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>> No. 11921 Anonymous
4th January 2016
Monday 8:47 pm
11921 Eyeties
Right, one of the cheflads here with a bit of homework to do. Though it might be a bit of a scandalous confession here, my roots are deeply in french cooking, that's what I do, and it's what I know.

A friend of mine wants some help with his Italian venture, and I'm suddenly very conscious I just don't know that much about it. Yes, I know a fair few italian styles and techniques, but I don't have a full sense of the culture like I do with traditional french stuff.

So, I'm asking you, dear britfa.gs, to chuck me a list of books, recipe or otherwise, that can help me swot up and get a broad feel for the style, so I'm not completely out of my depth and trying to make spaghetti bourguignon or something.
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>> No. 11922 Anonymous
5th January 2016
Tuesday 7:09 am
11922 spacer
>> No. 11923 Anonymous
5th January 2016
Tuesday 7:57 am
11923 spacer
Good luck but pretty much every restaurant is doomed to fail pretty fast.
>> No. 11924 Anonymous
5th January 2016
Tuesday 2:31 pm
11924 spacer

I like that, though to be honest that's all stuff I knew already, which is sort of reassuring. I've been up all night researching now, and it's pretty clear that italian cooking is a state of mind more than a set of rules. I like it.


Thanks lad. I didn't know restaurants were a volatile business. I'll keep an eye out.
>> No. 11925 Anonymous
5th January 2016
Tuesday 3:51 pm
11925 spacer
There's no need for sarcasm, for individuals it's a huge investment and often a poor one and that should be at the forefront of anyone's mind when undertaking it.
>> No. 11926 Anonymous
6th January 2016
Wednesday 1:30 pm
11926 spacer

Sorry, it's just like telling a rally driver he moght crash, anyone who does it for a living is well aware.

Anyway, I don't have a financial stake in it, I'm just there to guide his team to glory, or shutting in six months, we'll see.

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