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>> No. 3767 Anonymous
30th November 2016
Wednesday 9:43 am
3767 spacer
Lads, car music system retard here again.

My shitty Megane's brakes are stuck on, I was driving to work and the MPG is like half of what it usually is and it's super heavy to drive. Got out and had a look and the rear left brake is jammed on. Drove the couple of miles home again, stupidly touched the brake disc and burnt my fingers, got under the car and the... cabley bit that attached to the brake mechanism is visibly stuck on versus the other, working one.

Could this be due to the cold? My car said it was -5C this morning here.
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>> No. 3768 Anonymous
3rd December 2016
Saturday 7:40 pm
3768 spacer
When the pads stick on my truck I just pry them loose with a bar or large screwdriver, seems to work a trick.
>> No. 3788 Anonymous
16th January 2017
Monday 3:37 pm
3788 spacer
Put some WD-40 on it. That should take care of it for now. And then when it gets warmer again, maybe work on it properly.

I'm not sure what you mean by the "cabley bit", but I will venture a guess that those are the hand brake cables. It's not unusual that hand brake cables will become rusty within their tubing and then be difficult to operate. Had that on an old VW Jetta once. The only way to fix that is by completely replacing the hand brake cables. Everything else will not be the road to happiness in the long run.

They're not really expensive, I think I paid 50 quid for a new set ten years ago. It's a bit of a do, and you are going to need to put the car either on ramps or on a lift. Not mechanically difficult, just a bit of a do.
>> No. 3801 Anonymous
19th February 2017
Sunday 10:42 pm
3801 spacer
My car died on Wednesday. Head gasket blew on the M25.

Found and bought a car later that same day - same thing, one year younger, same model Megane II (2005). Two injectors need replacing and the glow plugs. Fine, have the spares.

Get it home. Mechanically sound, only £600, only done £60k miles which for a diesel is banging for a car that age and price.

Put the new injectors in. Car starts. Lovely.

Reprogram the ECU for the new injectors. Not a peep. Injectors dont let any fuel into the engine. Turns over, doesn't start. Car complains that the injectors haven't been programmed. Renault CAN CLIP software says they have been.

Banging my head against a wall.
>> No. 3802 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 9:13 pm
3802 spacer
I can't believe you are having all these problems with a Renault. They are normally such reliable cars.
>> No. 3803 Anonymous
21st February 2017
Tuesday 9:42 pm
3803 spacer
Ha. Renaults are great, but they are also spectacularly unreliable in my experience.
>> No. 3804 Anonymous
22nd February 2017
Wednesday 6:58 pm
3804 spacer
I think you missed some sarcasm there.
>> No. 3805 Anonymous
22nd February 2017
Wednesday 7:11 pm
3805 spacer

>sarcasm online

Yeah, because that always works.
>> No. 3806 Anonymous
22nd February 2017
Wednesday 7:52 pm
3806 spacer


>> No. 3807 Anonymous
25th February 2017
Saturday 7:39 pm
3807 spacer
This is why I'll only ever buy Japanese cars. Maybe German too.
>> No. 3822 Anonymous
24th March 2017
Friday 5:21 pm
3822 spacer
Approximately how much is a windscreen repair? It's just a small chip. Can't really find anyone giving figures on the internet. They don't inform your insurer do they?
>> No. 3823 Anonymous
24th March 2017
Friday 5:42 pm
3823 spacer
Never mind, I found I can get a quote on Autoglass.

£134. Fuck that you fucking cunts.
>> No. 3824 Anonymous
24th March 2017
Friday 6:49 pm
3824 spacer
I've bought a new windscreen for less than that.

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