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>> No. 87242 Anonymous
10th November 2019
Sunday 10:49 am
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She's our only hope.
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>> No. 90018 Anonymous
25th June 2020
Thursday 7:59 pm
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That's good news, but there's a long time before the next election.
>> No. 90019 Anonymous
25th June 2020
Thursday 8:09 pm
90019 spacer
If he keeps up that degree of momentum Labour will be at least 150 points up by 2024.

More seriously, I'm not sure he's the sort of leader that can spearhead a winning election campaign, but given we aren't due an election for four years and Johnson's majority is such that he isn't likely to risk one sooner, that's less important right now than holding the government to account, and having a former prosecutor and barrister in charge of scrutiny right now is an absolute asset.

For want of a better way of putting it, he's the opposition leader we need right now.
>> No. 90020 Anonymous
26th June 2020
Friday 9:40 pm
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>> No. 90021 Anonymous
28th June 2020
Sunday 7:56 am
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Can he really hold a government of lying, cheating grifters like this to account though? Other than their own cowardice, what's to stop them just lying?
They seem to be on the precipice of discovering that the public have lives and if they throw out some good sounding lies, the fact they've no relationship with the truth won't do them any harm. The papers will scream and howl, the opposition will be furious, but if you actually talk to the average person the issue will be totally muddled in their heads.
A forensic breakdown of why the government are liars and failures has the disadvantage of being long and complicated. Lying is easy: just say "That's wrong." Even the most half-listening member of the public can remember that.

Perhaps I'm too cynical. Maybe I just want to see them try it to find out what'll happen.
>> No. 90022 Anonymous
28th June 2020
Sunday 11:42 am
90022 spacer
Can't wait for him to win the next election and do the exact same policies and rhetoric as Johnson but with a red rosette.
>> No. 90023 Anonymous
28th June 2020
Sunday 12:14 pm
90023 spacer

Don't be a spacker. It'll at least bribe the public sector with a raft of payrises and bigger budgets.

So that's all I care about frankly. Red Tories ftw.
>> No. 90024 Anonymous
12th July 2020
Sunday 8:01 pm
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>> No. 90025 Anonymous
13th July 2020
Monday 12:09 pm
90025 spacer

Despite all that, the Tories have about 6 points on Labour in the polls. How?
>> No. 90026 Anonymous
13th July 2020
Monday 12:11 pm
90026 spacer
You don't vote for Prime Minister.
>> No. 90027 Anonymous
13th July 2020
Monday 3:14 pm
90027 spacer
In Corbyn's final week, it was about 25 points. It's a big hill. Also people are stupid.
>> No. 90028 Anonymous
13th July 2020
Monday 3:22 pm
90028 spacer
There's an awful lot of ground to be made up and even if people like Starmer a lot of people seem to have issues with the Labour Party and how they perceive loony lefties as ruining the country.

A lot of people seem to have also adopted the position that they are no longer allowed to change their minds and instead should double down on whatever views they originally held, with all sorts of mental gymnastics and rationalisations involved.
>> No. 90029 Anonymous
13th July 2020
Monday 3:58 pm
90029 spacer

People like Starmer, but they don't trust the party as a whole yet. Not entirely irrationally, I might add.
>> No. 90030 Anonymous
13th July 2020
Monday 4:10 pm
90030 spacer
Unlike the multitude of rational reasons to trust the Conservatives, of course.
>> No. 90031 Anonymous
13th July 2020
Monday 4:18 pm
90031 spacer
Yeah, but the Tories only targeted people who deserve to be poor like scroungers.
>> No. 90032 Anonymous
13th July 2020
Monday 5:58 pm
90032 spacer
>A lot of people seem to have also adopted the position that they are no longer allowed to change their minds and instead should double down on whatever views they originally held, with all sorts of mental gymnastics and rationalisations involved.

People seemed to change their minds awful quick at the last general election. Maybe the North is just more open-minded.
>> No. 90033 Anonymous
13th July 2020
Monday 7:15 pm
90033 spacer

Pretty much. Too Many Labour politicians to possibly name just need socks stuffing in their mouths. The Tories are adept at baiting the Labour party into making decidedly right-on, PC statements which the working class electorate will see dis-favourably, and there's always some midwit backbencher who falls right into the trap.

If Labour can successfully sidestep identity politics, the ground on which the Tories have defeated them the past two elections, I think they're in with a solid chance at the next one. Starmer's doing very well, but he can't just expect to win a Blair style cult of personality victory.


There are plenty, they're just not the things you want people to trust them on. Nobody was trusting the Tories to handle the economy well. They were trusting them to follow through with Brexit and stem the tide of unskilled immigrants they've been gaslighted into accepting for the last twenty odd years.

Imagine. We're heading towards a world where the poor bastard care workers who spend all day wiping old people's arses have to be paid more than minimum wage, and the left/liberal press is trying to make that sound like a bad thing.
>> No. 90034 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 10:44 am
90034 spacer
The coverage of the Johnny Depp libel trial sends the wrong message to domestic abuse victims


The Shadow Minister for Domestic Violence and Safeguarding.
>> No. 90035 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 11:50 am
90035 spacer

She's a docile bloody cow. And to think anyone took her seriously as a leadership contender.

She's the next one up for the sack. Just a matter of time until she posts something that can be interpreted as vaguely anti-semitic on twitter surely.
>> No. 90036 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 12:09 pm
90036 spacer
It's not the most obnoxious thing I've ever read, although did get an ulcer from the way she opened by moaning about shite on Twitter. I know she brought it around to become relavent but shut up about that shitey website, please. You can't say you don't like cheese while smearing camembert all around your mouth and on your gums, you aren't allowed.
>> No. 90037 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 12:45 pm
90037 spacer
It's not the most inflammatory article, but it's a reminder of her repugnant worldview that male victims of domestic violence shouldn't be taken as seriously and excuses should be made for female abusers, who should be treated as victims in all of this.
>> No. 90038 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 1:57 pm
90038 spacer

time for some smuggo victory cake I think.jpg

She's the Jo Brand of Politics in many ways.
>> No. 90039 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 2:13 pm
90039 spacer

I'm not familiar enough with Jo Brand to know what you meant by this.

She's the fat bint who's on QI sometimes of politics?
>> No. 90040 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 2:24 pm
90040 spacer

Yes. She's at a real disadvantage in comedy, in that a great delivery can make a crap joke shine, but she doesn't even have that. Imagine how the constituents of Yardley feel.

HUNGRY. Hungry even for someone with the enthusiasm of Russel Howard.
>> No. 90041 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 3:01 pm
90041 spacer
Jo Brand used to be quite funny. I haven't watched telly in a while so haven't seen her a while apart from her milkshake drama.
>> No. 90042 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 4:10 pm
90042 spacer

She had Fat, Droll and Female sewn up, but even all such as ARE STEW could outgun her in all three of those criteria these days.
>> No. 90043 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 10:00 pm
90043 spacer
>We are invited to hear claims about how much she drank, what a difficult personality she had, how she used to start arguments, as if any of this is relevant to the question of whether Depp ever abused her. It isn’t.
Erm, it is, Jess. We now know that Amber Heard was a manipulative and abusive partner. It's legitimate to examine whether the claims of being abused were part of her pattern of abuse towards Depp. If you are being beaten and abused, lashing out in retaliation is fair game.
>> No. 90044 Anonymous
19th July 2020
Sunday 10:06 pm
90044 spacer
There's also the key fact that the whole reason this trial is happening is because of material released by Heard.
>> No. 90045 Anonymous
20th July 2020
Monday 11:10 pm
90045 spacer
It's actually a very interesting case - all the court transcripts and evidence so far point to Ms Heard making a great deal of shit up. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. #metoo
>> No. 90046 Anonymous
20th July 2020
Monday 11:31 pm
90046 spacer

The #metoo thing was all but entirely discredited after the shitshow of the Democratic primaries. They let the mask fully drop.

Jess Philips is a rare real life example of an actual misandrist though, it's entirely unsurprising she'd view things through this lens. She's a direct mirror image of those blokes who say wearing a short skirt means a woman is asking for it.
>> No. 90404 Anonymous
22nd August 2020
Saturday 8:05 am
90404 spacer

It was 46% Tory, 36% Labour around this time last month.
>> No. 90405 Anonymous
22nd August 2020
Saturday 8:06 am
90405 spacer


>> No. 90406 Anonymous
22nd August 2020
Saturday 9:19 am
90406 spacer

> If you are being beaten and abused, lashing out in retaliation is fair game.

The picture built is not one of Depp retaliating, but of false accusations abuse being a tool in her arsenal, on the balance of probabilities that is what is going on here, unless some evidence has materialised since last time I paid attention to this that suggests otherwise.
>> No. 90408 Anonymous
22nd August 2020
Saturday 8:41 pm
90408 spacer
False accusations are a known tactic used by abusers to discredit their victims as part of a DARVO. There's a recording out there where Heard does a Trump-esque walkback of "I never hit you, and if I did it wasn't that bad, and if it was you deserved it". Him retaliating is being framed by her as an act of abuse.
>> No. 90414 Anonymous
23rd August 2020
Sunday 11:58 am
90414 spacer
Not sure when that case is settled, but it was an awful business - she definitely came across as the abuser, given the reporting and transcripts I saw.
>> No. 90415 Anonymous
23rd August 2020
Sunday 2:37 pm
90415 spacer

They both came across like absolute headbangers TBH.

>> No. 90416 Anonymous
23rd August 2020
Sunday 3:26 pm
90416 spacer
Agreed. The whole recording of Amber Heard admitting she abused/abuses him pretty much confirms this.
>> No. 90417 Anonymous
23rd August 2020
Sunday 3:43 pm
90417 spacer
IIRC the verdict is meant to be next month.
>> No. 90461 Anonymous
29th August 2020
Saturday 9:43 pm
90461 spacer

First polling not to have Labour behind the Tories since Johnson became PM.
>> No. 90462 Anonymous
29th August 2020
Saturday 9:59 pm
90462 spacer
They should be fucking miles ahead, how do you fuck up opposition right now? It's open goal after open goal.
>> No. 90463 Anonymous
30th August 2020
Sunday 12:57 am
90463 spacer
>They should be fucking miles ahead
Kindly stop forcing shitty stay-behind memes, lad.
>> No. 90464 Anonymous
30th August 2020
Sunday 1:26 am
90464 spacer
I disagree - although we have yet to hear what Kier would do differently. Will the constant u-turns and general air of incompetence will kill the Tories, I would like to hear an alternative view rather than "they're shit" - we know they're shit.
>> No. 90465 Anonymous
30th August 2020
Sunday 1:30 am
90465 spacer
Labour's too busy trying to clean its house after the last election and Keir has no charisma by design. Other lad might have his hobby posting graphs that shows red-upticks but I don't think anyone sees Labour as a serious contender at the moment.

The real question will be how the trade union elections are going to go and then 2024 (or whenever) on if the Tories can hold those Labour heartland seats.

Any news on when Corbyn is going to give up politics?
>> No. 90466 Anonymous
30th August 2020
Sunday 10:39 am
90466 spacer

I think Labour are doing better than the polling gives them credit for. What we're seeing is a lot of people with sunk cost fallacy stubbornly rationalising their continued support of the Tories. Those who had been long term Labour voters, who essentially see themselves as having defected, are going to find it very difficult admitting they might have got it wrong, even despite what is plain to see as a shower of utter incompetence. The polling being neck and neck like this might very well be a watershed moment.


Starmer might indeed have the charisma of an empty crisp packet, but I think that might actually be part of his strength right now. Against Boris, who's entire brand is built around being an over the top charismatic buffoon, he projects a good foil in the image of of sensible, serious, businesslike leadership.

When Rishi inevitably takes over he might struggle a bit, but then again... He'll have the skin colour advantage at least. I can't see the Tory defectors being very happy their vote led to a brown PM.
>> No. 90467 Anonymous
30th August 2020
Sunday 12:52 pm
90467 spacer

It's highly likely that Starmer will be going into the 2024 election against a tax-and-spend Tory party that have shifted massively towards the centre. There's no point in campaigning now when you don't know what you'll be facing at a GE. Staying out of the way while the Tories shit the bed is a perfectly reasonable minimax strategy - Starmer can't really gain much of substance at the moment, but he could make blunders that will haunt him later.
>> No. 90468 Anonymous
30th August 2020
Sunday 1:40 pm
90468 spacer
This. Starmer is a former barrister, and any good barrister knows that when your opponent is making a mistake you probably shouldn't interrupt them.
>> No. 90469 Anonymous
30th August 2020
Sunday 2:21 pm
90469 spacer
The queen mother supposedly once said 'I liked the old Labour Party. The best thing is a good old Tory government with a strong Labour opposition.'

You need a strong opposition to keep the government in check, whoever is in power. Maybe allowing an opposition barrister fucking up is fine, as it's just affecting their client, but allowing the government to fuck-up affects the whole country.
>> No. 90470 Anonymous
30th August 2020
Sunday 3:12 pm
90470 spacer
Honestly I have to wonder if a proper strong opposition is really realistic these days. A lot of the power of an opposition in the Westminster system seems to rest with people knowing when to do the honorable thing, backbenchers having a conscience, the government knowing when it looks bad in the commons, etc. If you've just got a bunch of nobodies totally loyal to the party and without an original idea in their heads, the government can just bulldoze their way through.
That is setting aside the opportunities that the opposition have to say things that'll make for good telly, but that's really the power of the media - not the opposition itself, and it often seems hamstrung by the media making like the parties and arguing over the politics rather than the procedure of the matter.

Maybe it's just hindsight, but that's always the impression I've gotten from looking at it historically. It's very strange to read about Thatcher nearly being brought down by some nonsense about helicopters, then put it side with all the stunts pulled by the last few governments.
>> No. 90471 Anonymous
30th August 2020
Sunday 3:18 pm
90471 spacer
Strongly recommend a book by Isabel Hardman - Why We Get The Wrong Politicians.


She talks a lot about some of the things you refer to, and looks in depth at the problem; ie it isn't particular to oppositions, but why the place is probably full of the wrong people, and the issues it causes all of us.
>> No. 90472 Anonymous
30th August 2020
Sunday 6:11 pm
90472 spacer

Seconded. For a light-but-insightful companion, I'd suggest Haven't You Heard? by Marie le Conte.

>> No. 90473 Anonymous
30th August 2020
Sunday 6:56 pm
90473 spacer
Oh agreed - I have that book too and almost recommended it in that >>90471 post. I think both of them are very clever and do some of the best political writing around.

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