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>> ID: 64a8c4 No. 13714 Anonymous
20th April 2016
Wednesday 7:03 pm

ID: 64a8c4
13714 Getting real sick of constant whingeing about 'comprehension'
If anything's gagging for a wordfilter, this is it. Just a clichéd way of lowing 'you're stupid!'.
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>> ID: 87bc20 No. 13715 Anonymous
20th April 2016
Wednesday 7:52 pm

ID: 87bc20
13715 spacer

Did someone hurt your fee fees, ladm8?

Bless your cotton socks. We'll get right on that, OK petal? Don't you worry your pretty little head.
>> ID: 4a2f55 No. 13716 Anonymous
20th April 2016
Wednesday 7:55 pm

ID: 4a2f55
13716 spacer
Have you tried not being stupid first?
>> ID: 87bc20 No. 13717 Anonymous
20th April 2016
Wednesday 7:55 pm

ID: 87bc20
13717 spacer
See? Sorted it m8. You just need to stand up to them. Next time you just hit those bigger boys back, OK?
>> ID: 5b36c0 No. 13718 Anonymous
20th April 2016
Wednesday 8:38 pm

ID: 5b36c0
13718 spacer
.gs is 80% cunt-off at the moment. I don't see myself hanging around for much longer.
>> ID: 64a8c4 No. 13719 Anonymous
20th April 2016
Wednesday 9:11 pm

ID: 64a8c4
13719 spacer
Not seen it used 'against' me, it's just a tedious cliche that comes out in every fucking thread, consistently.

I'm only really staying for technical advice on niche subjects, and even those get cunted up with garbage. The 'discussions' are a pile of shit.
>> ID: 135971 No. 13720 Anonymous
20th April 2016
Wednesday 9:57 pm

ID: 135971
13720 spacer
We believe you, m7.
>> ID: 64a8c4 No. 13721 Anonymous
20th April 2016
Wednesday 10:11 pm

ID: 64a8c4
13721 spacer
Mods can confirm if they can be bothered.
>> ID: 87bc20 No. 13723 Anonymous
20th April 2016
Wednesday 11:34 pm

ID: 87bc20
13723 spacer
The only thing I'm inclined to confirm about any of this is that excessive cunt-offs are a problem of your own collective making.

We can't do right for doing wrong if we try and moderate them. Whether you realise this or not lads, this is the future you chose. We're not masochists, we've took a half-step back. If you don't want us being "heavy handed", then you can't feed the trolls or they'll keep coming back. It's pretty simple.

I'm sick of saying this, but be the change you want to see in the world. Be pro-active! Stop blaming other people. This site is all of you and you make it what it is. If you don't like the way things are going, then change them.
>> ID: 894a44 No. 13724 Anonymous
21st April 2016
Thursday 12:04 am

ID: 894a44
13724 spacer
You can't change how other people act you silly cunt, the trouble is people so up themselves that they think a smartarse comment is a substitute for a valid argument.
>> ID: 87bc20 No. 13725 Anonymous
21st April 2016
Thursday 12:21 am

ID: 87bc20
13725 spacer

You can change how you act towards them, like ignoring them or, perhaps, reporting their posts so we can get a look at the IPs causing trouble and keep an eye on their posting habits, banning them if necessary...

...Or is that too draconian? I suspect I already know what you'll say, and if I'm right then you and the moderating staff are in agreement, which is why the onus is on the users to maintain the standards of the site, at least in part, yourselves. Don't feed the trolls!
>> ID: 4a2f55 No. 13726 Anonymous
21st April 2016
Thursday 3:46 pm

ID: 4a2f55
13726 spacer
The problem is, there is a vocal minority (or possibly even a majority now?) of users who are unable or unwilling to engage with valid argument, or who see any criticism of their point of view as a direct personal attack.
>> ID: 38c6db No. 13727 Anonymous
21st April 2016
Thursday 4:35 pm

ID: 38c6db
13727 spacer
Are you trying to suggest we're a sensitive bunch? You're the one who comes off as an egotist, you on your high horse with all that bleeding detachment to the discussion on here. I bet you don't put milk in your tea because you think you're such a hardarse.

>> ID: 4a2f55 No. 13728 Anonymous
21st April 2016
Thursday 4:54 pm

ID: 4a2f55
13728 spacer
Christ someone woke up on the wrong side of bed, where did that confusing rant come from?
>> ID: ae580c No. 13729 Anonymous
21st April 2016
Thursday 5:25 pm

ID: ae580c
13729 spacer
I think he was going for irony.
>> ID: 64a8c4 No. 13730 Anonymous
21st April 2016
Thursday 6:39 pm

ID: 64a8c4
13730 spacer
Fuck sake christlad.

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