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>> No. 13545 Anonymous
23rd July 2020
Thursday 4:55 pm
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tfw quitting caffeine and going through withdrawal
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>> No. 13547 Anonymous
23rd July 2020
Thursday 6:01 pm
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I think caffeine might be one of the easier habits to break but it’s still hell. I am in the process of cutting down my drinking - much harder.
>> No. 13548 Anonymous
23rd July 2020
Thursday 6:28 pm
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Who is that woman and why does she look like Roy Chubby Brown?
>> No. 13549 Anonymous
23rd July 2020
Thursday 6:31 pm
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I honestly found quitting smoking easier than dropping caffeine. Still haven't fully succeeded, though I have managed to cut it down quite a bit.

The thing with caffeine is that people think it perks you up on a morning, but that's not true. It's just the satiation of withdrawal that makes you feel human instead of completely lousy. People don't really take it seriously as an addiction but it's a fucking strong one if you ask me.
>> No. 13550 Anonymous
23rd July 2020
Thursday 7:13 pm
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>> No. 13552 Anonymous
23rd July 2020
Thursday 7:21 pm
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Is that strictly true? I mean if you're smashing ten cups a day I get it. But I have one cup of coffee in the morning that does feel like it wakes me up a bit, as well as initiating the morning shit.

I mean caffeine is a stimulant, surely it has some effect in terms of perking you up and whatnot. I get that if you're chucking tons down your neck it will end up being a means to feeling normal, but surely downing a stimulant in the morning will also actually wake you up a bit?
>> No. 13568 Anonymous
30th July 2020
Thursday 11:16 am
13568 spacer
I've been off the caffeine for a week now and I've been getting constipated and doing rock hard shits. Anyone else having this?
>> No. 13569 Anonymous
30th July 2020
Thursday 1:00 pm
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Seems to ring true for me, coffee stopped perking me up years ago and it will keep me awake/mobile for the day at a push but only if I have lots of it, and then it's not a good kind of awake because I feel absolutely rubbish. Switching to having a cup of tea instead of coffee has been miles better for me, personally, and I've cut down on coffee loads now, though I'll still have one every so often for the taste. Definitely feel better for it.

Thinking about it I did actually go through a period of constipation after cutting down significantly so maybe that's just what happens, but it should pass.
>> No. 13570 Anonymous
30th July 2020
Thursday 1:11 pm
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"That post has been cleared as not requiring any deletion."

Standards are slipping.

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