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>> No. 12499 Anonymous
27th April 2018
Friday 8:57 pm
12499 spacer
There isn't a better biscuit than this. Sure, you may prefer others. Objectively though, this is the best. It's an all round work horse that doesn't disintegrate when dunked and maintains it's integrity when bitten meaning the can be eaten in bed when unwell or depressed.
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>> No. 12500 Anonymous
27th April 2018
Friday 9:01 pm
12500 spacer
>doesn't disintegrate when dunked

The Peter Kay Psy-Op continues.
>> No. 12501 Anonymous
27th April 2018
Friday 9:11 pm
12501 spacer
I'm open to alternatives, ladm8. That was a hook, I was going to post Jaffa Cakes for maximum shitposting.
>> No. 12502 Anonymous
27th April 2018
Friday 9:31 pm
12502 spacer
The threads about RUMOURS of his DEATH, the threads about GARLIC BREAD, the threads about CAR SHARING. Now making a thread which brings to mind his famous DUNKING BISCUITS routine.

I don't know what your game is, but I want you to know that I'm on to you.
>> No. 12503 Anonymous
27th April 2018
Friday 9:33 pm
12503 spacer
Like you say, it's a solid, dependable biscuit, but that by no means makes it the best.

It's very much like a Volkswagen Polo, or a girl with a dodgy face but a decent body. It'll get you where you need to go, but it's hardly going to be memorable, or get your blood pumping. It's objectively not the best biscuit, it's the median biscuit, a benchmark biscuit. It's fine, it has universal appeal, but nothing to write home about.

Biscuits, like all art-forms, can never truly be ranked, merely observed and appreciated. But to suggest such a plain and, let's be honest, boring biscuit is the pinnacle, that's just foolish. I'd also argue that everything you claim a rich tea does the best, a digestive does slightly better.

I will refrain from fighting in any one biscuits corner as I have quite adventurous tastes (orange creams, viscounts) but to say the very essence of a basic, middling biscuit is the best is just insulting.
>> No. 12504 Anonymous
27th April 2018
Friday 9:35 pm
12504 spacer
I'd just like to point out that despite britfa being very quiet for the last few days, as soon as someone brings up biscuits EVERYONE has replied.
>> No. 12505 Anonymous
27th April 2018
Friday 9:48 pm
12505 spacer


>> No. 12506 Anonymous
28th April 2018
Saturday 11:03 am
12506 spacer
Post of the year.
>> No. 12507 Anonymous
28th April 2018
Saturday 11:08 am
12507 spacer
Dunking biscuits in runny liquids is an abomination.
>> No. 12508 Anonymous
28th April 2018
Saturday 11:34 am
12508 spacer
What about solid liquids?
>> No. 12509 Anonymous
28th April 2018
Saturday 11:53 am
12509 spacer

There are rifles that by all accounts should be better than the ak-47 they are more accurate have a better rate of fire. And actually have a 3 round burst option. But for pure robustness, universal application, utility and afforablity the ak-47 comes up top trumps, that's what we have here with the rich tea. A biscuit for all seasons. It is what the Ford is to the car world.
>> No. 12510 Anonymous
28th April 2018
Saturday 12:03 pm
12510 spacer

Isn't that technically a gel? I mean, it's not a liquid, but a fluid because it can flow but it's also a solid because it holds its shape when subjected to forces in equilibrium.
>> No. 12511 Anonymous
28th April 2018
Saturday 12:12 pm
12511 spacer

We're on that AEK-973 shit now, Granddad.
>> No. 12512 Anonymous
28th April 2018
Saturday 12:18 pm
12512 spacer

I don't disagree, but nobody would call the 47 the best gun ever made, because it just isn't. It's useful, and it's sheer practicality is appealing, but nobody wants one.
>> No. 12513 Anonymous
28th April 2018
Saturday 12:25 pm
12513 spacer
I'll have one, if you're offering.
>> No. 12514 Anonymous
28th April 2018
Saturday 12:43 pm
12514 spacer


Mozambique liked it so much they put it on their flag. There's nothing to match it if you're arming a mass militia.
>> No. 12515 Anonymous
28th April 2018
Saturday 1:26 pm
12515 spacer

I don't want to feed a militia with biscuits though, certainly not bland beige discs.
>> No. 12516 Anonymous
28th April 2018
Saturday 4:36 pm
12516 spacer

After a hard day of ethnic cleansing, there's nothing better than a cuppa and a bickie. When I need to get the bitter taste of senseless butchery and futile inter-tribal conflict out of my mouth, I always go for a Rich Tea.
>> No. 12517 Anonymous
28th April 2018
Saturday 5:59 pm
12517 spacer
You may not like it, but Rich Teas are what peak performance looks like.
>> No. 12518 Anonymous
28th April 2018
Saturday 7:13 pm
12518 spacer
My vague understanding of the history of Western military conflict suggests the opposite; I thought simple biscuits or "hard tack" kind of things were what most armies tended to march on [in their stomachs]?

Sage for inevitably bringing our Corrigan out, I know mil-history lad can smell a boring discussion opportunity like a shark can blood in water
>> No. 12519 Anonymous
28th April 2018
Saturday 11:05 pm
12519 spacer

Another reason they're a terrible leisure biscuit. Rich Teas are basically council estate hard tack.
>> No. 12520 Anonymous
28th April 2018
Saturday 11:46 pm
12520 spacer
You can't win a war with a belly full of custard cremes, too rich, ironically.
>> No. 12521 Anonymous
29th April 2018
Sunday 12:29 am
12521 spacer
If I was blindfolded and someone fed me a Rich Tea, I'm not sure I could even identify it as food. They offer nothing remotely enjoyable to the palate and their very existence is a source of continuous bewilderment to me.

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