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>> No. 4700 Anonymous
6th March 2022
Sunday 10:31 pm
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>Ducati Adds Futa To 2022 E-Bike Range In Latest World Premiere

>The Futa is Ducati's answer to road cyclists looking for an ultra-premium pedal-assist road bike to cover greater distances and higher altitudes. An avid cyclist myself, I found myself drooling at the level of tech Ducati, alongside Thok e-Bikes has thrown into this machine. If its $8,500 price tag means nothing to you, then you should definitely add this sleek machine to your fleet of two-wheelers. That being said, is this exorbitant price tag justifiable? Well, you be the judge.

>Ducati claims that the Futa is the embodiment of the next generation of pedal-assisted road bikes. It flaunts a fancy unidirectional carbon-fiber frame that's been engineered to offer the perfect balance of comfort, rigidity, and ergonomic efficiency. Pair all that with the gorgeous styling of none other than Aldo Drudi, and you have a road bike that's more than worthy of a second glance.

Any of our cycle-lads looking into giving a futa a good ride?
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>> No. 4701 Anonymous
6th March 2022
Sunday 10:38 pm
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Does the average person™ not know about futas then? I thought the term would've at least reached the mainstream by now.
>> No. 4702 Anonymous
6th March 2022
Sunday 11:22 pm
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A Ducati was my first motorbike, absolutely loved it. Really like the sound/look of that thing, though pricey.

I have been seriously contemplating one of these, a GoCycle, which is also quite motorcycle-like.
>> No. 4703 Anonymous
6th March 2022
Sunday 11:30 pm
4703 spacer
It's very niche as a term, certainly to people who are rich and corporate enough to willingly spend $8,500 on a bicycle. I must confess that while I am aware of the term, I don't actually know what it is. Is it someone who likes yaoi? Or is that a shota?
>> No. 4704 Anonymous
7th March 2022
Monday 12:58 am
4704 spacer
Give it a quick google, treat yourself.
>> No. 4705 Anonymous
7th March 2022
Monday 7:08 am
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If you're spending that sort of money, consider a Brompton. They look slightly odd, but they're the only folding bike that you can carry rather than manhandle. Electric options are available.
>> No. 4706 Anonymous
7th March 2022
Monday 10:32 am
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I already have a (non electric) Brompton - whilst super convenient and folds brilliantly, I don't really enjoy riding it.

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