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>> No. 2073 Anonymous
23rd November 2015
Monday 4:43 pm
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I did a but of D.I.Y gas work today and I need you all to shout at me if I did a bad thing or not so I don't do it again, or reassure me it'll be alreet. I took the 20mm gas regulator valve off of my old SuperSer gas fire which was destroyed when my boiler exploded on Friday (I'll elaborate on this if you're interested) and attached it to my new one, because it had a 21mm valve and didn't fit my blue gas bottle.

I cut the hose just above the valve I was replacing, put the new valve in, reclamped it and reattached the securing bracket. It is as secure as the original fitting as far as I can tell, just a slightly shorter hose now, so I reckon it'll be fine, but there is this niggle I've made a horrible mistake and I'm going to Jihad myself.
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>> No. 2074 Anonymous
23rd November 2015
Monday 7:52 pm
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This is one of those situations where no advice is good enough. If you're brave enough to try it, you're brave enough to die in a big blue fire. I hope that doesn't happen lad.

Gas is the only thing I never fuck with. Water, electricity, you can see and know straight away when you've fucked up. Gas is all kinds of wrong when it goes wrong.
>> No. 2075 Anonymous
23rd November 2015
Monday 8:08 pm
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You're right, when it goes wrong it goes wrong in style which is probably why I'm nervous. Fuck it, like you said I was brave enough to try it in the first place.

Luckily I've yet to catch even the faintest wiff of gas, and it was essentially remove valve attach new valve levels of simplicity so there isn't much to fuck up.
>> No. 2077 Anonymous
23rd November 2015
Monday 8:47 pm
2077 spacer
The main two possible issues I have is that are you using the correct gas? I.e. you haven't accidentally switched from butane to propane or vice-versa? And also, is the new regulator the same rating as the old one?

I don't think that there's inherently anything wrong with what you've done, but I think it's considered good practice to replace the entire length of hose and the jubilee clips with new ones rather than cutting a bit off and reusing it. Also how tight the clip is can be important, but it's a bit of a dark art getting right, the tighter the better, but too tight and it will start to dig into the hose and damage it.

Also I feel it's worth saying that I'd be much less worried about your DIY repair of it, and more worried about the fire itself.They're just not considered safe enough nowadays to be used inside a house at all.

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