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>> No. 15041 Anonymous
10th May 2018
Thursday 5:43 pm
15041 spacer

>Drag queens banned from performing at Free Pride Glasgow event over fears acts will offend trans people


>The organisation said in a statement that it hopes to create a safe space for all members of the LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex, asexual) community, and that while the decision may "disappoint" some people "the needs of the most marginalised groups within our community come first."


>Free Pride Glasgow said: “It was felt that it [drag performance] would make some of those who were transgender or questioning their gender uncomfortable. It was felt by the group within the Trans/Non Binary Caucus that some drag performance, particularly cis drag, hinges on the social view of gender and making it into a joke, however transgender individuals do not feel as though their gender identity is a joke.”

Life rarely takes the piss out of itself like this. It almost sounds like the plot of a South Park episode.
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>> No. 35815 Anonymous
6th November 2021
Saturday 2:53 pm
35815 spacer
Demi is wank, it's the most self indulgent "I'm special" label I can imagine. "Ooh, I'm different from all you slags who just hop into bed before introducing yourselves, I need to really get to know someone before I'm attracted to them"

Can I call a label wank if it can be applied to me? I'm gender fluid and demisexual, and both labels are utterly meaningless, self indulgent wank. So you're not a gender stereotype and you have to connect with someone before you feel sexual attraction towards them? Well done, you're a normal human being just like everyone else.

Now asexual, there's a label. Clear cut, bish bosh done. Useful, descriptive, and specific.
>> No. 35818 Anonymous
6th November 2021
Saturday 4:22 pm
35818 spacer

>Now asexual, there's a label. Clear cut, bish bosh done. Useful, descriptive, and specific.

Unfortunately, it seems to have become a trap for young people who are just sexually anxious. Asexuality is a real thing but it's actually very rare, whereas sexual phobias and low libido are quite common. The issue is compounded by SSRIs, which are a widespread treatment for anxiety and for a lot of people absolutely kills their sex drive.

I have no sense of smell, because I got punched in the head a lot as a teenager and damaged my olfactory nerve. It doesn't particularly bother me, but I haven't adopted it as part of my identity and I'd happily accept a cure. I sympathise with people who genuinely have no sexual desire and feel marginalised by society, but I also worry about people who have built their identity around a potentially treatable condition.
>> No. 35819 Anonymous
6th November 2021
Saturday 7:31 pm
35819 spacer
They've got you there, demi is a subset of asexuality.
>> No. 35820 Anonymous
6th November 2021
Saturday 8:28 pm
35820 spacer
No it's not. Asexuality is complete lack of a sex drive. Demisexuals have sex drives. Calling it a subset of asexuality is about as useful as calling heterosexuals a subset of asexuality because they don't want to shag people of the same gender.

Do people really think that demisexuality is a subset of asexuality? That's mental. I can't even understand the motive behind such obtuseness, what benefit is there to that other than ticking another label off?
>> No. 35821 Anonymous
6th November 2021
Saturday 8:35 pm
35821 spacer
I think the logic is that they don't have a sex drive except when-. I don't make the rules anyway.
>> No. 35822 Anonymous
6th November 2021
Saturday 8:44 pm
35822 spacer

You said it yourself, that's exactly what it's about.

You know fifteen years ago when autistic people would be on Deviant Art and they'd make original characters (do not steel) with badly drawn anime pictures, and they were always some implausibly over the top Mary Sue 3,000 year old shape shifting nature spirit who's both an angel and a demon and she takes the form of a 13 year old but she's also timeless and full of ancient wisdom, and all that?

That's basically what this is, only applied to your real life personality. That's the best understanding I can come to.

Thing is the internet has a lot to answer for here, and while I hate to sound like some kind of boomer, because growing up on the internet didn't do me any harm, I think for this lot it's really doing some damage. Way back when I was a teenager it was a huge relief to come to terms with the fact I don't have to fit into a specific box, I don't need to conform exactly to some label and stereotype. By the time these kids realise the kind of nonsense they've swallowed (and I think it's pretty safe to say nearly all of them ultimately will), they'll be in their mid to late twenties, and realise they wasted a lot of their best years hyper-focussing and worrying over nothing.
>> No. 35827 Anonymous
7th November 2021
Sunday 12:31 pm
35827 spacer

There's this lesbian that I know and on all pictures she posts of herself she edits her jawline and chin to make them look bigger, especially the chin. She's not necessarily butch but she does go for that short hair boyish look. Is a big manly chin attractive amongst bulldykes?
>> No. 35880 Anonymous
11th November 2021
Thursday 8:15 pm
35880 spacer

>Camden's trans crossing causes stir over impact on disabled community

>A new colourful crossing installed in Camden to support the evangelist christian korean youtuber community has caused a stir amid accusations it is harmful to people with disabilities. The trans flag crossing - a first in Camden - was unveiled at the junction of Marchmont Street and Tavistock Place yesterday (Monday, November 8).

>It has been installed ahead of evangelist christian korean youtuber Awareness Week which starts on Saturday (November 13). Councillor Abdul Hai, Camden's cabinet member for young people, equalities and cohesion said: “Camden is renowned for being ‘no place for hate’ and a borough that has a strong and continuing history of respect and support for everyone."

>The criticism comes after coalition group Transport for All (TfA) expressed their concerns about colourful crossings in a letter written to London mayor Sadiq Khan at the end of September. Part of a project launched earlier this year with designer Yinka Ilori, TfA wrote that such designs "create safety and accessibility concerns" for some disabled people. The group - comprised of representatives of the Alzheimer's Society, RNIB and Guide Dogs (among others) - identified those with visual impairments, learning disabilities and dementia as being especially vulnerable.

>A post written by TfA on November 3 said Mr Khan had agreed to a "temporary pause on the installation" of such crossings. This newspaper has sought confirmation of this from the mayor's office.


Say goodbye to your weekend lads. These things do annoy me because it's not only performative but also daft to mess around with signs that are supposed to represent symbols in a nearly universal language.
>> No. 35885 Anonymous
11th November 2021
Thursday 9:48 pm
35885 spacer
always get the impression these things are just asking to be framed as "trans vs disabled" rather than "politicians and do-gooders trying to hop on a bandwagon vs the disabled, meanwhile actual trans people just wish the gender identity clinic didn't have a waiting list longer than the list of dickheads in elected office"
>> No. 35886 Anonymous
11th November 2021
Thursday 10:02 pm
35886 spacer

It's almost like somebody out there wants the debate around the topic to be an endless, fruitless, circular culture war, instead of a practical discussion of what can be done to help those affected.
>> No. 35889 Anonymous
12th November 2021
Friday 12:10 am
35889 spacer
I think part of the problem is that doing things of any impact costs money. You can paint a road crossing for a few thousand pounds and win voters by acting sassy on twitter to naysayers but the big stuff just isn't worth it from a Machiavellian perspective and a policy of providing adequate public services that bankrupt the council.
>> No. 35890 Anonymous
12th November 2021
Friday 2:51 am
35890 spacer
Why don't you ask the people in the pic?
>> No. 35891 Anonymous
12th November 2021
Friday 6:51 am
35891 spacer
How does having a bit of road painted even help anything? Like what is it actually meant to achieve other than some vague talk of "awareness"?

Genuinely don't understand it.
>> No. 35892 Anonymous
12th November 2021
Friday 7:57 am
35892 spacer

It makes people feel superior to other people, which is literally the only purpose of politics in 2021.
>> No. 35893 Anonymous
12th November 2021
Friday 8:25 am
35893 spacer
It makes trans people feel visibly supported.
>> No. 35894 Anonymous
12th November 2021
Friday 8:51 am
35894 spacer
This is such a completely illogical opinion.
>> No. 35895 Anonymous
12th November 2021
Friday 10:24 am
35895 spacer

"We're not going to actually do anything, but we're going to make a public display of how much we care" is peak contemporary politics.

Painting a zebra crossing in Camden isn't going to change the minds of any transphobes, it isn't going to materially improve the lives of any trans people, it's just an empty gesture. We've become so jaded that we no longer expect our elected representatives to actually do anything useful, so we give them credit for at least making the right noises.

It should be self-evident that we don't live in a utopia where all problems have been solved and all public bodies have infinite resources. The decision to do something pointless is inherently a decision not to do something useful. If you polled 100 trans people and asked them how Camden council should spend a couple of grand to support trans people, I doubt that any of them would say "paint a zebra crossing like a trans flag".

I think that the culture wars are a symptom of a wider problem. We endlessly squabble over words, because we have no faith in the possibility of real change.
>> No. 35896 Anonymous
12th November 2021
Friday 10:44 am
35896 spacer
>If you polled 100 trans people and asked them how Camden council should spend a couple of grand to support trans people, I doubt that any of them would say "paint a zebra crossing like a trans flag".

>it isn't going to materially improve the lives of any trans people

These aren't the same thing. Saying something is completely pointless is not the same as saying it's nowhere near enough (which I agree with). As I said, it makes trans people feel visibly supported. I note your hypothetical survey isn't about whether those 100 trans people appreciated the crossing or not.
>> No. 35897 Anonymous
12th November 2021
Friday 10:44 am
35897 spacer
In a development that I'm sure that literally everyone saw coming, suddenly every tran-hating bigot on the Twitter has an opinion on accessibility.
>> No. 35899 Anonymous
12th November 2021
Friday 11:03 am
35899 spacer
I'd ask a few things of second from the left IYKWIM. Such as why so many women are wearing those jackets lately.

It brings crossing the road into the 21st century. It is a true symbol that the point of modern politics is not in arriving at a destination but in making sure the journey we're on (to hell) has the right coat of paint even if said coat harms people.
>> No. 35900 Anonymous
12th November 2021
Friday 1:21 pm
35900 spacer
It was only when I went back to look who you meant that I noticed the gold chain around the black lady 's neck, which I assume means she's the Lord Mayor of Camden of whatever and isn't another one of them. Perhaps the blokes didn't use to be women either.
>> No. 35902 Anonymous
12th November 2021
Friday 1:45 pm
35902 spacer
Tbf it's hard to argue with the Alzheimer's society.

As I was saying, it's hard to argue with service dogs.

Fuck. It's hard arguing with the blind, if you're against them then you're probably being an arsehole.

Why are you culture warring anyway? The trolls on twitter, whom I'm sure are absolutely all sincere and not at all just fucking with the easily triggered, are just as bad as the trans people who are refusing to back down on this and taking it as transphobic. It's a complete non-issue (or should be at least), it's just optics and people are lapping it up.

Like just change it to a bloody zebra crossing with pink and blue highlights on the strips, that way barely anything changes for anyone. The zebra crossing b/w is still intact, and the trans flag is still there. Bang, done. Or split the trans flag up with black lines same shade as the tarmac. So many solutions besides just removing this important symbol of trans support.
>> No. 35911 Anonymous
13th November 2021
Saturday 6:25 pm
35911 spacer
The Alzheimer's Society, service dogs and the blind aren't the issue. It's the cunts that jumped on the bandwagon to weaponise those legitimate concerns to bash the transes with.
>> No. 35912 Anonymous
13th November 2021
Saturday 7:04 pm
35912 spacer
In fairness, by the looks of things the Mayor of London said to various charities that he would put a stop to this but evidently this was ignored because I imagine it's pretty easy to gaslight people with Alzheimer's. The whole public twitter debate seems to have at least put it properly on the agenda even if you feel it's all for the wrong reasons.
>> No. 35915 Anonymous
14th November 2021
Sunday 4:29 pm
35915 spacer
I don't have much to say about all of these issues, but I want to mention I think it's incredible for Kathleen Stock to be viciously hounded out of her job only for her to immediately land a gig at the so-called "University" of Austin. Some folk just have all the luck in the world.
>> No. 35916 Anonymous
14th November 2021
Sunday 4:40 pm
35916 spacer
It's awful she's been silenced in the way she's described in all those interviews on national TV and in the national press.
>> No. 35917 Anonymous
14th November 2021
Sunday 5:27 pm
35917 spacer
I have absolutely no idea who that is, but I looked her up and even the Guardian sounds pretty supportive of her side of things:
https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/oct/28/sussex-professor-kathleen-stock-resigns-after-evangelist christian korean youtuber-rights-row
If you can't even get a Guardian journalist to throw a Twitter-paddy about an issue, perhaps the backlash has already begun.
>> No. 35918 Anonymous
14th November 2021
Sunday 5:44 pm
35918 spacer

This academic lot are more bent than politicians.

I don't want to get into it and start sounding like a tinfoil hat nutter but there have been loads of cases of people getting sacked from one job and quitely re-hired at some other university, sometimes going as far as just inventing a new post.

Of course it's never the ones who do some kind of real subject, you know the sciences or maths or what have you. But when you're the kind of person who basically doe nothing but professionally navel gaze about meaningless shite that will never affect anyone's real life in any meaningful sense, you're apparently in a protected class.

Really makes you think.
>> No. 35919 Anonymous
14th November 2021
Sunday 7:08 pm
35919 spacer
Academic here. Yes.

Although it's just as bad in the hard sciences, and the research the majority of people in the hard sciences are doing has a similarly miniscule chance of having a real impact on anyone's life.
>> No. 35920 Anonymous
14th November 2021
Sunday 9:59 pm
35920 spacer
Come on mate. My thesis on the effects of the smoothness of the blades in a blender and its relationship to the sizes of the bubbles it creates will definitely help someone... somewhere... at some point... I think...
>> No. 35921 Anonymous
14th November 2021
Sunday 10:13 pm
35921 spacer
I bet you're not even factoring in stick blenders. That level of chaos is beyond your tiny mind's feeble grasp.
>> No. 35990 Anonymous
22nd November 2021
Monday 10:11 am
35990 spacer
Apparently 17% of Gen Z are LGBT. 1/6, roughly.

So either there is something froggy in the water, or sexuality is a choice. Or they're just a bunch of attention seeking blighters.

I know this is a hot take but I'm still processing this statistic. Obviously self reported data and all, plus the growing scope of what it is to be LGBT, but surely this is throwing up a bit of dust around the topic of sexuality and choice/nature and nurture.
>> No. 35991 Anonymous
22nd November 2021
Monday 10:17 am
35991 spacer

>So either there is something froggy in the water, or sexuality is a choice. Or they're just a bunch of attention seeking blighters.

I'm curious how you've determined that those are the only options. Are you saying that because the percentage is bigger than it used to be that something has changed? It's not like 50 years ago anyone was doing a gayness survey, let alone in a way that would ever give accurate numbers.
>> No. 35992 Anonymous
22nd November 2021
Monday 10:19 am
35992 spacer

Or young people are rarely certain about their sexuality, or a higher percentage of people are LGBT than you expect, or some combination of all of these.
>> No. 35993 Anonymous
22nd November 2021
Monday 10:27 am
35993 spacer

>It's not like 50 years ago anyone was doing a gayness survey

>> No. 35994 Anonymous
22nd November 2021
Monday 11:04 am
35994 spacer

>> No. 35995 Anonymous
22nd November 2021
Monday 12:22 pm
35995 spacer

37% of the male respondents in the Kinsey studies reported at least one homosexual experience. Loads of people were a bit gay in 1948, but in 2021 a lot more of them are willing to recognise it as part of their sexual orientation.
>> No. 35996 Anonymous
22nd November 2021
Monday 2:24 pm
35996 spacer

Or they're the first generation to grow up in a society that considers homophobia socially unacceptable and has much better access to educational material about LGBT stuff via the internet.

Remember it was literally illegal for schools to "promote homosexuality" (eg. acknowledge that LGBT people exist or do anything about homophobic bullying) until the mid 2000s.

I suspect it's more likely to be a combination of bi/pan/asexual people who would have previously answered "straight" on a survey realizing it at an earlier age thanks to better education and awareness, and more people giving honest answers because there's less perceived risk.

I think you missed
> let alone in a way that would ever give accurate numbers.
Kinsey's sampling methodology is rather questionable, and in all fairness it would have been hard to get a sample that was both representative of the population and would give honest answers to a gayness survey in the 50s.
According to the wiki page you linked Kinsey's results showed that something like 11% of men were gay or 50/50 bisexuals and 36% weren't exclusively straight.

While the numbers are all over the place most of the literature I've seen suggests something like 3-5% of the population are exclusively gay and anywhere between 5-25% are some variety of "not straight", so >>35990's 17% figure isn't particularly surprising.
>> No. 35997 Anonymous
22nd November 2021
Monday 3:32 pm
35997 spacer
The number I've always heard has been 10%, and that has always felt about right to me. A lot of people can nitpick themselves into a letter of LGBTQIA+ if they really wanted to, and I fully believe that 7% of today's wrong 'uns have done precisely that.

Of course, I'm sure we all at some point saw a handsome man and thought, "Hey, I wonder if I'm gay?" Maybe now that I'm out there, strutting my stuff every day on the way home from your mum's house, the people who see me don't dismiss it, as we all did, but rather take the interesting thought experiment as a signal to put themselves into the letter groups. Of course, this must hugely offend the actual gays, who must constantly draw their eyes away from my Adonis-like form to be told by zoomers, "Yeah, I'm the same as you, except for me it's only sometimes and I can choose to no longer be that way if it gets inconvenient." That would infuriate me.
>> No. 35998 Anonymous
22nd November 2021
Monday 3:55 pm
35998 spacer

Bisexuals exist.
>> No. 35999 Anonymous
22nd November 2021
Monday 5:26 pm
35999 spacer
But they count in the initial 10%, surely?
>> No. 36000 Anonymous
22nd November 2021
Monday 7:27 pm
36000 spacer

I think that comment was addressing the latter part of the post, not the former.
>> No. 36001 Anonymous
22nd November 2021
Monday 8:19 pm
36001 spacer
I'm bicurious. But I'm also straight. Nomming a cock or whatever is just an idle fantasy. I wouldn't co-habit with a bloke.
>> No. 36002 Anonymous
22nd November 2021
Monday 9:03 pm
36002 spacer
I do think there's a lot of people nowadays who say they're gay (or whatever) when really they're not.

It's a matter of pedantry how you decide it in the end though I think. My personal feeling is that there is, in fact, no such thing as somebody who is 100% straight. We're all somewhere on a sliding scale, the trouble is there's no real way of objectively measuring it. (Or at least, nobody has listened to me yet- If I was the government's chief homosexuality scientist, my unit of measurement would be "how much MD does it take for you to let a lad suck you off (and vice versa)".

But like we've discussed elsewhere here before, being gay isn't really about being gay any more. Queer is a lifestyle. Western capital has pounced upon alternative sexual identities as a sales opportunity. It's a market demographic like any other subculture, and this muddies the waters when talking about homosexuality in general. You can be gay and go about your life with nobody really noticing these days; but being queer is a thing of it's own, and the beautiful thing about the word queer is that it doesn't come with a strict requirement to actually be much of a queer. You just have to look the part, move in the right circles, and generally not like normie straight people stuff.

I know more than a few girls who identify themselves as queer, and I know fully well that the gayest thing about them is they watch lesbian porn and occasionally leave their pits unshaved. If that's enough to qualify then I'm gayer than Freddie fucking Mercury- But again, that's not the point.

It's a bit like how being a "nerd" is mainstream now, and every cunt calls themselves a nerd because they like Marvel-DC movies or whatever. Having an identity that marks you as different in some way to the masses of normie sheep sells.
>> No. 36003 Anonymous
22nd November 2021
Monday 9:16 pm
36003 spacer
>My personal feeling is that there is, in fact, no such thing as somebody who is 100% straight. We're all somewhere on a sliding scale
I agree completely. But have you ever told a bisexual this? They hate it, precisely because it takes away their unique identity. Sexuality is a spectrum, but if it's a spectrum then everyone is on it, and the bisexuals I have pointed this out to (online, where admittedly literally everyone is mental, so perhaps they're not a representative sample) get so hilariously upset that in the end I stopped pointing it out.
>> No. 36004 Anonymous
22nd November 2021
Monday 11:38 pm
36004 spacer
Watch out lads, historical materialist lad has arrived. Can you handle his insightful analysis of 'well it doesn't really mean that'?
>> No. 36007 Anonymous
23rd November 2021
Tuesday 2:37 pm
36007 spacer

Angry Lab.jpg
>> No. 36017 Anonymous
24th November 2021
Wednesday 7:30 am
36017 spacer
I was talking with my kids yesterday and they know quite a few people at their school who are openly gay. It blew my mind a little bit because when I was at school nobody came out for fear of getting their head kicked in.
>> No. 36018 Anonymous
24th November 2021
Wednesday 9:41 am
36018 spacer
My friends mum has worked in a comprehensive school for decades now. She said these days that if anyone is being discriminatory/racist they get their shit kicked in.
>> No. 36044 Anonymous
25th November 2021
Thursday 11:39 am
36044 spacer
I think at my school in the noughties there was an odd halfway-house. Gay and queer were used as mildly insulting terms and so on, but I think if anyone actually did come out as a committed bumder, that was on the whole respected.

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