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>> No. 93040 Anonymous
15th April 2021
Thursday 12:50 pm
93040 spacer
>Scottish election 2021: Residents offered £50,000 to stay in or move to island communities under SNP proposals


>The SNP plans to freeze income tax for the duration of the next Scottish Parliament if it wins the election next month.

>Nicola Sturgeon made the pledge as she launched the party’s manifesto, saying it will help “provide stability to the economy and to household budgets during this period of recovery” from coronavirus. She also announced a “transformational” spending increase for the NHS promising to boost frontline spending by at least 20% – rising by £2.5 billion by the end of the next Holyrood term.


>We want to do more to support people to achieve a better balance and help businesses employ as many people as possible. As part of that, we will establish a £10 million fund to support willing companies to explore and pilot the benefits of a four day working week.


BRB, lads. Moving to an independent Scotland that's part of the EU.
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>> No. 93043 Anonymous
15th April 2021
Thursday 1:58 pm
93043 spacer
Plot of land for you:

Pitch your tent and get building.
>> No. 93052 Anonymous
16th April 2021
Friday 12:09 am
93052 spacer
Is there a law somewhere that the SNP can't have candidates in England? I'm sure they could win a few seats down here, both from pretentious lefties like us and crafty retirees looking to send them out of the Union so Boris can be Prime Minister forever. I'd vote for them. Imagine if they got a full-blown Westminster majority and then just left without any kind of referendum, and we still had to do everything they said. That might be less hilarious, but surely it's still worth having a few Scottish Nationalists in Newcastle and Blyth and even Manchester and Liverpool.
>> No. 93053 Anonymous
16th April 2021
Friday 12:11 am
93053 spacer

The sooner we move the border south of my house in Newcastle, the better. I'd vote for SNP here for sure. And to be a bit less fantasist, border towns up here in Northumberland could legitimately benefit from this.
>> No. 93054 Anonymous
16th April 2021
Friday 12:30 am
93054 spacer

Scottish independance plan.jpg
>We're going to spend vast amounts of money without new tax rises

Well it's a courageous platform anyway. Is Andrew Neil going to point out that the EU would be very cross indeed with a member state doing that and be promptly ignored?

The reason you move to Scotland is because the property market mostly works. There's no leasehold system so if you own a flat then it's protracted renting and even in Edinburgh it's somewhat affordable. Just a shame about blind bidding.
>> No. 93056 Anonymous
16th April 2021
Friday 9:56 am
93056 spacer
It's not a bad manifesto but I still want them to do badly at this election. The worst page of all in the actual document is the "our record" page. Almost nothing on it was achieved by Nicola Sturgeon: Some were filler, The vast majority were achieved under Salmond, and a few of the remaining ones were opposition legislation that they're now stealing credit for. The 2016-2021 Scottish Parliament was essentially a complete and utter waste of time lead by a government that was bereft of vision. Charting the SNP's legislative achievements over time is like watching the declining achievements of Jesus... or the Labour party.

The UK government is presently spending vast amounts of money without tax rises. Ultimately the SNP's plans are just passing that on with the money distributed in more politically savvy ways, since the bulk of their budget is determined as a percentage of what gets spent in England.
The Scottish parliament lacks much by way of meaningful borrowing powers and their tax powers are also mostly crap with the big one being income tax, devolved because it's also the one people hate the most and so the hardest to use.

I'm not convinced the EU would actually care about Scottish borrowing either: Scotland will never be a Eurozone country (even if it does the Swedish thing of pretending it might be one day) so whatever other problems a large deficit causes, it isn't going to affect the Eurozone and "Europe will be upset" seems like a misguided fear. Particularly compared to the much bigger problem of "What if Europe wants a border?"
>> No. 93063 Anonymous
16th April 2021
Friday 10:27 pm
93063 spacer
I'm an SNP party member and I might abstain this time purely off the back of their draconian policing and justice legislation.

I want to live in an independent Scotland that is free for everyone, not one that is run by neo-fascists. They are going down a road I don't think I can in good conscience follow.

I don't think I'll post in this thread again, as even thinking about the state of the party makes me depressed but I don't have the hubris of labourlad to keep arguing about it when my hearts not in it.
>> No. 93064 Anonymous
17th April 2021
Saturday 6:41 am
93064 spacer
Vote for Alba for shits and giggles?
>> No. 93067 Anonymous
17th April 2021
Saturday 11:25 am
93067 spacer
I would second this without irony, pending the release of their manifesto.
They've had a terrible campaign so far but if their manifesto is half-way decent then I want Alba in parliament. Partially for the good faith reason that I think the dynamics of that party lend itself to creating internal pressure for the SNP to deliver more impressive domestic policies or face defections, partially because the way they're hated by the media and other parties reminds me of how the SNP often used to be treated. Alba has given them far more to work with but the way they've all closed ranks against it still disgusts me. Even if I wanted Alba to fail (which, if it was the Wings Over Scotland party for example, I would.) I'd still be disgusted by that style of behaviour. It's a reminder that as a small country with small political circles full of small people, everything is cliquish as all hell.
>> No. 93075 Anonymous
17th April 2021
Saturday 6:19 pm
93075 spacer
Semi-serious suggestion: If you were previously going to vote SNP on the list ballot, vote Alba instead. Your votes will count for more that way. If you were going to vote Green on the list, do that anyway because Eck is still a cunt.
>> No. 93081 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 10:25 am
93081 spacer
ITT: Scots who laughed at the English voting UKIP as a protest seriously telling each other to vote Alba as a protest
>> No. 93085 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 10:45 am
93085 spacer
In the interest of taking a gamble I'm going to say that Alba's manifesto will be less mental than the average UKIP manifesto.
(Not so much on the question of independence/EU withdrawal as on domestic policy. My recollection is that even saville said he didn't bother reading some of their manifestos.)
I may have to eat those words on Wednesday, but I'm presently more worried they'll put out a woolly manifesto than a nutty one.
>> No. 93087 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 11:03 am
93087 spacer

UKIP actually had decent policies though.
>> No. 93090 Anonymous
18th April 2021
Sunday 11:50 am
93090 spacer
>Scots who laughed at the English voting UKIP
[citation needed]
>> No. 93094 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 9:38 am
93094 spacer

My citation is the 2015 election results in England and Scotland.
>> No. 93095 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 12:55 pm
93095 spacer
That's not evidence that anyone "ITT" laughed at the English for voting UKIP, all it suggests is that Scotland didn't resonate with their policies.

Unless you consider the fact Scottish people didn't vote for an ostensibly English Nationalist manifesto to be intended to mock.
>> No. 93096 Anonymous
19th April 2021
Monday 1:12 pm
93096 spacer
While we're comparing Alba and UKIP, i'd like to have a whinge that UKIP got into the 2016 debates (zero MSPs) but Alba (zero) and, to be fair, Reform (1 MSP) don't get into the 2021 debates.

I suppose the upside is that it means the entire panel gangs up on Douglas Ross instead, but the Tories are still outpolling Labour despite Anas Sarwar having better public perception so a lot of good that's doing...

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