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>> No. 4240 Anonymous
30th September 2018
Sunday 12:31 am
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What are some 4x4s that are reliable, easy to work on, and can be had for about 2k or less?

So far I've hit upon the old Cherokee. It apparently has a great reputation for reliability in the states (the engine and drivetrain at least) but it never gained the same cult following over here, so it can be had for a modest price. I've looked into Shoguns/Pajeros and Isuzu Troopers but haven't heard good things about them.
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>> No. 4241 Anonymous
30th September 2018
Sunday 12:52 am
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Cherokees are nice but they're pretty fucking thirsty. It's hard to overstate just how much petrol you'll be putting into one of those things.

To be honest, no old 4x4 is going to be 'reliable' in any modern sense of the word, but most of them respond well to basic maintenance. I have had a number of Land Rover Discoveries, and while it's hard to call any Landy reliable, the engines run forever as long as you keep on top of them. A 200/300Tdi has basically no electronics, so it's a great car to cut your teeth on as an amateur mechanic. It will always be my first choice, but I'm very much in love with them, so I'm hardly objective. The parts are abundant and I guarantee there's a specialist within 50 miles of you.

I would say the most notoriously solid 4x4 in that price range would be a Toyota Hilux. The Surf model is particularly practical. If I wasn't such a Land Rover fanboy I'd probably have one.

Just a point to hold in your mind is that no 20 year old car is going to be guaranteed to be reliable no matter what the reviews say. You have no idea the abuse a car might have taken in that time frame, and with 4x4's they may have climbed mountains and shit every week, pulled huge loads all the time, you never know.
>> No. 4242 Anonymous
30th September 2018
Sunday 1:08 am
4242 spacer
I've been eyeing some LPG converted Cherokees to offset their gas guzlzling tendencies.

Land Rovers aren't quite for me. I do fancy myself as an amateur mechanic, but I'd rather not accrue the experience to turn pro.

I would love something like a Hilux or 3 door Land Cruiser or Patrol but it seems there's a fairly hefty "meme tax" you have to pay. Everyone else wants one too.
>> No. 4243 Anonymous
30th September 2018
Sunday 1:40 am
4243 spacer

LPG is a decent shout, it's undeniably fun to knock around in a big old american Jeep. I wouldn't ever do it because I don't like having a big tank in the back. Just make sure you're realistically close to a station that offers LPG, mind.

Fair play on the Landy front, I should say that I've never found a 200tdi or 300tdi to be any worse than any other similarly aged motor. The later ones are a bit of a nightmare with air suspension and lots of traction control stuff that breaks at the first sign of dust. but the earlier, you just need to look after them. I understand why so many are put off them, but I think I've spent less on my 300tdi than I have on my 2005 BMW.

Anyway - you're right about Land Cruisers, they're ludicrously priced. However, you definitely should be able to get a Hilux Surf for the price you're looking for. I'm just scouring AutoTrader now and I see decent ones for under a grand and a half. They're tanks.

I've also heard good things about the Mitsubushi L200, but for 2k you'll probably only find a handful of examples. Ford Rangers are worth considering too, but there's not a huge amount of them in this country.

My dad had a Grand Cherokee for years. It was cracking and would probably still be considered 'luxurious' even today. I think he had a transmission problem on it eventually, but you're rolling the dice no matter what with old 4x4s.
>> No. 4244 Anonymous
1st October 2018
Monday 7:39 pm
4244 spacer
I'm an ex-Land Rover owner. They're fantastic cars, but generally built by seventeen-year-olds in Solihull and are fucking unreliable. My next 4x4 will definitely be the Hilux Surf, it is noticeable how all the farming types have moved over to the Toyota - they're just better value.
>> No. 4245 Anonymous
1st October 2018
Monday 11:10 pm
4245 spacer
They can't tow 3.5t, though, can they?
I'm looking for a tow car that can legally pull my 3.5t trailer and be a general beater. Looks like a landy, a grand cherokee or a recent X5. Since I only want it for towing a few times a month, and don't need to go far, the cherokee's in with a chance, but a disco will probably win. X5 is not really a goer, especially as they apparently really suck off-road. Plenty of landy menders around here if I can't face it.
>> No. 4246 Anonymous
2nd October 2018
Tuesday 1:07 am
4246 spacer
A friend of mine has an ancient, abused Jimny held together by duct tape and grit that was, at one point, a 4x4. It still drives, and I've not heard about any engine problems with it in spite of the absolute state it's in.

Not what you're looking for if you want a 4x4 for space though.
>> No. 4247 Anonymous
8th October 2018
Monday 3:51 pm
4247 spacer
How about a Nissan Patrol Y61?

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