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>> No. 13594 Anonymous
3rd August 2020
Monday 11:33 pm
13594 Seasonal produce
I've hit the jackpot lads.

The nice fella at the cornershop has informed me that one of his mates is a shopper for a number of restaurants in my county, and every day at the crack of dawn he goes to the enormous veggie market and sources their ingredients. He's branching out and taking requests from individuals so from now, two or three times a week I can leave an order for veg at the shop and pick it up the next day. All farm fresh, restaurant quality stuff, and the range is basically ''anything I want" since it's a big market.

This lad apparently knows all about seasonality but I wanted to get some specific recommendations here from you lot, especially since most of you seem to be vegetarian anyway. Given my situation, what would you order? Price no object but I'm not shelling out for truffles. I was thinking wild mushrooms, squash, baby carrots and some fresh tarragon for starters but I'm not clued up on what's best right now. Any help appreciated, I might even post you an onion or two.
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>> No. 13595 Anonymous
4th August 2020
Tuesday 2:50 am
13595 spacer
This is a pretty useful list to start with.

>> No. 13596 Anonymous
5th August 2020
Wednesday 2:51 pm
13596 spacer
Thought this thread would get more traction tbh. I went with:

Baby carrots
Wild mushrooms
New potatoes
Swiss Chard
Baby tomatoes (any colour)

I forgot rocket when I wrote the list, sadly.
>> No. 13618 Anonymous
15th August 2020
Saturday 2:32 pm
13618 spacer
Has he delivered yet? Bring us pictures.
>> No. 13620 Anonymous
15th August 2020
Saturday 2:58 pm
13620 spacer
He's taking his time. I actually dreamed about it last night because I'm such a saddo and he'd neglected the fancier items. Hope that isn't foreshadowing.
>> No. 13621 Anonymous
15th August 2020
Saturday 3:04 pm
13621 spacer

Nothing wrong with dreaming about good things, Lad. I need a good excuse myself to stop dreaming about different ways to turn my pelvis into mist.
>> No. 13622 Anonymous
15th August 2020
Saturday 3:07 pm
13622 spacer

I mean, good things like you getting everything you ordered, that is.

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