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>> No. 12260 Anonymous
11th April 2017
Tuesday 12:57 am
12260 Wimpy still exists
It's pretty shit.
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>> No. 12261 Anonymous
11th April 2017
Tuesday 1:50 am
12261 spacer
Sounds like you've never had a bender in a bun.
>> No. 12262 Anonymous
11th April 2017
Tuesday 5:47 am
12262 spacer
We used to have one, I think it was in our beloved 'Wellington Centre' in Aldershot. Years ago it closed, as with a majority of the town centre. However, in the last 4 years or so they've gone all out- they've built a Morrison's, a new cinema, and a Nandos. All of which may have prompted the return of the Wimpy, now in the lower level of the Wellington Centre, just in front of Wilko.

I'm quite fond of it. It has that really specific 'British-crapness' which is literally found nowhere else on the planet.
>> No. 12263 Anonymous
11th April 2017
Tuesday 8:50 am
12263 spacer
It's a tenner for a single mcdonald's tier burger patty in a bun with a shitload of onion and an excessive amount of chips.
>> No. 12264 Anonymous
11th April 2017
Tuesday 8:54 am
12264 spacer
>an excessive amount of chips

There is no such thing as too many chips.
>> No. 12265 Anonymous
11th April 2017
Tuesday 9:04 am
12265 spacer
There is if they're being used as an excuse to skimp on the burger quality.
>> No. 12266 Anonymous
11th April 2017
Tuesday 10:25 am
12266 spacer
Is this another one of those "Real Burger" places? I saw a Five Guys in the Bullring about two years ago or so and I thought that was strange because I thought Burger King were the only "burger specialists" in the UK but now, it seems like everybody's doing this. Are burgers more popular than I thought? Is McDonalds looked down upon now? I always thought that while McDonalds are looked down upon for their literally palm-sized burgers, if you wanted a "real" burger, you'd pay a fiver for Burger King. When I go to these "real" burger places, the most basic burgers will cost around 10GBP (is the pound-sign allowed here?). I can't tolerate spending that much on a burger.
>> No. 12267 Anonymous
11th April 2017
Tuesday 10:52 am
12267 spacer
Why wouldn't the pound sign be allowed?

No, it's about as "real" as McDonalds except some of the burgers have bratwurst instead of burgers. Five Guys do a weird sort of sloppy greasy burger, there are a few places like it in London at least. Other "real" burger places do more traditional less greasy burgers of the sort that are too big to eat without a knife and fork, like Atomic Burger in Bristol (my personal favourite).
>> No. 12268 Anonymous
11th April 2017
Tuesday 12:21 pm
12268 spacer
>There is if they're being used as an excuse to skimp on the burger quality.

M8 you go to McDonald's for the sides. Its a business model that works very well considering the disparity between it and Burger King.

After artisan beers came artisan burgers and yes they became very popular although the fad may have passed. Those twats with the big beards need to afford their nautical tattoos somehow.

Frankly it baffles me and I'd much rather just go to a burger van than piss about with all the mess.
>> No. 12269 Anonymous
11th April 2017
Tuesday 1:06 pm
12269 spacer

I think artisan food and beer, is a mostly a way to veil the march of inflation and cost of a business. If they can convince you reusing discarded school furniture and only half painting the walls is stylish then bonus that's another cost saving.
>> No. 12270 Anonymous
11th April 2017
Tuesday 1:14 pm
12270 spacer
I went to a Five Guys a while back. Barely got any change from £15 for a burger, chips and a drink. It was alright as fast food burgers go but they can fuck off with those prices, I can get real food for that.
>> No. 12272 Anonymous
11th April 2017
Tuesday 1:17 pm
12272 spacer

I thought you go to Mcdonalds for the 99p cheeseburger (or £1.29 double) and nothing else. Thats how they make the money; same burger different topping every month or so, at a premium.
Besides, what do you mean by sides?
>> No. 12278 Anonymous
11th April 2017
Tuesday 2:41 pm
12278 spacer

Really lad, have you never seen a Byrons or a Gourmet Burger Kitchen? And no, Wimpy has been around since at least the 60s and to be honest I thought the last few had shut up shop.
>> No. 12280 Anonymous
11th April 2017
Tuesday 3:25 pm
12280 spacer

I saw one in South London years ago and was excited because I'd believed them to have all shut yonks ago, and I'd just seen Tinker Tailor where are Smiley ate at one, presumably to visually show the depressing dated 70s they lived in. With a twinge of patriotic nostalgia and really, it was god awful. By far the worst burger (and I use that term loosely) place I've ever been in. Yet somehow I sort of enjoyed the crapness of it and I'd probably go in if they had one in my city. God knows why. Probably the same reason I always buy pic related at the footy when it's available.

Also my brother went there for his birthday before I was born and kept his badge that said 'I love wimpy parties'. I always found that funny.
>> No. 12289 Anonymous
11th April 2017
Tuesday 9:15 pm
12289 spacer
I mean, I could believe that .gs would have trouble with unicode. In fact the only pound-sign I've seen in this thread displays as "£" to me.
>> No. 12290 Anonymous
11th April 2017
Tuesday 9:21 pm
12290 spacer

I feel like we're looking at different screens.
>> No. 12291 Anonymous
11th April 2017
Tuesday 11:29 pm
12291 spacer
I think it's a shame we don't have as much variety in food as we could have. We either have naff cardboard McDonalds, or we have expensive "gourmet" food where you have to take out a second mortgage to pay for chips served in a fucking cup, and where they call their sauce "dirty". There's no in-between.

You watch these shows on telly now about all these Yank places where you can get a massive decadent pulled-pork chilli blueberry pancake triple cheeseburger for $5, and that fat knob with the sunglasses on the back of his head still isn't enough to put you off; but over here it's 7 quid for a fucking large Burger King done in the microwave.

Granted, perhaps in America they will never know the joys of a Greggs pasty, or those bacon and sausage baps the size of your head you get for £2.80 from a humble sarnie shop. But I think we are being taken advantage of.
>> No. 12292 Anonymous
11th April 2017
Tuesday 11:43 pm
12292 spacer
hmm, it displays fine for me on /*/ but when I click on the thread it gains an  immediately preceding it.
>> No. 12293 Anonymous
12th April 2017
Wednesday 12:52 am
12293 spacer
Are you of the generation who understands what it's meant to be, even if your browser doesn't interpret it correctly, or are you of the generation who needs to complain that it's not perfect?
>> No. 12294 Anonymous
12th April 2017
Wednesday 2:10 am
12294 spacer

I imagine you live in a house where the hot water cuts out about half way into filling a bath, only half the light bulbs work. And you haven't got around to fixing the upstairs toilet yet, but don't worry it can wait another 3 years it isn't going anywhere, you can just use the downstairs.

How dare the young people expect things to work the way they are supposed to, privileged little shits.
>> No. 12296 Anonymous
12th April 2017
Wednesday 4:56 pm
12296 sage

>or are you of the generation who needs to complain that it's not perfect?

I felt that to be a dig at older people. In my experience, they seem to cause more fuss. But I'll lend you to this, that it's rather subjective and not really about age-defined 'generations'.
>> No. 12297 Anonymous
12th April 2017
Wednesday 7:16 pm
12297 spacer
I don't think it's so much that we're being taken advantage of, it's more that it's fucking expensive to run a business in this country. Everything from rent, to business rates, to wages, to the cost of raw ingredients makes the sort of food they sell in the US impossible here.

Running costs for a local sarnie shop are as cheap as they get, but you're still lucky to get more than 3 wafer thin rashers of bacon on your bookers wholesale bap.

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