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>> No. 4707 Anonymous
9th April 2022
Saturday 8:14 pm
4707 This is fine, yeah?
half /emo/, half /mph/, half /101/
New purchase had milky oil, so I whipped the head to to have a look.
It's a notoriously shit engine, so I'm not surprised really, but I was hoping it was just a head gasket job, not a nuke it from orbit one.
It's a little agricultural thing, choices are:
a) bin it / stick it on ebay as is / put a match to it and claim on insurance
b) $700 gets me a conversion kit to stick a 23hp Briggs & Stratton in, so it's a modern air-cooled v-twin, but keeping the (notoriously fragile) powertrain, which is a belt-driven torque converter and 4WD with diffs that can't really take it.
c) £1000 gets a new head, but I really don't like the idea of running that cylinder. Could get it bored out, I guess, but it's a massive investment in a shit engine.
d) electrify it, ditching the engine and drivetrain. I don't need to get more than an hour out of the battery, and 20kW peak, 5kW sustained would be ample.
It's in really good nick, chassis & running gear wise, and I need it, or something similar. It's agricultural registered, so no need for MOT or anything annoying like that.
Ah, fuckety-fuck. I didn't need another project.
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>> No. 4710 Anonymous
9th April 2022
Saturday 10:51 pm
4710 spacer
Fuck me, what happened to it?!

Honestly the insurance job might be the best option, depends how attached you are to the machine in general. I know round mine I could get that head skimmed and bored for a few hundred, but with no real guarantee on longevity for obvious reasons.

Is it a mower? It sounds fun whatever it is.
>> No. 4711 Anonymous
9th April 2022
Saturday 11:20 pm
4711 spacer

They just do that - it's a 20 year old Daihatsu 900cc diesel engine.The heads fail, water gets where it shouldn't, and they keep getting driven, since you don't really need much power and it was rattly from new. It was a punt at auction.
I'm quite attached to it, it's perfect for a lot of stuff I need to do, and a more modern one is out of budget.
The head would need a hell of a skim, it's pitted around the gasket, and there are cracks near the injector pockets and weird voids in the roof. Add the cylinder wall and I think this engine is toast. Chassis is pristine though.
Not a mower, it's a little 4x4 tipper / tow truck with enough cab that the dog can ride along.
>> No. 4720 Anonymous
10th April 2022
Sunday 11:37 am
4720 spacer

660cc petrols used to be ten a penny on ebay and the like, and you can still buy 'new' blocks and such from aliexpress for them, so that might have been a good route for longevity, but the prices have shot up, presumably because people bought a load of kei cars as projects in the last couple of years.

Looking at the platform, electric might make the most sense, especially if the drivetrain is shite anyway. It's the most straightforward and practical approach (in the context of keeping the thing, I mean), though I'm sure it's a time consuming project still, but it feels like the 'right' way to do it for an actual working vehicle.

Though I know if it was me, I'd probably end up reconditioning the existing engine, purely because I'm a saddo who likes engines and keeping machines the way they were built, regardless of cost, even if they were built completely shite. For context I'm looking into buying a Lada Niva.

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