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>> No. 3728 Anonymous
19th July 2016
Tuesday 8:20 pm
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I've got a copy of the 2013 Highway Code and a few driving test DVDs from 2012 which I'm finally going to start using. Did the DVLA change any rules from 2012-2016 or am I good to go with the DVDs I have?
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>> No. 3729 Anonymous
19th July 2016
Tuesday 8:48 pm
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Check their website. Something about new changes was on the paper a couple of weeks ago. Something about being asked to use your SatNav and more time with independent driving.
>> No. 3730 Anonymous
20th July 2016
Wednesday 12:24 am
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It's all going to be self-driving cars soon lad, no point doing your test.
>> No. 3731 Anonymous
20th July 2016
Wednesday 12:38 pm
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No doubt you'll need to be licensed to "operate" a self-driving car. And pay a special tax, too.
>> No. 3732 Anonymous
21st July 2016
Thursday 3:16 am
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The Highway Code changes all the time, you always take a big risk using materials that aren't current.
>> No. 3733 Anonymous
21st July 2016
Thursday 4:02 am
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The highway code is available for free online.


The theory test is absolutely piss easy. The pass mark is 43/50 and most of the answers are completely obvious. There are a few questions that require actual knowledge, but most of the questions are just a test of common sense. Take a practice test online, you'll see.

For example:

>You're driving in town. Ahead of you a bus is at a bus stop. Which of the following should you do?

> a) Flash your lights to warn the driver of your presence
> b) Continue at the same speed but sound your horn as a warning
> c) Watch carefully for the sudden appearance of pedestrians
> d) Pass the bus as quickly as you possibly can

Most of the questions are that easy.


The vast majority of people fail on the hazard perception test, simply because they haven't understood the definition of a "developing hazard". If you have that definition clear in your head, it's trivially easy. Again, free practice tests are available online.


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