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>> No. 89143 Anonymous
25th February 2020
Tuesday 2:04 am
89143 spacer
This man is going to be the next President of the United States, and it's going to be fucking awesome.
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>> No. 89517 Anonymous
18th April 2020
Saturday 9:39 am
89517 spacer
Anecdotally I've seen quite a few posts online by Septics saying things like "My grandad died last week of terminal cancer; because he had a cough and they hadn't tested him it's been listed as a potential coronavirus death. THEY ARE INFLATING THE FIGURES DO NOT BELIEVE THEM."
>> No. 89518 Anonymous
18th April 2020
Saturday 9:53 am
89518 spacer
That sort of thing is happening here too, but there's no conspiracy involved, it's just the nature of things that doctors and coroners have the onus on them to mention every possible cause or contributing factor on a death certificate.

If someone dies of a know disease, but the doctor makes assumptions or doesn't mention every possible factor on the certificate, they leave the door open to losing their job or being sued or even facing jail time.
>> No. 89519 Anonymous
18th April 2020
Saturday 10:53 am
89519 spacer
It is happening here but I don't think people have seriously kicked up a fuss about it like the Seppos have, claiming it's a conspiracy against muh freedoms.
>> No. 89520 Anonymous
18th April 2020
Saturday 10:57 am
89520 spacer
We're just burning 5G masts instead.
>> No. 89521 Anonymous
18th April 2020
Saturday 4:23 pm
89521 spacer
Septics would rather believe a conspiracy theory, even if disproved, because erm...burgers, guns, and freedums
>> No. 89522 Anonymous
18th April 2020
Saturday 4:35 pm
89522 spacer

There's still a lot of people believing stuff like that 21 year old who died, when even the Graun pulled their article about it.

I can't remember that quote properly. Fear turns the sceptics into believers, and the intelligent into heretics.
>> No. 89523 Anonymous
18th April 2020
Saturday 5:20 pm
89523 spacer
Asking septics how gun rights have stopped the NSA turning into the Gestapo can be amusing.
>> No. 89524 Anonymous
20th April 2020
Monday 10:27 am
89524 spacer
That Biden motherfucker is going to eat shit so hard it's not even funny.
>> No. 89525 Anonymous
20th April 2020
Monday 10:47 am
89525 spacer

>> No. 89526 Anonymous
20th April 2020
Monday 12:49 pm
89526 spacer
Bookies say it's a dead heat between the two, but I think Trump is going to get a second term. American politics will continue to be a farce, it'll be entertaining at least.
>> No. 89529 Anonymous
20th April 2020
Monday 4:06 pm
89529 spacer
I have no idea how that might happen, other than half the population really being too fucking stupid for their own good, as well as the "#NeverBiden" Berniebros who can't seem to get their basic fucking priorities straight. They say they won't vote for a racist rapist. Well, I don't know if they noticed, but not voting for the racist rapist worked out so well for them last time.

I'm not sure whether Biden can be trusted with the Presidency, but he could certainly be trusted to run a tuck shop, which is more than can be said for the current incumbent.
>> No. 89530 Anonymous
20th April 2020
Monday 4:48 pm
89530 spacer
>I have no idea how that might happen

Election meddling and voter suppression is rife in the states right now, the way Trump's admin and the GOP in general have been shaping things for years gives them a far better chance than they should logically have. The state's checks and balances have failed completely too and they've only been emboldened by this. Biden's just helping them at this point, albeit in directly.
>> No. 89532 Anonymous
20th April 2020
Monday 5:20 pm
89532 spacer

If Trump gets reelected it won't be a conspiracy, just seppos being thickos as usual. I can't wait to repost this all over the internet in that event. Some old memes are due for a revival.
>> No. 89533 Anonymous
20th April 2020
Monday 5:53 pm
89533 spacer


A lot of Yanks would genuinely prefer a moron like Trump bumbling around calling people names on Twitter, than a semi-competent neo-liberal who keeps the status quo exactly where it is. I find it hard to fault their logic when the two-party presidential system only gives them this choice once every four years, and this is the Hobson's choice it presents them.

Contrast it to over here. I was a Corbyn supporter, but on balance I'm happier with a populist like Boris than I was under genuinely malicious ideologues like Cameron and Osbourne. We're fortunate that our left-wing party, although back in the hands of centrists, at least pays lip service to its roots, and has meaningful distinctions from its opposition; the Yanks don't even have that.

In other words, their system is so fucked that Trump isn't even the lesser evil.


You know I was just thinking the other day how I haven't seen BAWWWWW! in ages. How weird is that.
>> No. 89535 Anonymous
20th April 2020
Monday 6:23 pm
89535 spacer

>just seppos being thickos as usual

This is exceptionally thick even for them. The web of corruption, incompetence and double think is an unprecedented level. They have managed to have the worst corona outbreak anywhere and it is clearly evident that it is purely from their mismanagement of the situation.
>> No. 89537 Anonymous
20th April 2020
Monday 7:28 pm
89537 spacer

I like to think of it as tip top IRL trolling.
>> No. 89540 Anonymous
20th April 2020
Monday 8:36 pm
89540 spacer

This is the thing it is undeniably born out of trolling like hipsterdom is born out of irony, the problem is bother of those are pretty shitty and hollow ways to define your life.

You would think people would snap out of 'trolling liberals to tears' around the time there is a real risk to their lives , but no, they just keep going like a nihilistic cancer given human form. They don't seem to care about the negative effect of their actions until it affects them personally.
>> No. 89541 Anonymous
20th April 2020
Monday 9:46 pm
89541 spacer
m8 they've been restructuring power for years, it's not a conspiracy, it's been in the bloody news. Pay attention.
>> No. 89543 Anonymous
21st April 2020
Tuesday 7:13 am
89543 spacer
>Pay attention

Open your eyes.
Open your mind.
Dig deeper.
5G causes corona.
>> No. 89544 Anonymous
21st April 2020
Tuesday 10:36 am
89544 spacer

5g didn't have a public inquiry where the former head of the FBI explained the reason the president wasn't being questioned or charged for various crimes was because he didn't have the power it was up to the Senate, and then the Senate declared 'Well that clears him then if you aren't charging him' and dropped the matter.
>> No. 89545 Anonymous
21st April 2020
Tuesday 11:28 am
89545 spacer
You’re a real allegorical kind of guy.

Also 5g of what?
>> No. 89546 Anonymous
21st April 2020
Tuesday 11:30 am
89546 spacer
To think people still think "Russiagate was fake". He was asked directly if he could bring charges once 45 leaves office and gave the one-word answer "yes".
>> No. 89547 Anonymous
21st April 2020
Tuesday 11:39 am
89547 spacer
>5G causes corona.
You're not wrong. I walked past a mast on the way to the shops and came back with two cases of the stuff.
>> No. 89548 Anonymous
21st April 2020
Tuesday 12:23 pm
89548 spacer
Ah yes, Russiagate and err... whatever, will win the 2016 2020 election!
>> No. 89550 Anonymous
21st April 2020
Tuesday 1:40 pm
89550 spacer
It worked once, no reason it couldn't work again. Especially when Congress has effectively legalised it.
>> No. 89551 Anonymous
21st April 2020
Tuesday 1:50 pm
89551 spacer

Thing is it doesn't affect them personally. You might be convinced Trump is the antichrist but if you go outside and breathe in the air you'll realise everything isn't on fire. Same deal with Brexit, for all the doom prophecies nothing has really changed, global pandemic notwithstanding.

If you want to credibly oppose this kind of reckless populism/accelerationism you have to confront that reality. Every day you go on screaming that the sky is falling when it's so obviously not, to everyone but you, the less people listen to you. People's lives are, in the vast majority of cases, just exactly how they were before.

Obviously you're intelligent enough to see long term repercussions where they don't, but the pace of change is too slow for them to grasp what you're getting at. You need to change tact.
>> No. 89552 Anonymous
21st April 2020
Tuesday 1:59 pm
89552 spacer
I meant "moaning about Russiagate" will win 2020 for the Dems. I was being sarcastic.

And you sound stupid too.
>> No. 89553 Anonymous
21st April 2020
Tuesday 2:02 pm
89553 spacer
It's not really accelerationism but this is partially why I'd prefer to see Biden lose. It's perfectly reasonable to think I'm mad for that but my reasoning is that 2020 is already a choice between "bad" and "worse" like 2016 was, and for the most part I blame the Democrats for making that the case. Even if Trump wasn't the Republican candidate in 2016, the same basic logic would apply. (The Republicans were always going to nominate the "worse" candidate, the Dems could've chosen not to nominate "bad" and did so anyway.) My instinct is that if the Democrats can get a not-Bad candidate elected in 2024 then the gains from that victory will be greater than the amount of additional harm Trump would do if re-elected. Hopefully, losing twice to Trump of all people would help make this more likely by driving home the message that the Democrats need to stop expecting that all they need to do is show up to the election and nominate a candidate marginally less bad than their Republican competitor.
Now for the caveats: 1. There's always the risk the Dems learn the wrong lesson, such as "be more like Trump" rather than just "stop putting up unappealing candidates associated with the pre-2016 status quo". 2. I came to this view before Coronavirus hit. It's possible that Trump's mismanagement of the situation may cause enough harm that the utilitarian gamble I'm making would favour Biden. Having had other things to worry about, I've not really had time to reappraise it in light of the new facts. (I'm just describing it here because it might interest someone to see it set out like that.)
>> No. 89554 Anonymous
21st April 2020
Tuesday 2:17 pm
89554 spacer
>Every day you go on screaming that the sky is falling when it's so obviously not
But the sky is falling.
>> No. 89555 Anonymous
21st April 2020
Tuesday 2:55 pm
89555 spacer
>the Dems could've chosen not to nominate "bad" and did so anyway
Through a mostly democratic process, they nominated the single best-qualified candidate for the job since GHW Bush. Through a mostly anti-democratic process, that candidate was denied victory in the biggest rogue result since the Civil War.

>My instinct is that if the Democrats can get a not-Bad candidate elected in 2024 then the gains from that victory will be greater than the amount of additional harm Trump would do if re-elected.
There's a census this year, and a redistribution next year. Winners in state legislative and governor elections this year get to draw the boundaries for House and state elections for 2022 onwards. Republicans being in charge of those is how Democrats could win a landslide in 2018 but only end up with a majority of 40, and win landslides in state elections but still end up 2:1 in the minority. Trump has got to fill two seats on the Supreme Court (one of which was stolen through chicanery), and whoever's in charge for the next four years is likely to get to fill at least two more. Those appointees can expect to stay on the court for 30 years or more. Riding out another four years is not an option if the US is to avoid backsliding towards fascist theocracy.
>> No. 89556 Anonymous
21st April 2020
Tuesday 4:18 pm
89556 spacer

I bet you think African-Americans are being over-dramatic when they say they're scared of the police, too. "No policeman ever shot me for being black".
>> No. 89557 Anonymous
21st April 2020
Tuesday 5:36 pm
89557 spacer
Yes, of course.
>> No. 89558 Anonymous
21st April 2020
Tuesday 5:55 pm
89558 spacer

People have been objectively and visibly affected by the current US administration, there's quite literally too many examples to list, and that was before they managed a huge rate of coronavirus infection in a very short time through sheer profiteering.
>> No. 89559 Anonymous
22nd April 2020
Wednesday 12:16 am
89559 spacer

I bet you think African Americans automatically vote Democrat.
>> No. 89560 Anonymous
22nd April 2020
Wednesday 12:25 am
89560 spacer

I'm not sure what sort of point you're trying to make there. Are you implying black people had it better before Trump? Or that black people would receive better treatment under the other team's administration? I'm really not sure what police brutality has to do with it.

Bit of a wierd angle to take really, America managed to sustain endemic institutional dolphin rape even while having a black president. It's almost like economic status matters more than skin colour.
>> No. 89561 Anonymous
22nd April 2020
Wednesday 2:19 am
89561 spacer

>It's almost like economic status matters more than skin colour.

That is true in Britain. But you have to remember America is a place where in living memory they openly practiced segregation on an industrial scale. They had to be warned during the war that people in Britain treated black people like human beings. Those kind of habits might be less open now, and might not be in places you'd visit but they still exist on a large scale they didn't just disappear. The effects of that management of society when it was openly done stills has an echo today and probably will for a generation.
>> No. 89562 Anonymous
22nd April 2020
Wednesday 3:54 am
89562 spacer

Oh yeah of course, America has massive issues with blatant discrimination in ways that we simply don't.

But what I was trying to articulate is that structurally, it's all still a matter of class- It's just that in America, being black is just another thing that automatically makes you part of the underclass, even if you've made it filthy rich. The likes of Barack Obama came from a family line of aristocratic privilege that ultimately meant he was, despite his chocolatey mocha skin, basically a white man; but that doesn't mean your white trailer trash types have any more realistic of a chance getting to his position than Jamal the ghetto thug.

It all comes down to class in the end, always. Look at footballers in this country. They earn more in an hour than you probably do in a year but they're absolutely still working class. America just oversimplifies, like it has to with everything, and boils it down to a black and white issue.
>> No. 89563 Anonymous
22nd April 2020
Wednesday 7:27 am
89563 spacer
My point that you have spectacularly missed is that the lad I was responding to bases all his political opinions on "I'm alright, Jack", failing to understand that simply because things seem the same or okay to him, doesn't mean they haven't got, or aren't already worse for other people or aren't likely to get worse in the near future, based on all available evidence. That's fairly explicitly what's meant by speaking from a place of privilege.
>> No. 89564 Anonymous
22nd April 2020
Wednesday 1:43 pm
89564 spacer

Yes, but what you've failed to observe is that things were already bad for the people things are bad for. Under the good guys you were willing to brush over it, it's pretty simple observational bias. Things not improving does not mean things have got worse.

Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans claim to want to do anything for the poor, and quite frankly the vast majority of the American electorate, including the poor themselves, likes it that way. It's simply not The American Way. Temporarily embarrassed millionaires and all that.

The type of poverty they have in the states is an entirely different level than the kind of quaint council estate dole families with mysteriously big TVs we have. It's a grinding intergenerational hole very few escape. Go look at some of the rough bits of LA on Google maps, it's almost a different country entirely from, say, a sleepy New England suburb. There simply is no halcyon day these people had a better life under a president who's less of a meanie than the nasty orange man.
>> No. 89565 Anonymous
22nd April 2020
Wednesday 2:16 pm
89565 spacer
>Things not improving does not mean things have got worse.
This is an utterly empty statement. Things have absolutely got worse.
>> No. 89566 Anonymous
22nd April 2020
Wednesday 7:36 pm
89566 spacer

How, exactly? America's poor were already at pretty much rock bottom, by "first world" standards because for them, that isn't what America actually is.

How do things get worse than that? Things might have got worse for the "middle classes", which is all you'll ever hear American politicians or commentators talk about. The "squeezed middle" things are getting worse for are really just relatively weathy people suffering a bit of hardship for the first time in years.

What you're really getting at is if things would be better under the leadership of the Democrats. And the answer is largely, well, no, probably not, because that's not evenwhat the federal government is for. It's the wrong question. There are radical differences in income and inequality between states, because the state level government is much more of an influence in a lot of the factors behind it all.

You need to stop looking at American politics as though it's not a nightmarish upside-down dystopia.
>> No. 89567 Anonymous
22nd April 2020
Wednesday 8:25 pm
89567 spacer
>How, exactly?
You've got sand caught in your neck-beard.
>> No. 89568 Anonymous
22nd April 2020
Wednesday 9:05 pm
89568 spacer
>Things not improving does not mean things have got worse.
I would dispute that in one way: If things are stagnant for one group and improving from another, the stagnant group are probably going to be more miserable than if things were stagnant for everybody. It's very easy to see the appeal of a candidate who will make things worse across the board if across the board means the people who've comfortably been going around their lives that get better year-on-year are suddenly given a dose of the reality they've ignored for so long. A sort of spiteful mirror image of the strategy of focusing on swing voters.
>> No. 89736 Anonymous
21st May 2020
Thursday 1:12 am
89736 spacer
I'm just bumping this thread because I've never been nostalgic for such a recent time before. Late February, early March of this year is a time I yearn for; bonkers.
>> No. 89737 Anonymous
21st May 2020
Thursday 2:54 am
89737 spacer
Seems like only yesterday we were all fucking bored of Brexit. Whatever happened to that?
>> No. 89738 Anonymous
21st May 2020
Thursday 7:52 am
89738 spacer

Oh, for those halcyon days of being bored of Brexit instead of being bored of a global pandemic.

The transition agreement ends at the end of the year, the government say that they won't countenance an extension, but it's all fine. Everything is fine. Remain indoors.
>> No. 89739 Anonymous
21st May 2020
Thursday 9:48 am
89739 spacer
I don't yearn for it, everything was bleak as fuck back then and there was looking like no end to the misery. At least the 'rona has shaken everything up. I'm bored of it myself by now, of course, but the future post pandemic is going to have some interesting times.

It's funny, it's a sentiment I've seen posted here before, and I've sometimes echoed myself. What we need is a good plague, clear out the cobwebs and shake up the order. Now we've got it, and it's been both worse than we'd ever have imagined and yet more disappointing.
>> No. 89740 Anonymous
21st May 2020
Thursday 10:09 am
89740 spacer
Ah you bastard. Why did you have to remind me how close Bernie came to winning the nomination.
>> No. 89741 Anonymous
23rd May 2020
Saturday 3:53 am
89741 spacer
Bored of Brexit now bored of flu hysteria...
>> No. 89751 Anonymous
23rd May 2020
Saturday 2:33 pm
89751 spacer
bored of cranking my hog

(A good day to you Sir!)

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