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>> No. 6403 Anonymous
16th November 2021
Tuesday 8:35 pm
6403 spacer
I've tried growing my hair out a couple times in my life. In theory doing so would result in some nice, thick and shiny curls and many people have said I should keep it going when it initially starts growing out and the light brown curls begin showing.

The problem is of course that I don't have a clue what I'm doing so it soon falls to shit. I don't know how maintenance works at the hairdresser and I seem to end up alternating between frizzy and greasy with no in-between. Do you lads have any tips or helpful guides on long curly hair? What do I ask for at the hairdresser and what products should I be using?

I appreciate I should've sorted this last year but lately I've been feeling like an ugly bastard so I'm working on myself.
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>> No. 6404 Anonymous
16th November 2021
Tuesday 8:40 pm
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Back when I was using shampoo, I had really good results with this brands conditioner, it works really well to stop hair going frizzy after washing and it doesnt leave it feeling greasy, but you do still need to wash it every day.

My go to now is using shampoo rarely, just scrubbing well in hot water and rinsing with some dilute apple cider vinegar. It takes some getting used to, and my hair still needs a shampoo every week or two to control the grease, but it puts an end to the 1-2 day cycle of fluffy-manky
>> No. 6405 Anonymous
16th November 2021
Tuesday 8:47 pm
6405 spacer
>the 1-2 day cycle of fluffy-manky

This is the problem I always have. Thanks I'll give the bar a go although washing my hair everyday almost feels wrong.
>> No. 6406 Anonymous
16th November 2021
Tuesday 9:03 pm
6406 spacer
The absolute state of that URL. Pro tip: you can chop off anything after "ref=".

>> No. 6407 Anonymous
16th November 2021
Tuesday 9:42 pm
6407 spacer
Too much work, I'll just amble on in my lazy fucktard ways.
>> No. 6408 Anonymous
17th November 2021
Wednesday 12:01 pm
6408 spacer
I confirm curly hair's a fucking nightmare to care for, and despite having it grown out since my mid-twenties, I haven't cracked the code of how to make it nice all the time.

After shampooing, I find it helps to use a mousse or something of a similar texture while the hair is still damp to keep it in some sort of shape and keep the fluff to a minimum. Heavier curl creams can help keep it in place, but I don't often find many marketed towards men.

As otherlad points out, coconut, cocoa, shea, or even a light dab of pomade can keep this under control.
>> No. 6409 Anonymous
17th November 2021
Wednesday 8:19 pm
6409 spacer
As one of the people who recently posted in the baldness thread, I'd just like to tell you all to go and boil your bollocks.
>> No. 6410 Anonymous
17th November 2021
Wednesday 8:50 pm
6410 spacer
Long haired elven metal lad here. I'm going to let you in on the secret of hair care that will have women falling over themselves to ask if they can touch it. I don't have curly hair but the principles are the same.

Come in closer. Closer, lad. Closer, I don't bite. Okay. Ready? You listening?

Just leave it the fuck alone.

I'm serious, just don't fucking touch it. Let it grow. Wash it every three days, no more, no less. Only ever towel dry it if possible, and if you must blow dry, liberally douse it in argan oil spray first.

Disregard anything women say about hair care, they don't know what the fuck they're doing. Hair care is a piece of piss, the problem is women can't stop attacking theirs with god knows what bleach and sprays and dyes and shit. Leave it alone and it'll just automatically come out nice.
>> No. 6411 Anonymous
17th November 2021
Wednesday 10:14 pm
6411 spacer

Shampoo or not?
>> No. 6412 Anonymous
17th November 2021
Wednesday 10:19 pm
6412 spacer

Shampoo obviously, and conditioner, but don't be too fussy about which one you use, and you don't have to be anal about how you do it either. Just slap it in, scrub your scalp a bit, rinse it out.

I've always had just as many compliments on my hair when I use bog standard head and shoulders as when I'm using my girlfriend's fancy coconut hemp oil shea butter herbal vitamin infusion ones.
>> No. 6413 Anonymous
17th November 2021
Wednesday 10:21 pm
6413 spacer
So what do I ask for at the hairdressers, do I just tell them to tidy it up and they then clip around it like you would a hedge? Before you scoff at me, keep in mind this is a social interaction in a highly routinized environment with others listening in.

>I don't have curly hair but the principles are the same.

Check your privilege. Curly hair is a broken mess of being both prone to drying out but also that humidity in general will turn your hair into a bird nest.
>> No. 6414 Anonymous
17th November 2021
Wednesday 10:33 pm
6414 spacer
This does not work for me, and I've tried argan oil and it just quickly makes it greasy as fuck.
>> No. 6415 Anonymous
17th November 2021
Wednesday 10:37 pm
6415 spacer

Nonsense, curly hair is a cheat code, it looks fine even when it's an absolute state because most people just can't tell the difference. If straight hair goes frizzy, you know about it.

Regardless though your answer doesn't lie in products, and fancy techniques, other than the argan oil like I mentioned. The stuff is a miracle, it gives your hair the natural oiliness it should have which prevents it getting bushy and frizzy when you've just washed it, and by some kind of actual voodoo it prevents tangles and knots entirely.

It's basically WD-40 for your head.
>> No. 6416 Anonymous
17th November 2021
Wednesday 10:37 pm
6416 spacer

You're using too much then, a little goes a very long way.
>> No. 6417 Anonymous
17th November 2021
Wednesday 11:06 pm
6417 spacer
Not at all, I've tried the tiniest amounts and it just doesn't seem to work for me. Everybody just has different hair/scalp types, there's no one size fits all when it comes to haircare.
>> No. 6418 Anonymous
17th November 2021
Wednesday 11:20 pm
6418 spacer

>Shampoo obviously

That's not so obvious, when I had long hair the very best thing I did for it was not shampoo it. Just washed it thoroughly in water every third shower.
>> No. 6502 Anonymous
29th January 2022
Saturday 5:40 pm
6502 spacer
How do I find a good hairdresser for long-hair? I just moved house so my recent "just tidy up the ends" at an Algerian place turned into a generic cut.
>> No. 6503 Anonymous
29th January 2022
Saturday 5:47 pm
6503 spacer

A unisex salon is your best bet, for obvious reasons.

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