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>> No. 5907 Anonymous
15th December 2018
Saturday 6:50 pm
5907 Watches
I was sure we had a wristwatch thread, but maybe the topic just came up elsewhere. A relative of mine has just offered to get me a watch for Chrimbo, with a budget of up to 120 quid-ish. I'm in over my head so I thought I'd ask for some advice. I've narrowed down my options but only slightly.

First option is a fitness watch. I bought a £20 quid Fitbit knockoff a year ago that inevitably broke and whose heart monitor was a bit shit, but is the extra Fitbit functionality worth paying four times the price? I actually quite liked the look of it, but I wouldn't feel great wearing it on a date.

Next option is just a classic Casio digital watch, but will I look like a complete tryhard arse wearing one? I have no idea what the fashion protocol is here. And I suspect that women would be rather put off by it. Which is a vain concern admittedly, but vanity has to be at least a small factor in this decision somewhere.

Lastly, and probably my preferred option, is just a classic analogue. Absolutely nothing that has gold on it, and nothing that's the size of a dinner plate and adorned with lots of pointless doodads that clutter the face. I like silver, white and black minimalist styles that don't look too feminine if that helps - pic related is my sort of style, although the face is a bit large for my liking. Does anyone know of any decent brands in the £100 range? I'm getting good at identfying the Chinese knockoffs with vaguely-European sounding names, but it's a lot to sift through. If there's a British manufacturer in this range than all the better.

Apologies for having an unhelpfully large scope, I'm under a bit of time pressure since they want to order it this weekend. Any help is greatly apppreciated.
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>> No. 5908 Anonymous
15th December 2018
Saturday 6:54 pm
5908 spacer
That guy's wrist relative to his hand is unnervingly thin.
>> No. 5909 Anonymous
15th December 2018
Saturday 8:08 pm
5909 spacer
>A relative of mine has just offered to get me a watch for Chrimbo, with a budget of up to 120 quid-ish.

That's a bit bizarre. By the sounds of things you don't even particularly want a flash watch.

>And I suspect that women would be rather put off by it.

Women can jog on if they think they can lecture anyone on fashion, but yeah, there's no real point in a Casio. It gives off a slightly asparagus vibe and your Bin Laden-chic will inevitably end up collecting dust as it won't help pull any outfits together which is all today's watches are for.
>> No. 5910 Anonymous
15th December 2018
Saturday 8:20 pm
5910 spacer

Do you think there's been some photoshop involved?
>> No. 5911 Anonymous
15th December 2018
Saturday 8:26 pm
5911 spacer

>First option is a fitness watch

They're worth it if you're planning to use it for all of its functions. The heart rate and so on will be much better on a pricier model, but unless you're actually interested in tracking your steps and sleep and all that then I wouldn't see the point in having one as an everyday watch.

Casio digital are wonderful and really go with anything. You certainly won't look like a tryhard wearing one, they are practical as well as stylish. I also wouldn't worry about what women think about your watch, most women (actually, most people) will barely notice your watch, especially an understated Casio digital. For what it's worth I just asked my girlfriend what make of watch I wear and what it looks like, and she got as far as 'it's silver?'

>classic analogue

Fossil are actually a very decent brand in this price range, so if you're wanting something like that then pursue that line, they do smaller diameter cases for sure (though as pointed out, I think that chap has exceptionally thin wrists) you should be able to find out the diameter easily enough.

A Seiko 5 or a Citizen eco-drive would be the two mainstay classics of the minimalist analogue styles - plug both of those into Amazon to see the ranges. If it was me, the one watch I'd want in this price range would be the Orient Mako, though you might not like the bezel with the numbers and such on it.

Really, a Seiko 5 is the smart choice here. It's a 'proper' watch and works well anywhere. There's a few variants so go nuts.
>> No. 5912 Anonymous
15th December 2018
Saturday 8:27 pm
5912 spacer

Probably - men tend to buy larger watches, so making it look bigger is a conceivable marketing practice.
>> No. 5913 Anonymous
15th December 2018
Saturday 9:13 pm
5913 spacer


Thanks for the feedback. I do fancy a watch, which is why it came up when she asked what I wanted. She's actually rather wealthy, and I somehow suggested the price range since I know she'd happily pay a lot more than that - expensive gifts make me feel guilty, something that would no doubt interest a psychologist.

Getting back on track, my eye was drawn to the Fossil brand and they're certainly my style. Thinking about it, what I'd really like is a watch I'd feel comfortable wearing on first dates and to formal affairs. A fitbit or Casio doesn't really fit the bill, so I think I'll make that a purchase of my own come January, as something for day-to-day wear. I imagine she'd prefer to give me something more personal anyway.

I was considering this one. It's by Skagen, who are predictably minimalist as a Scandi company, they're rather like Fossil in fact. What do you lads think? I know it's slightly above the price range but I guarantee that's not really an issue.
>> No. 5914 Anonymous
15th December 2018
Saturday 11:03 pm
5914 spacer


This is my personal favourite, insofar as that I've made a custom watchface for my smartwatch to mimic this.
>> No. 5915 Anonymous
15th December 2018
Saturday 11:25 pm
5915 spacer
I remember looking at that and liking it, I just couldn't get past the yellow second hand (it is possible to discuss your taste in watches without sounding like a nit-picking ponce?) and the fact that it has the same logo as my razor. I'm settling on two of them now, I'll post a comparison.
>> No. 5916 Anonymous
15th December 2018
Saturday 11:49 pm
5916 spacer

I like this one because it shows the date, but unlike most with this feature is only 5mm thick. The Skagen above is 8mm thick and 40mm in diameter - I don't have huge wrists so it might end up looking silly. It's impossible to tell online sadly. It's suitably minimalist, I like the sapphire background and it's also the cheapest, which is a factor for me at least.
>> No. 5917 Anonymous
15th December 2018
Saturday 11:51 pm
5917 spacer

Whereas this Skagen is exactly the style I want, but lacks a date option and doesn't have luminescent hands. It's a very, very nice watch though. And only 5mm thick, which suits me since I dislike chunky watches.

Which would you lads pick?
>> No. 5918 Anonymous
16th December 2018
Sunday 1:20 am
5918 spacer
The Skagen. You use your phone for telling the time and date like a normal person would, goofball. Watches have become male jewellery.
>> No. 5919 Anonymous
16th December 2018
Sunday 10:00 am
5919 spacer

I prefer the looks of the Skagen, but the lack of lume on the hands would annoy me greatly, but if you never find yourself looking at your watch in the dark i can't see it being an issue.
>> No. 5920 Anonymous
16th December 2018
Sunday 12:12 pm
5920 spacer
I found that having a smartwatch, even just for telling the time, reduced the amount of pointless fiddling I do with my phone - if I pull it out to check the time, I'll probably end up having a little scroll down Facebook too.
>> No. 5922 Anonymous
16th December 2018
Sunday 12:25 pm
5922 spacer

I have a Samsung Gear Fit 2 as my first smartwatch. It's not hugely functional compared to others - by design of Samsung, because even though it can run apps perfectly well they market it as a fitness band - but fuck me is it comfortable. Normally watches dig into my wrist but with this baby's ergonomic shape I usually forget I'm wearing it. So fuck 'fancy' watches - it tells the time and it's really comfortable, that's all you need.
>> No. 5923 Anonymous
16th December 2018
Sunday 1:45 pm
5923 spacer

A smallish watch with a NATO strap can be extremely comfortable. A NATO strap runs underneath the watch case, so there's little or no metal in contact with your skin. The Timex Weekender is an inexpensive classic.

>> No. 5924 Anonymous
16th December 2018
Sunday 3:13 pm
5924 spacer
Thanks for the advice everyone, in the end I settled for the Bering.

I agree that the Skagen looks a little better, but looking through their reviews there appear to be a lot of QC issues, especially with later models. This apparently has become worse since Skagen was acquired by Fossil a few years ago. The Skagen 2-year warranty notably doesn't cover the glass, which is apparently liable to crack with little provocation. The model I'd eyed is particularly thin and with a large face, which is asking for trouble in that department.

In any case I like the luminescent hands and date display - I know I can use my phone for that, but I don't fancy whipping it out for anything that trivial - I'm getting a bloody watch after all.

On an unrelated note, I was under the impression that I had rather small wrists and measured them last night to discover they're over 7". Is that about normal size?
>> No. 5925 Anonymous
16th December 2018
Sunday 4:01 pm
5925 spacer

It's pretty much dead on average. The fashion in recent years has been for absolutely massive watches, which makes a lot of men feel small-wristed for no good reason. My wrists are smaller than 6", which is a genuine nuisance if you're into watches.
>> No. 5926 Anonymous
16th December 2018
Sunday 7:49 pm
5926 spacer
My wrists are barely over 5.5" round.
Which is a bloody pain because I like watches. Even small dress watches look big on me.
>> No. 5927 Anonymous
16th December 2018
Sunday 11:18 pm
5927 spacer
I literally have a thicker cock than my wrists. That's not bragging, I just have pipe cleaners instead of arms.

Can I even manage to get a watch that isn't for kids?
>> No. 5928 Anonymous
16th December 2018
Sunday 11:19 pm
5928 spacer
You could always wear the watch on your cock
>> No. 5929 Anonymous
17th December 2018
Monday 12:23 am
5929 spacer
Is it thicker on the soft or just hard? Maintaining an erection for the entire time you're out of the house could be a serious ordeal.
>> No. 5930 Anonymous
19th December 2018
Wednesday 1:11 pm
5930 spacer
> I just have pipe cleaners instead of arms.
Are there any exercise routine to buff them up?
>> No. 5931 Anonymous
19th December 2018
Wednesday 1:35 pm
5931 spacer

Exercise won't make your bones bigger.
>> No. 5932 Anonymous
19th December 2018
Wednesday 2:14 pm
5932 spacer
Hmm, depending on how tightly I measure,somewhere between 7.5 and 7.75 inches. How do you spindly lads not break all the time? (maybe you're less clumsy than me, I guess).
inb4 'no such thing as big boned' tedious shitstorm.
My current watch is getting old, and the tritium glowy bits are becoming annoyingly dim after 15 years or so. I like the combination of clockwork and radioactivity, but Traser don't seem do do anythign any more with that combination, which isn't some glaring adventure type thing with garish tat all over.
seems to be the most subtle, and it's not what I want, at all.
Ideally, I'd like hands, numbers and date, with glowy bits in useful places. Can live without the date.
Any suggestions from you lot?
>> No. 5933 Anonymous
19th December 2018
Wednesday 2:32 pm
5933 spacer
>>5931 Exercise won't make your bones bigger.

Then how come my right wrist is substantially bigger than the left?
Might be too late to change it now, but I'd imagine that the habits of my youth made a difference.
>> No. 5934 Anonymous
19th December 2018
Wednesday 2:47 pm
5934 spacer
Pretty sure regular micro fractions can make bones bigger and harder over long periods of time. Something something Jackie Chan punching sand.
>> No. 5935 Anonymous
19th December 2018
Wednesday 3:08 pm
5935 spacer
It's not a watch, but my mum gave me the early Christmas gift of a really thick, silver, bracelet and I have no idea why. It makes my wrist look tiny and I have no idea why she thought I'd like it, I think this is the year when I tell her "socks and pants are the only clothes you can buy me". Last year she got me a burgundy graphic t-shirt of a bird with the words "KAW!" over it.
>> No. 5936 Anonymous
19th December 2018
Wednesday 4:01 pm
5936 spacer

This is absolutely true. Bone structure can be considerably changed by activity. Resistance and "impact" type training not only increase bone density but also cross-sectional measures.

Note that tendons and other tissues can also thicken with activity. You'll normally notice a difference in the forearms between dominant and non-dominant hands.
>> No. 5937 Anonymous
19th December 2018
Wednesday 4:40 pm
5937 spacer

So what activities should I do to get hench wrists? Wanking obviously doesn't work because I do more than enough of that.

I don't see how there's much I can do really. I'm quite slim in general but not underweight. My forearms just taper inwards like a conical flask. There's no muscle on that part of your arm no matter who you are, and I'd have to be morbidly obese on the rest of my body before it started to go there.
>> No. 5938 Anonymous
19th December 2018
Wednesday 4:41 pm
5938 spacer



If you've got cash to splash:
>> No. 5939 Anonymous
19th December 2018
Wednesday 7:58 pm
5939 spacer

Tissot and Nite are the two brands that spring to mind when I hear 'tritium'. Nite in particular make very minimalist, but still quite lovely, military inspired pieces.

I think Mondiale also do trit watches but I can't be arsed to google it.
>> No. 5940 Anonymous
20th December 2018
Thursday 11:57 am
5940 spacer
Hmm, £175 for new lights, a (probably null) service and pressure test. Probably worth it to keep old faithful running - I like the battle-scarred look along with the pristine sapphire.
>> No. 5941 Anonymous
14th January 2019
Monday 8:13 pm
5941 spacer

Skagen have a number of watches in their sale, including refurbished hybrid smartwatches from £45.

>> No. 5942 Anonymous
14th January 2019
Monday 9:02 pm
5942 spacer
There's nothing there that really appeals more than the one I'd eyed, and a few weeks on I'm very happen with the Bering. For once I made the right choice.
>> No. 5943 Anonymous
15th January 2019
Tuesday 1:23 am
5943 spacer

They have their full on smartwatch for £80.

I have my LG Watch Urbane but this looks far, far classier.

I'm tempted, but I don't really need it.
>> No. 5944 Anonymous
15th January 2019
Tuesday 9:57 am
5944 spacer
What features does a 'hybrid smartwatch' have?

Their website isn't very helpful.
>> No. 5945 Anonymous
15th January 2019
Tuesday 11:05 am
5945 spacer

>> No. 5946 Anonymous
15th January 2019
Tuesday 11:45 am
5946 spacer
Hmm, strangely resistible. I really ought to be the target market for smart watches, but I think I'll stick to clockwork and ignoring emails.
>> No. 5947 Anonymous
15th January 2019
Tuesday 4:50 pm
5947 spacer
Got home to order it and they are already all gone. Fucks sake.
>> No. 5948 Anonymous
15th January 2019
Tuesday 6:24 pm
5948 spacer
If it makes you feel any better, I just learned from today's episode of Couples Come Dine With Me that skagen is just the Swedish words for shrimps. A pretty awful name for a watch brand frankly.

Makes me even happier I picked the Bering, you never know when you're going to bump into a Swede who's longing for an excuse to sneer at lesser beings for their gauche fashion sense.
>> No. 6370 Anonymous
8th August 2021
Sunday 3:13 pm
6370 spacer

Bumping this thread because I am in need of a watch, but I haven't worn one in almost twenty years so I don't really know where to start. My budget is up to £150 but I'd probably be happy with something half that price. I'm looking for something simple and respectable looking rather than flashy style over substance, with a preference towards a leather strap and a white face.

Any suggestions, lads?
>> No. 6371 Anonymous
8th August 2021
Sunday 3:42 pm
6371 spacer

The Timex Weekender range would likely suit your half that price budget, they are nice watches but tick quite loud - it will annoy you if you keep it in your bedroom.

For something closer to your upper limit, an Orient Bambino or a Seiko 5 (or Seiko Automatic) would suit. For me personally I'd strike somewhere in the middle with a Casio Lineage/waveceptor, but then you'd also have to find and fit a leather strap for that one.
>> No. 6372 Anonymous
8th August 2021
Sunday 4:59 pm
6372 spacer


Skagen Signatur?

>> No. 6373 Anonymous
8th August 2021
Sunday 6:16 pm
6373 spacer
Thanks, lad. I think the Seiko ones have the nicest looking watch faces but I read something the other day about them trading on reputation and having quality control issues these days.

Skagen are one of the brands I'd been considering. Thanks, lad.
>> No. 6374 Anonymous
8th August 2021
Sunday 6:50 pm
6374 spacer
Did the same thing a couple of months ago. like >>6371 said Timex's weekender and expedition ranges are definitely worth a look but they all have electronic backlights instead of luminous dials if that matters to you.

Citizen's Eco Drive range probably has something but they don't list everything on their website, especially the less expensive models so you're better off looking at reseller's sites. They're a bit more expensive than Timex but they're all solar powered and can apparently run maintenance free for over a decade as long as you don't over discharge the battery by leaving it in a dark drawer for months.

Fossil make some nice looking designs but people say the build quality can sometimes be a bit questionable, although it's hard to tell if it's a genuine issue or just watch collectors shitting on Fossil for being a "fashion" brand.

If you fancy something mechanical Seiko and Vostok make some good but not too expensive automatics in your price range.

Also you can get some really nice after-market leather straps so don't rule anything out just because of the strap it comes with.
>> No. 6375 Anonymous
8th August 2021
Sunday 7:30 pm
6375 spacer
Only issues I've heard about with seikos is that the SKXs (now discontinued) had been having problems with misaligned dials.
>> No. 6376 Anonymous
8th August 2021
Sunday 9:00 pm
6376 spacer
>Also you can get some really nice after-market leather straps so don't rule anything out just because of the strap it comes with.

That is a very good point, especially as I read something the other day that said you should always change the strap when you buy a watch so if you sell it on you can put the original back on to make it look in mint condition.
>> No. 6377 Anonymous
8th August 2021
Sunday 11:57 pm
6377 spacer

I did see one of the more prominent (well, everything is relative) watch youtubers complaining about Seiko quality control in regards to the new lines of Seiko 5's.

However, I'd not let it put you off, provided you can be arsed to return a watch if you're not happy with it. I find watches are one of the easiest things to either have fixed under warranty, replaced or refunded with basically no drama - watch retailers are usually passionate about the products so understand the concerns, and everyone else is a megaretailer who has automated, no questions asked returns policies, backed up by the distance selling regulations.

It's a shame they seem to have been having issues, though, Seiko are perhaps my favourite watch brand.
>> No. 6378 Anonymous
19th August 2021
Thursday 11:36 am
6378 spacer

What do you lads think of the Casio duro watch? It's about £50 on Amazon but it'd have to be imported from America as it isn't sold here. My main concern is it looks massive.
>> No. 6379 Anonymous
24th August 2021
Tuesday 3:45 pm
6379 spacer
>>6378 here again.

I saw one in an antique shop earlier today for about £40. They are indeed fucking massive.
>> No. 6420 Anonymous
23rd November 2021
Tuesday 2:30 pm
6420 spacer
There's a perfectly good thread for you watch fags fellows here. All the more suiting that the board is labled /poof/.

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