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>> No. 12017 Anonymous
9th June 2016
Thursday 10:24 pm
12017 BBQ
I don't know anything about barbecues. Someone tell me some things about them and recommend one for outdoor use. Ideally I'd like to spend about £200, is this enough for a nice one or should I fork out a bit more?

What are some things I should be aware of when buying a barbecue set?
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>> No. 12018 Anonymous
9th June 2016
Thursday 10:43 pm
12018 spacer

You can get them for £1 from the pound shop.
>> No. 12019 Anonymous
9th June 2016
Thursday 11:18 pm
12019 spacer
I want a nice one. If I wanted some tat, I'd dig a hole in a ground and drag a carcass or two in there. Wasn't there a bbq thread somewhere here? I can't find it anywhere.
>> No. 12020 Anonymous
10th June 2016
Friday 1:52 am
12020 spacer
If it's a nice day just drag cooker out in to yard.
>> No. 12021 Anonymous
10th June 2016
Friday 3:19 am
12021 spacer
They're totally not worth the expense.

Get one on ebay you like the look of. That's all I can say, all they are are things that dispense heat.
>> No. 12022 Anonymous
10th June 2016
Friday 10:46 am
12022 spacer
But I want it to look nice and last for years. I know I could get one off amazon that has good reviews but I was hoping for some insider info.
>> No. 12023 Anonymous
10th June 2016
Friday 11:36 am
12023 spacer
Well, for starters you haven't said if you want a gas bbq or a charcoal one. Gas is a lot less hassle but doesn't give the same smokey bbq flavour imo, it also doesn't feel as satisfying.
>> No. 12024 Anonymous
10th June 2016
Friday 5:17 pm
12024 spacer

You may as well cook on the hob.

When I visited my parents a few weeks ago, they insisted we lay down tin foil on the BBQ and cook on top of that. I did a double take and quickly realised they are being serious.

Why do you do that? I asked. "Because it's healthier and the smoke doesn't get to the meat".
Then save the bother and do it in the oven, because it'll be no different.
After some quarelling and sighs of resignation, I won and we had a normal BBQ as GOD intended. Needless to say, I had the last laugh when they admitted my cooking technique was flawless.

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