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>> No. 6056 Anonymous
21st September 2019
Saturday 8:12 pm
6056 Safety Razor
I can't seem to find any impartial comparisons of safety razors versus more modern multi-blade razors. I've been using a Gillette Mach 5 I got a couple's of Christmases ago and changing the blades once every couple of weeks, but I'm not particularly satisfied with it - it doesn't seem to shave particularly closely, and I often find myself with razor burn.

So, I'm looking to change razor. Every site that seems to have comparisons seems be called like, "The Victorian Hipster Gentleman's Male Quality Grooming Goods Emporium" and extolls the virtues of safety razors like they do this week's artisan craft beer.

Are they really better? I do like the slight environmental advantage - not chucking plastic every couple of weeks, but seems like they can be somewhat snake-oily to actually buy the razor holder; some being 3 figures.
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>> No. 6057 Anonymous
21st September 2019
Saturday 8:29 pm
6057 spacer
It works out a hell of a lot cheaper, you can get a better shave, but there is a learning curve. A multi-blade cartridge razor is designed to give you a decent shave even if you're completely cack-handed, but it takes a bit of practice to shave well with a safety razor. You don't need to spend a fortune - this kit costs less than £15 and is perfectly good to try out DE shaving. There are loads of decent tutorials on YouTube.

>> No. 6058 Anonymous
23rd September 2019
Monday 1:10 pm
6058 spacer
> Are they really better?
The razors are cheaper than cartridges, sometimes drastically.
Using a straight razor requires slightly more agility than the multi-blade thingy - it's easier to nick yourself.
I find that it shaves cleaner than the multi-blade, I don't have to make several passes over most areas of my bony face.

Sage because I usually don't faff with it, electric shaver does the job even if it's not quite perfect.
>> No. 6254 Anonymous
31st July 2020
Friday 4:49 pm
6254 spacer
I swallowed the trad shaving bait the other week. I blame lockdown boredom.

I haven't got the technique yet, but I think shave quality will be okay once I do. The razor itself is a nice object, and lobbing less plastic away will save the dolphins or something.
It's not a revelation of shaving bliss, but I'm coming from the one blade Bic disposables. I might be more enthusiastic if I'd been using the multi blade things.

I like the shaving soap and brush more than the canned gel. I think I'll stick with it even if I drop the razor. It smells nice, and there's a lot of choice, but you might end up like the shaving forum mentalists with rooms full of the stuff if you're not careful.
>> No. 6255 Anonymous
31st July 2020
Friday 4:51 pm
6255 OP
I forgot I even made this thread.

I got a safety razor, and it's much better than the cartridge ones I was using before, and a hell of a lot cheaper since a pack of 10 really good quality blades is only a fiver.
>> No. 6256 Anonymous
31st July 2020
Friday 5:07 pm
6256 spacer
I too feel the need to recommend safety razors. It's funny to me that it's a hobby to some chaps, but the upside of that is that there's actually a lot of information out there for it. I never even thought about it, but there's reviews even for the razor blades.

I realise this thread has reached its conclusion already, but it really is much better than your typical multiblade, and if you start with a "mild" razor, and watch a video or two on proper technique, you'll probably not actually suffer any injury.

I've only really been using one regularly since about March, but I can reliably shave even my head completely smooth with no hassle at all. You definitely have to go a bit slower than a Mach3 but not so much that it's an inconvenience. And not to be one of them wankers, but it does feel more of an occasion, I truly do enjoy the process in a way I never did before.

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