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>> No. 6158 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 3:51 pm
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Let's say that all of your clothes were thrown out and you were given a budget of, say, up to £1,000 to get fully kitted out again. How do you spend it?
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>> No. 6159 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 4:24 pm
6159 spacer

£100 in Primark, £900 in 'spoons. Sorted.
>> No. 6160 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 4:59 pm
6160 spacer
An M&S suit + fitting, one pair black brogues. Seven white linen shirts - four long sleeve, three short; seven plain back 100% cotton t-shirts. Three pairs cuffed chino joggers, two pairs cuffed joggers, two pairs cargo shorts. A decent quality thick zipped hoodie, and a thin one, preferably with bold patterns or design. One olive m65 jacket. One grey baggy beanie, one black trawler beanie. some Vans and some Doc Martens. Enough plain black underwear and socks to last a fortnight. One seiko diver's watch.

I reckon I'm probably on about £500, the rest would go on drugs.
>> No. 6161 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 5:56 pm
6161 spacer

>cuffed joggers

I despise you and everything you represent.
>> No. 6162 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 5:58 pm
6162 spacer

I have short legs, so the straight cut ones are always a faff.

Believe me, everything I wear is for practicality first, style a distant second.
>> No. 6163 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 6:08 pm
6163 spacer
I have about 5 t shirts in different colours, a few shirts, three pairs of jeans, some casual trainers, some running/gym trainers, some smart casual shoes and two pairs of smart/formal shoes.

I have three suits for work, enough work shirts for a week in white, blue and one or two other clours.

Several jumpers, some exercising gear and some socks.

That's literally it, I read it in a minimalism book once about the benefits it brings and it's bene really useful for me. If I don't wear something for more than a year I just give it to charity.

It would probably cost me about 600 to get back up to speed again.
>> No. 6164 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 6:20 pm
6164 spacer
I haven't bought clothes in so long I have no real idea what it would cost.
>> No. 6165 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 6:22 pm
6165 spacer
Few of pairs of nice Levi's or similar- £150
Five disposable pairs of Primarni black jeans for weekdays- £50
Two week's worth of different band shirts- £200
2-3 black dress shirts, slim fit- £60
1 pair of Converse, 1 pair of DCs, 1 pair of waterproof walking boots- £100
Nice wool/fur lined denim jacket for when it's cold- £50
Impractical but stylish leather jacket for gigs/nights out- £120
Several disposable Primarni hoodies- £50
Socks and pants, various- £50
Cheapo aviators- £5

Anything I missed? I don't think I could even manage to spend a grand. At work my clothes are hidden under protective gear so there's no dress code. I've no need for a suit and probably never will. I don't need to dress up for the ladies because being a long haired musician type lets me pull plenty of mental slags already.

I'd spend the rest on booze I reckon.
>> No. 6166 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 6:46 pm
6166 spacer
Really can't go wrong with Levis. On that note anybody got any recommendations for brands that come close or better?

I am yet to find a pair of jeans that look as good and are as durable as Levis are.
>> No. 6168 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 7:27 pm
6168 spacer
My default pair of jeans are Cheap Monday ones I bought in 2011 for £28. They're still in great condition but it's probably only in the last few years they've had frequent use.
>> No. 6169 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 7:45 pm
6169 spacer
We just recently had a thread about how you'd spend £1000 kitting out a home office. Did OP win a grand on a scratchcard or something?
>> No. 6170 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 7:56 pm
6170 spacer
No. £2,000.

Same OP actually. I will be setting up a home office in three or four months, coronavirus permitting, but this one was more out of curiosity to see what kind of brands and styles you lads would opt for.
>> No. 6171 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 8:45 pm
6171 spacer
Assuming I need a year-round wardrobe:

10 Uniqlo Oxford button-down long-sleeve slim fit shirts in white and light blue
One Uniqlo v-neck sweater in merino, one in lambswool
One Harris tweed or coarse worsted blazer, one corduroy blazer (sale or charity shop)
One pair of leather-soled brown half brogues, one pair of rubber-soled brown brogue boots (whatever Northampton brand is on sale or factory seconds, possibly charity shop find)
Two pairs of chinos, two pairs of cords, one pair of wool slacks (slim fit, whatever brand is on sale)
Cheapo ASOS Harrington jacket, wool pea coat from a charity shop
14 pairs of socks, boxer briefs and undershirts (light grey) from wherever is cheap, probably H&M
Fulton Ambassador umbrella
Some fat quarters of Tana Lawn fabric for handkerchiefs

I can sew, so I'd do my own alterations and add elbow patches to the sweaters and blazers. Yes, I am an extremely specific kind of twat.
>> No. 6172 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 9:18 pm
6172 spacer
>Charles Wilson

What are these like? The pictures on Amazon suggest they're a bad shape and fit.
>> No. 6173 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 10:14 pm
6173 spacer
£25 to cover my bits and be decent. £50 on a helmet. The rest on a second hand YT Jeffsy. Fuck it, if it's that bad i'm sending it.
>> No. 6174 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 10:32 pm
6174 spacer
Fits fine for me. Ultimately YMMV depending on body and whether you prefer v-necks.
>> No. 6175 Anonymous
30th May 2020
Saturday 10:38 pm
6175 spacer
I prefer henley shirts, but I worry they'd look too much like a pyjama top.
>> No. 6257 Anonymous
11th August 2020
Tuesday 10:02 pm
6257 spacer
I need to order some t-shirts before I go on holiday in a few weeks. Where do people get them from these days? I'm out of the loop.
>> No. 6258 Anonymous
12th August 2020
Wednesday 3:10 pm
6258 spacer
How often do you lads actually buy clothes? I don't think I've bought any in about 6 years come to think of it.
>> No. 6259 Anonymous
12th August 2020
Wednesday 3:27 pm
6259 spacer
Outside of work clothes I bought a couple of shirts from John Lewis earlier in the year because they had a sale on and you can click and collect from Co-op. Aside from that, a new jacket and a handful of plain t-shirts to keep me going I haven't bought anything I wear on a regular basis in about 2/3 years. I doubt I bought a single thing last year.
>> No. 6260 Anonymous
12th August 2020
Wednesday 9:51 pm
6260 spacer
If it's holiday clothes, then go to TK MAxx or Sports Direct. Maybe take one nice short sleeve shirt with you and a pair of sensible shorts in case you end up at dinner somewhere.
>> No. 6261 Anonymous
13th August 2020
Thursday 2:39 am
6261 spacer
This is literally why Gap exists.
>> No. 6262 Anonymous
13th August 2020
Thursday 7:51 am
6262 spacer
I thought they shut down pretty much all of their stores?
>> No. 6263 Anonymous
13th August 2020
Thursday 10:25 am
6263 spacer

I was forced to buy a load of new jeans and trousers a while back because they all seem to have inexplicably shrunk around the waist. I still have a load of tops I've been wearing since I was about 19 though.
>> No. 6264 Anonymous
13th August 2020
Thursday 10:34 am
6264 spacer

I have concert shirts I got at 14 which still fit me 15 years later.

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