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>> No. 6059 Anonymous
5th November 2019
Tuesday 8:57 pm
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>> No. 6060 Anonymous
5th November 2019
Tuesday 10:50 pm
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Should posting links without the slightest hint on what's on the other side and why you've posted it be a bannable offence?

>> No. 6061 Anonymous
6th November 2019
Wednesday 10:06 am
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Wow. Can you buy these in the UK?
>> No. 6062 Anonymous
6th November 2019
Wednesday 12:13 pm
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At least when Star Trek was predictive programming this glorious progressive future, the men didn't wear dresses that make you want to claw your eyes out.
I feel sorry for "normal" gays, forced to be associated with this and the transgender children noncesense.
No wonder more of them vote Cuckservative than Labour.

(A good day to you Sir!)
>> No. 6063 Anonymous
6th November 2019
Wednesday 2:31 pm
6063 spacer
It's quite funny that gays have for ages been saying their sexual orientation is just their biology and that they can't do anything about it, and then trannies hitch themselves to the LGBBQ wagon and claim biology is a lie and that women can have penises. I fap to traps as much as the next guy but if I were a full-on gay I'd tell them to slow it down.
>> No. 6064 Anonymous
6th November 2019
Wednesday 2:48 pm
6064 spacer

I think it's fair to say by now, for anyone with a functioning sense of brain, that supporting LGBT etc rights and generally being nice to people regardless of their choice of sexual kicks is absolutely fine and should be the norm.

But the individual people who associate themselves with the fringes of BBQ+ trans rights movements etc, and tirelessly post shite all over social media about it, are for the most part tedious fucking pricks and you can safely block/ignore them.

It's almost like gays and trannies are just regular people too, and therefore 90% of them are irritating morons.
>> No. 6065 Anonymous
6th November 2019
Wednesday 3:03 pm
6065 spacer
A wilful misunderstanding of what it means to be LGBTQ. You do realise you can be both gay and trans?

>I think it's fair to say
Not really. For a start maybe don't use the slur 'trannies' if you process to believe in LGBTQ rights.
>> No. 6066 Anonymous
6th November 2019
Wednesday 3:16 pm
6066 spacer

He's not saying you can't be both, he's saying one contradicts the other. As we've discussed in the other thread there's a lot of infighting and gatekeeping even within those communities about which is the correct perspective.

>mean words

Don't be soft, fucking hell.
>> No. 6067 Anonymous
6th November 2019
Wednesday 3:20 pm
6067 spacer
>>6065 I have banged 3 trannies, 2 MTF and 1 FTM, even dated one of them for a few weeks and they were fine with being called that.
They were NOT fine with being called "queer" which THEY (or at least 2 of them, didn't discuss this LGBTQ2AIIP malarkey with the other) considered a slur, but you seem to be happy to just throw it around with your alphabet soup group labels, that force people who have nothing in common into one politicised group.
>> No. 6068 Anonymous
6th November 2019
Wednesday 7:02 pm
6068 spacer
Where did you find the mtf trannies? Asking for a m8. Said m8 tried grindr but they were all prostitutes.
>> No. 6069 Anonymous
6th November 2019
Wednesday 7:37 pm
6069 spacer
Do you suppose they've been briefed to look miserable and downtrodden?
>> No. 6070 Anonymous
6th November 2019
Wednesday 7:42 pm
6070 spacer
You even dated a trans person! Gosh, how lucky they were.

Very right-on you are.
>> No. 6071 Anonymous
6th November 2019
Wednesday 7:56 pm
6071 spacer
That's just what models do.
>> No. 6072 Anonymous
7th November 2019
Thursday 7:05 am
6072 spacer
>>6068 Craigslist, back when the personals section was still there. fabguys.com is where I would look now, maybe fetlife.

>>6070 Thanks, I try ;)
>> No. 6073 Anonymous
9th November 2019
Saturday 9:42 am
6073 spacer
Getting some faint homo vibes ITT
>> No. 6074 Anonymous
9th November 2019
Saturday 9:28 pm
6074 spacer

sharky thumbs up.jpg
right hand side one reminds me of tim sharky but skinny

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