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>> No. 11805 Anonymous
20th September 2015
Sunday 9:10 am
11805 spacer
Lads, it's that wonderful time of year again.

Aldi and Lidl are stocking stollen and lebkuchen.

It won't be long until it's time for the annual posting of Gotta Be Andrew on /iq/.
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>> No. 11806 Anonymous
20th September 2015
Sunday 6:05 pm
11806 spacer
My local Co-Op have already started stocking mince pies. So far I'm resisting the temptation to get a pack on the principle that it's only bloody September and an upstanding Brit I should join in the fight against this relentless commercialisation that happens earlier and earlier every winter, but I feel I might just be cutting my nose off to spite my face. I fucking love mince pies.
>> No. 11807 Anonymous
20th September 2015
Sunday 6:09 pm
11807 spacer
This year can we be a bit more creative with Autistic Andy please?
>> No. 11808 Anonymous
20th September 2015
Sunday 6:56 pm
11808 spacer

Cweative Cwissmuss?
>> No. 11809 Anonymous
20th September 2015
Sunday 8:00 pm
11809 spacer
I think I'm more excited about Gotta Be Andrew than I am about my inevitable depressed-double-dinners with my separated parents. In fact, I know I am.

Sageru because it's only bloody September!!!
>> No. 11810 Anonymous
20th September 2015
Sunday 8:20 pm
11810 spacer
Go on, lad. Regale us with tales of depressing Christmases past.
>> No. 11811 Anonymous
23rd September 2015
Wednesday 11:58 am
11811 spacer
Mate, it's either Cooplands brandy butter mince pies or nothing.
>> No. 11812 Anonymous
23rd September 2015
Wednesday 1:36 pm
11812 spacer

Maybe in a few months, schadenfreudlad.
>> No. 11813 Anonymous
24th September 2015
Thursday 2:17 pm
11813 spacer

You've clearly never tried Duchy Originals. My family were gifted some once by a couple of very well off lawyers; I've never tasted a better shop-bought mince pie since. The plan this year is to resist all other supermarket brands and go straight for the royalty-approved luxury; if the quality has changed since I last had them I'll be very distraught.
>> No. 11814 Anonymous
24th September 2015
Thursday 2:36 pm
11814 spacer

Not him, but you can have some of mine if you want.

When I was a teenlad squaddie, my first Yule tide leave consided with my alcoholic semi-PTSD dad becoming a born again Christian. No serious person on person violence took place, but lots of other things were damaged. I remember a big foot sized hole being kicked through a pretty sturdy door and a small fire in the conservatory. This was accidental rather than arson. It was like an Eastenders special, but upper middle-class and sad rather than entertaining.

After getting married, I used that as an excuse to have less family time at Christmas, but going to Liverpool to spend time with my mother in law. This was on some level perfect for me, but less so my ex as it would basically involve her mother fussing over me, me averaging two pints of Scotch per night and listening to her drone on about various groups that she felt were ruining the country, generally Inuits and homos. It was as if /pol/ posts were being read by a Scouse Barbara Windsor.
>> No. 11815 Anonymous
24th September 2015
Thursday 2:39 pm
11815 spacer
My dad buys hundreds after Christmas. Hundreds and hundreds.
>> No. 11816 Anonymous
24th September 2015
Thursday 2:53 pm
11816 spacer
I spotted some in the Tesco bakery last night. Best before next Friday. I can kind of understand the boxed stuff, but this?
>> No. 11817 Anonymous
24th September 2015
Thursday 5:33 pm
11817 spacer
I've only tried non-Aldi/Lidl stollen a couple of times, most recently M&S, but it's a shite imitation.

I'm on my second box of Lidl stollen since Sunday.
>> No. 11818 Anonymous
24th September 2015
Thursday 8:42 pm
11818 spacer
I wouldn't get any of that German filth. I hear their stollen are lebkuchen are fitted with so-called "Defeat Devices", to detect when their raisin or ginger levels are being tested.
>> No. 11819 Anonymous
24th September 2015
Thursday 9:14 pm
11819 spacer

Dr Ben Goldacre is obsessed with Christmas cake. He has an extra freezer that he uses just for Christmas cake. He buys square ones from M&S so he can pack them in more densely.

Think about that next time he's condemning the pharmaceutical industry.
>> No. 11820 Anonymous
24th September 2015
Thursday 9:38 pm
11820 spacer
I think I see what you did there.
>> No. 11821 Anonymous
24th September 2015
Thursday 10:29 pm
11821 spacer

The man knows what he wants, and he knows how to get it. It makes sense to me.
>> No. 11838 Anonymous
15th October 2015
Thursday 7:19 pm
11838 spacer
Lidl are selling Thai red curry sauce that's suitable for vegetarians. It's the first jar I've seen in supermarkets without fish in it.
>> No. 11839 Anonymous
25th October 2015
Sunday 2:17 pm
11839 spacer
I'm not impressed with Aldi's "specially selected" mince pies. The top is far too detachable and the filling was a bit bland, plus there wasn't enough of it.

>> No. 11840 Anonymous
25th October 2015
Sunday 2:22 pm
11840 spacer
I'm working my way through a box of stollen just now, it helps with the crippling anxiety.
>> No. 11841 Anonymous
25th October 2015
Sunday 6:15 pm
11841 spacer
That's what brandy is for.
>> No. 11842 Anonymous
25th October 2015
Sunday 6:22 pm
11842 spacer
Dipping the stollen in brandy is the way to go.
>> No. 11843 Anonymous
25th October 2015
Sunday 6:24 pm
11843 spacer

Brandy butter. You mean brandy butter.
>> No. 11844 Anonymous
26th October 2015
Monday 12:42 am
11844 spacer

I prefer vodka margarine.

>> No. 11845 Anonymous
26th October 2015
Monday 11:12 am
11845 spacer
Bloody hell, chaps. It's only eight more weeks until Christmas. Better start planning on ram-raiding Iceland for vol au vents before all the other bastards get the chance.
>> No. 11846 Anonymous
26th October 2015
Monday 9:35 pm
11846 spacer

Eight weeks is still 8/52, or around 15.4%, which is not a negligible chunk of year you're dismissing, there.
>> No. 11847 Anonymous
26th October 2015
Monday 9:42 pm
11847 spacer
It is nevertheless a pretty busy time for shopping. In the city where I used to live, pretty much all the way through December the queues to get into the main Tesco backed up onto the main road and tailed back some considerable distance. Where I now live now, the queues near Morrisons at rush hour are pretty nasty, and combined with the Asda across the road causes tailbacks upwards of a mile in early December.
>> No. 11895 Anonymous
12th December 2015
Saturday 3:52 pm
11895 spacer

Aldi's Christmas tree pretzels are lovely. It's just a shame there's little other reason to go there, although they have clementines on special buy so I got a 2kg box for £2.

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