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>> No. 11037 Anonymous
25th November 2014
Tuesday 6:33 pm
11037 Ale
If we can have a cider thread, we can have a beer thread. Both American style craft beers and proper British bitters are welcome ITT.

I haven't made a point of seeking out new ales since I went to a beer festival in June but with Christmas coming up, I might start again. Generally, my favourite beers are pale ales and the attached pic was my favourite one at the festival. I've also got into Badger's 'Furkin Fox' which is a lovely auburn ale, perfetc for the winter.

What are you drinking chaps?
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>> No. 11040 Anonymous
25th November 2014
Tuesday 8:18 pm
11040 spacer
Usually just what's on offer at Tesco: Doom bar, Bishops Tipple, Wainwrights, Hobgob, etc.

There's a small brewery (http://www.bythehorns.co.uk/) a few minutes walk from me who does some nice beers. They have a little bar open a few times a week. I used to pop in occasionally for a few swift pints, but haven't for a while. I need a local friend to pop in with.
>> No. 11042 Anonymous
25th November 2014
Tuesday 9:56 pm
11042 spacer
I'm pretty sure if you look back through the pages of /nom/ we have had an ale thread before.
>> No. 11045 Anonymous
26th November 2014
Wednesday 12:07 am
11045 spacer

This is fantastic if you like your strongly hopped IPAs.
>> No. 11048 Anonymous
26th November 2014
Wednesday 8:59 am
11048 spacer
I recently downloaded and signed up for Untappd on my phone, so that I can "check in" every wankery beer I have and other beer wankers can see it and approve. I endorse this thread 100%.

Did anyone happen to get to a Nicholson's pub recently and try their guest ale Café Phoenix from Brains? It was a delight.
>> No. 11056 Anonymous
26th November 2014
Wednesday 12:44 pm
11056 spacer
I managed to check into one place and now I can't seem to find a 'trying this beer' button anymore, I'm starting to h8 my Blackberry more and more but decidedly less than Google, Apple and Windows.
>> No. 11058 Anonymous
26th November 2014
Wednesday 3:55 pm
11058 spacer
>> No. 11060 Anonymous
26th November 2014
Wednesday 5:01 pm
11060 spacer

IMO Harveys are the kings of real ale. I rarely get to have it (probably not good seeing as a pub near me does it) but it's probably the most refreshing, delicious ale I've ever had.

I really should get to a festival...
>> No. 11061 Anonymous
26th November 2014
Wednesday 9:22 pm
11061 spacer
n1 m8, r8 it 8/8

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