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>> No. 4155 Anonymous
25th April 2018
Wednesday 9:38 pm
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I was speeding while overtaking a coach on a duel carriageway. Going past a junction, a police car started up it's sirens. I slowed down instantly, and was also approaching a roundabout. I looked in my mirrors but I couldn't see them heading my way, so I carried on going and took my intended exit. They made no attempt to follow me or pull me over as far as I can tell.

It's clear I've done wrong by speeding, but I wasn't sure how to tell if they wanted to flag me down, or the coach (which was also speeding). It is possible that the siren was unrelated (there's a big public event today), that it was used as a warning, or that they already got my details (though it all happened very quickly).

That's all happened now. How should I handle it in the present moment?

Arrows unrelated, but yellow car would be the police car.
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>> No. 4156 Anonymous
25th April 2018
Wednesday 9:41 pm
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If they want to pull you over, you'll know. They'll get right up your arse and gesture to you.
>> No. 4157 Anonymous
25th April 2018
Wednesday 9:49 pm
4157 spacer

This is some comfort, thanks. I obviously would have pulled over, if they came to the roundabout with the sirens on.

I didn't even see if they took the turning towards me, or if they turned right toward the city centre.
>> No. 4158 Anonymous
25th April 2018
Wednesday 10:10 pm
4158 spacer
Ignore it. They probably don't have enough evidence to prosecute. They can't just eyeball your speed, they have to accurately measure it according to some very strict rules. If by some chance they do have sufficient evidence, you'll just get an FPN in the post.

If the overtake of the coach was obviously unsafe and it happened in full view of the police car and it had video equipment fitted and running, they might have sufficient video evidence to prove careless driving. You'd probably be looking at 3 points and a £100 fine. Unless you forced the coach to brake hard or you were driving like an absolute headcase, dangerous driving isn't on the cards.

>>4156 is almost certainly right - if you didn't annoy them enough for them to chase after you, they're not going to bother filling out the paperwork.
>> No. 4159 Anonymous
25th April 2018
Wednesday 10:13 pm
4159 spacer

As a rule, the police aggressively pursue anyone they decide to pull over, because failure to stop suggests that you're hiding something more serious.
>> No. 4160 Anonymous
25th April 2018
Wednesday 10:51 pm
4160 spacer

Thanks lads. I'll put it out of my mind.
>> No. 4161 Anonymous
26th April 2018
Thursday 12:06 am
4161 spacer
>They can't just eyeball your speed
Yes, they can. The only rule is that away from a motorway, the opinion of one officer alone is not enough.
>> No. 4162 Anonymous
26th April 2018
Thursday 6:44 am
4162 spacer
If you ever see little white squares or circles painted on the road in places, apparently they're to give a reference point to help police calculate speed from video footage.
>> No. 4163 Anonymous
26th April 2018
Thursday 1:14 pm
4163 spacer
Only for helicopters, as I recall.
>> No. 4164 Anonymous
26th April 2018
Thursday 1:25 pm
4164 spacer
If the distance is known, they can be used on the in-car systems to corroborate the reading or if they're unable to keep a constant distance. Or, on a motorway, by an officer in forming his expert opinion.
>> No. 4172 Anonymous
10th June 2018
Sunday 3:33 pm
4172 spacer
An update: well over six weeks since the event and I heard nothing. I have been taking it a bit easier since.
>> No. 4175 Anonymous
10th June 2018
Sunday 5:22 pm
4175 spacer
Yep, it's timed out now. If you hear anything (which you p probably won't) you have a cast-iron way out.

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