT HS1.

South West Trains: Let down by their network area. Seem intent on operating the odd train to Bristol seemingly for no reason other than to grab some of the ticket revenue.

Virgin Trains: Cunts. Utter fucking cunts. Pulled the Holyhead boat train due to a "lack of demand" - rightly met with a "WTF" from Stena and Irish Ferries, who were seeing a rise in custom at the time. Eye-wateringly expensive tickets for travel on trains that smell like shit (and I'm not being hyperbolic - Pendos have a known problem with the toilets). Will honour other operators' tickets during disruption, but only on a like-for-like basis. TPE leave you stranded with your first-class advance? Don't worry, Virgin will let you on, but don't expect anything from the trolley - TPE would only have given you tea, so that's all you're getting. More or less abused their franchise constantly up until recently, through demanding a massive subsidy payment on their profitable franchise, and demanding that no other company operate on their patch. Worst of all, they have the sheer fucking cheek to do all of this while portraying themselves as the nice guys.
>> No. 2725 Anonymous
17th September 2013
Tuesday 3:44 am
2725 spacer

It's the Voyagers that smell like shit, not the Pendos; the exhaust is right next to the toilets, effectively cooking the sewage.
>> No. 2726 Anonymous
17th September 2013
Tuesday 3:57 am
2726 spacer

The Pendolinos smell too, they have the same design defect, albeit slightly mitigated by a retrofitted intake cowl. Smelly toilets have been an industry-wide problem since the introduction of holding tank systems.

>> No. 2727 Anonymous
17th September 2013
Tuesday 12:05 pm
2727 spacer
This is one of the better posts I have ever read in /mph, nay, the whole of .gs. Gold star.
>> No. 2728 Anonymous
17th September 2013
Tuesday 12:14 pm
2728 spacer

Missed East Midlands.
>> No. 2729 Anonymous
17th September 2013
Tuesday 12:50 pm
2729 spacer
Who are actually very good in my experience.
>> No. 2730 Anonymous
17th September 2013
Tuesday 10:05 pm
2730 spacer
Well fuck. OK, here goes:

Red Dot Day? Really? Who the fuck wants to go to Corby? Also, if one of your major stations is closed, you probably want to hire replacement buses driven by people who know where they're going, and aren't going to drive an hour out of town the wrong way before a passenger has to point out their mistake.

I actually quite like the railways, but not as much as a good moan.
>> No. 2731 Anonymous
17th September 2013
Tuesday 10:34 pm
2731 spacer

I hate getting onto a replacement bus service and hearing TomTom Jane say "Turn around where possible".
>> No. 2732 Anonymous
22nd September 2013
Sunday 4:58 am
2732 spacer
All of them. Bring back British Rail, Bob Crow for PM, all power to the soviets etc etc
>> No. 2733 Anonymous
23rd September 2013
Monday 9:51 pm
2733 spacer
If you're in first class, how many free snacks from the buffet cart do you get?
>> No. 2734 Anonymous
23rd September 2013
Monday 9:59 pm
2734 spacer
I accidentally got first class with Northern Rail and was happy to receive a full cooked breakfast and unlimited tea. This was minutes after I'd chugged a coffee and forcefed myself a panini on the platform at Doncaster because I had no idea when I was next going to eat.
>> No. 2735 Anonymous
23rd September 2013
Monday 10:29 pm
2735 spacer
>I accidentally got first class with Northern Rail
1. How do Northern Rail manage to offer first class?
2. How do you "accidentally" travel first class?
>> No. 2736 Anonymous
23rd September 2013
Monday 11:04 pm
2736 spacer
It's the North. "First class" probably means having a seat.
>> No. 2737 Anonymous
24th September 2013
Tuesday 1:05 am
2737 spacer

As if anyone in the south or London has any class to start with.
>> No. 2901 Anonymous
24th June 2014
Tuesday 7:21 am
2901 spacer
Have you ever rubbed off the stamp off of a ticket and gotten away with it?

I've got an anytime ticket which only shows the indentations of the stamp when tilted at an angle. I'm only considering this because I'm being ripped off for a £60 return.
>> No. 2902 Anonymous
24th June 2014
Tuesday 11:08 am
2902 spacer
>anytime ticket
I always just buy an off-peak ticket and use it whenever I like. Never been called on it.
>> No. 2903 Anonymous
24th June 2014
Tuesday 2:14 pm
2903 spacer
I tried that, and have been called on it. Wanted to get a train from York to Nottingham that set off 15 minutes earlier than what I planned to get, but got me there about an hour before the one I should have got. Train conductor saw, threw me off in Doncaster. Had to wait for about 40 minutes, so had a wander around Donny. Proper shithole.
>> No. 2904 Anonymous
24th June 2014
Tuesday 8:49 pm
2904 spacer
Did he not offer an excess? Certainly on my morning train (not passing through a Yorkshire shithole) I've seen passengers on off-peak tickets offered an excess for the difference, even when starting out at a staffed station.
>> No. 2998 Anonymous
22nd August 2014
Friday 7:44 pm
2998 spacer
What do you think of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Go!_Co-operative ?
>> No. 2999 Anonymous
22nd August 2014
Friday 7:49 pm
2999 spacer
I suspect they don't count on the basis of not actually running any trains.
>> No. 3000 Anonymous
22nd August 2014
Friday 8:16 pm
3000 spacer
>London Midland: Drivers? We don't need no steenkeeng drivers!

To be fair, London Midland was putting whole crapload of money into training new drivers, who were then being systematically poached by other operators who could afford to pay higher wages because they weren't paying for training.

On top of that their Birmingham line is the model of how a cross-city line should be run. The only frequent problems with delays are caused by having to share the lines with other operators.
>> No. 3001 Anonymous
22nd August 2014
Friday 8:32 pm
3001 spacer
Eurostar is a much smoother journey than flying, if you're close enough to the capital.

On the whole the UK has decent rail infrastructure, it's mostly just horribly overpriced. In Belgium I've bought a €50 pass valid for 10 journeys anywhere in the country - potentially hundreds of miles for under a fiver. £seventysomething to stand cramped in the vestibule London-Bristol is a joke.

But to answer the OPs question, Virgin are the worst - their trains invariably fucking stink.
>> No. 3002 Anonymous
22nd August 2014
Friday 10:11 pm
3002 spacer
>To be fair, London Midland was putting whole crapload of money into training new drivers, who were then being systematically poached by other operators who could afford to pay higher wages because they weren't paying for training.
That's not quite right. The new drivers were retained by way of repayment clauses. It was the more experienced drivers who were leaving because LM ended up at the bottom of the pay and conditions league table by a margin that would see a Premier League team relegated in March.

They went through a phase of an almost-complete weekday service, followed by severe disruption on Saturday, followed by almost total cancellation on Sunday. They had a limited capacity to train new drivers, and each required six months to pass out. At the same time, their drivers were on three-month notice contracts, but enough of them were leaving to create a squeeze. LM operate a six-day week - drivers work four out of six, and Sundays are voluntary cover. Usually, because they're at substantial overtime rates, Sundays are over-subscribed. Since the drivers wanted a pay rise, and voluntary means voluntary, they effectively instituted an overtime ban which LM had no hope of retaliating for. Saturdays took the hit as they shifted their roster balance so that they got more drivers on weekdays but at the cost of more of them getting rest days on Saturdays.

The worst part of all this was that there wasn't really an underlying financial reason for it. LM weren't particularly tightly squeezed, they were just tight.
>> No. 3024 Anonymous
26th September 2014
Friday 1:09 pm
3024 spacer
Why are delays much more prominent in this country compared to Germany and Japan? Do they have more modern infrastructure?
>> No. 3025 Anonymous
26th September 2014
Friday 1:19 pm
3025 spacer

Yes, they actually spent money improving their infrastructure whereas we are still using Victorian era rail technology.

India is about to take over us in terms of rail infrastructure and they have people hanging off the sides of the fucking things.
>> No. 3026 Anonymous
26th September 2014
Friday 3:59 pm
3026 spacer
Their reputation is mostly external. The reality is that German railways suffer delays just like any other network. One of the running jokes is that these days DB stands for "daheimbleiben" (literally "staying at home", though I suspect the implication is "going nowhere").

This might help you grasp the meaning:
>> No. 3027 Anonymous
26th September 2014
Friday 5:48 pm
3027 spacer

British railway passengers have the second-highest satisfaction ratings in Europe, second only to Finland. Our services are expensive (partly due to low subsidies, partly due to the inherently high cost of maintenance in a crowded country), but they work fantastically well.


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