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>> No. 11764 Anonymous
8th September 2015
Tuesday 11:31 pm
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Was thinking of going on the paleo diet and as I was setting up a meal plan I noticed coconut oil is in every cooked meal. Got no fucking clue where to buy some at least not in my local Asda or Aldi.

Also I very rarely eat anything with coconut and dislike Bounty bars so based on that would I probably dislike anything cooked in coconut oil? If so what's some good alternative oils.
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>> No. 11765 Anonymous
9th September 2015
Wednesday 12:30 am
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I wouldn't worry about the flavour, it doesn't taste of much at all and absolutely nothing like the sickly sweet stuff in bounty. There's a hint of coconut if you eat it by itself but once you're cooking with it whatever you're cooking will smother the flavour.

If your supermarket has a Caribbean section I'd start looking there, but failing that you can often find it an ethnic/asian section near the giant tubs of ghee. Bear in mind it'll likely be a plastic tub with a white solid in it, not the "standard" oil bottles you may expect. Failing that, bigger Asian corner shops or supermarkets often stock it. Worst case, health food shops will almost certainly have it, but at outrageous prices of course.
>> No. 11766 Anonymous
9th September 2015
Wednesday 12:35 am
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I can tolerate coconut, just not too much of it so it's good to know I won't taste it. Also I wasn't expecting it to be solid so I'm guessing it's like cooking with butter then rather than dribbling it in a pan with oil?
>> No. 11767 Anonymous
9th September 2015
Wednesday 12:35 am
11767 spacer
Sainsbury's have it. I've seen it on the online shopping so I'm not sure which aisle. I bet Waitrose do too.
>> No. 11768 Anonymous
9th September 2015
Wednesday 6:59 am
11768 spacer
> not in my local Asda

Not looking hard enough mate. They do do it, it comes in little jars, and it's about £5 a pop. I know because I used to stock it every night.


I heard this on the BBC radio, too. If you want to lose weight, don't follow some weird fad diet, just eat less and move more. Track your calories with MyFitnessPal. Doing that has lost me about 5 stone in 14 months.
>> No. 11769 Anonymous
9th September 2015
Wednesday 7:00 am
11769 spacer
P.S. It'll be on the oil aisle, in the section with all the little bottles. It's made by the "Groovy Food Co."
>> No. 11770 Anonymous
9th September 2015
Wednesday 12:33 pm
11770 spacer
I've lost two stone over a period of 10 months and I've got to the stage where I'm hovering over a certain weight. This is due to eating less and moving more. But I'm about another one and half stone away from my ideal weight. I wanted to move onto the paleo diet simply because it fit within my food budget and it seems like there's some nice food I wanted to try.
>> No. 11771 Anonymous
9th September 2015
Wednesday 4:11 pm
11771 spacer
Can't you try said food without fundamentally changing your diet?
>> No. 11774 Anonymous
9th September 2015
Wednesday 6:44 pm
11774 spacer
The study everyone keeps referencing in attack of the paleo diet is pretty much completely irrelevant. The study measured actual calorific intake for less than one week, and the findings were that there is no metabolic difference between calories from fat and and from carbs.
However, the main argued benefits of low-carb diets in terms of weight-loss, stem mainly from the short-term and long-term effects of different foods on satiety. I.e. people eating less carbs are generally eating less overall. Some of these effects are fairly quick to begin after you switch diets, others can take a few weeks to start after your hormones rebalance.

One other thing worth mentioning, forget about weight-loss, forget about any other alleged health benefits, the more carbs you eat the greater the risk of developing diabetes. That should be a good enough reason for anyone to cut down on carbs.

And remember; you do need some carbs to live, you just don't need a constant drip of them throughout the day.

Back on topic, how easy it is to get coconut oil depends on where you live. Shops in more middle or upper-class areas generally tend to be more likely to sell it.
Holland and Barretts sells it, but it's a bit on the pricey side. My local sainsburys, tescos and waitrose sell it, but morrisons and co-op don't. Failing everything else, you can get it from amazon.

(Third time luck, my writings awful tonight, I think I'll go to bed early)
>> No. 11822 Anonymous
28th September 2015
Monday 2:45 am
11822 spacer

> near the giant tubs of ghee. Bear in mind it'll likely be a plastic tub with a white solid in it

I remembered this thread when I went shopping earlier, so here's a picture to show what I mean.
>> No. 11823 Anonymous
28th September 2015
Monday 12:01 pm
11823 spacer
It obviously isn't the same thing but very similar, I went full Atkins for about a month. That resulted in me shedding a stone (from 12 stone to 11 my height being 5'6 to give you an idea). I'm not going to pretend it was an entirely pleasant experience, so I'd only recommend it for a short burst I could really feel the craving for carbs and I never felt sated regardless of how much I ate.

The diet plan that I use now that is better long term, but is slow gains, is to measure my intake and output and plan consumption accordingly with a deficit. But with a precision where I've calculated how many calories I should burn in each activity based on my exact weight (this has brought me down to just under 10 from just over 11 stone over 9 month, the slowest movement being the last couple of pounds). It does however require being quite anal for a while (I ended up building a spreadsheet to plot it). The thing what I noticed most while budgeting is the difference between what fills you up and its calories, there is obviously correlation, but not as close as you would imagine if you never looked at it in detail,sugary drinks being probably the worst thing. I recommend this OP if you decide you want to eat what you feel like again, but also not become a fat fuck.
>> No. 11824 Anonymous
28th September 2015
Monday 12:25 pm
11824 spacer
Understanding the calorie content of food is the kind of skill that can set you up for a much more positive relationship with your diet for the rest of one's life, in my opinion. And you don't need to count calories for very long once you're out of the need to have a calorie deficit - once you have a rough, intuitive handle on how many calories are in the kinds of meals you like to eat, you can then expend a minimal amount of effort on eating roughly at maintenance. It's this kind of understanding of food and nutrition that I think leads to meaningful change in people's eating habits that are far more likely to stick with them.

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