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>> No. 3671 Anonymous
11th February 2016
Thursday 9:03 pm
3671 Hard sale on driving lessons
Right so I booked an intensive driving course and today was my first lesson.

My instructor is contracted by a driving school for 35 hours of lessons (what they recommended I should book) I have payed up front. So they give me a bunch of theory for about 50 minutes then give me my first ever chance to drive.

At my first junction I hard stop when they haven't told me to because I am worried that I will pull out before I've made proper observation, and I don't have a good assessment of how much force is required to perform actions. They give me a bollocking about safety and never give me the same level of control for the rest of the lesson.

At the end they said I need an additional 10 hours more lessons then I've booked, And that they will only give me slots soon if I pay for the additional 10 hours and that 'the slots will go to people who pay' (which I have) and they will fill up fast.

During this time they can't actually remember how many lessons I have booked 30 or 35, just that I need 10 more then I have, and that they offer me a discount if I book straight away.

Is this remotely normal? I would have presumed give it a couple of lessons and see my progress before suggesting more, it felt like she was looking for the first cock up of a person who has never driven before so she could give the hard sale.
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>> No. 3672 Anonymous
11th February 2016
Thursday 9:19 pm
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No, I don't think it's normal to pay for 35 hours up front unless it's one of those intensive courses where all those hours will be done in a week or two. If you've paid for 35 up front, are just a couple of hours into it, and the instructor is now refusing to teach you unless you pay for the top-up, call their bluff. If they fail to show at the appointed time, then they're in breach of your agreement and you can just call the card company for a chargeback for them not delivering the service you've paid for, because clearly nobody would be stupid enough to pay for 30+ driving lessons up front in cash.
>> No. 3673 Anonymous
11th February 2016
Thursday 9:26 pm
3673 spacer
Sounds like a borderline scam mate. You don't need ten hours of lessons to get used to the brake pedal, more like an hour at best.

I would tell them you're not interested in anything other than what you've paid for, and you'd like to take those lessons as and when you feel like it, not when they dictate. Request a new instructor, or your money back. If they don't play ball, go to citizen's advice, they'll sort you out.
>> No. 3674 Anonymous
11th February 2016
Thursday 9:30 pm
3674 spacer
>No, I don't think it's normal to pay for 35 hours up front unless it's one of those intensive courses where all those hours will be done in a week or two.

I should clarify, it is an intensive course, it seemed odd to me day 1 to say, If 10-20 hours in she had said something, I might very well agree, but day one it seemed odd.
>> No. 3696 Anonymous
15th March 2016
Tuesday 3:17 pm
3696 spacer
Continued with course foolishly.
Just contacted the driving school to change instructor, as said instructor would leave weeks (once 2 weeks, this time 3 weeks) between lessons.

Now said instructor has contacted me and is trying to bill me for lessons booked that will not be delivered. We will probably go to small claims court if she does not back down. Her argument is that I have have agreed to those lessons my position is that I agree to an 'intense course' (withing a week or at least a short time) which she had no intention to deliver on.
>> No. 3697 Anonymous
15th March 2016
Tuesday 4:56 pm
3697 spacer

> she

m8 why on earth did you hire a female driving instructor?
>> No. 3698 Anonymous
15th March 2016
Tuesday 10:48 pm
3698 spacer
You make a good point.

OP you need one hour of driving tuition per year of your age - that's the rule of thumb. If you're 35 years old, you probably need that many hours of tuition. I don't think you're that old.

Practice is the thing - find someone with L plate and a car who is prepare to let you drive with them in the passenger seat after 10 hours of lessons.

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