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>> ID: 7b0ad5 No. 13380 Anonymous
30th October 2015
Friday 12:02 am

ID: 7b0ad5
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There was a .gs radio once, wasn't there? The thread advertising it had an image of pyramid boombox, I think. What happened to it?
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>> ID: 165961 No. 13381 Anonymous
30th October 2015
Friday 12:10 am

ID: 165961
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I believe the KLF came around to ask for their pyramid boombox back.
>> ID: 382f43 No. 13382 Anonymous
30th October 2015
Friday 2:53 pm

ID: 382f43
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It wasn't automated, someone had to run it and there was no one willing to put in the time. We're all usually quite busy. There have been lots of boards and ideas that didn't work out because of that. We're a works night out and a bout of the flu away from being totally unmanned most of the time, never mind having the man power to run a radio station and take requests.

It actually came up and was casually discussed relatively recently with user input mentioned, but users taking shifts would probably end up with Bear Force One and Kunt and the Gang songs on repeat for hours which would defeat the purpose really. There was a Glasgow lad said he would do a metal set and take requests, with others chipping in ideas, but it'll be at the end of a long to do list and in the "maybe, if we can be bothered column" of maroon's roadmap, if it's even there at all.

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