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>> No. 2131 Anonymous
19th June 2016
Sunday 12:49 pm
2131 Kiiroo Hacking
I thought this would be good here, as I can find no technical documentation on it whatsoever, which I think is a shame because the more the protocol is understood and opened up, the cheaper and more interesting online content would be.

I also don't know where to put this?

So basically, a little background: Kiiroo is a sex toy designed to be controlled remotely by cam girls, or your partner. It can be paired to a dildo, or you can download videos that cost money where the stroking movement is synchronised with the video. It's intensely enjoyable for men and I recommend giving it a try, although I am not sure if the results are the same for women. Girls you need to test it.

Anyway, here is what i found from poking around in the data files so far:

Go to:


(Obviously not safe for work).

Download a free kiiroo video (no registration required). This video will work offline, however kiiroo needs to be online to validate the device ID. So you need to have internet connectivity for kiiroo to pair with the device, then it acts essentially as a device driver which you can send data to. I have verified that the actual videos do not require internet connectivity by sabotaging the proxy settings on my browser, forcing it to operate offline.

Edit PLAY.html:

Change the lines:

<video id="video" poster="data/images/placeholder.png">

<source src="data/christoymack1gb.mp4" type="video/mp4">


to point to the video you need, this video is normally in the data subdirectory.

Now the data that controls the kiiroo, is located in data/js/vstroker2.subtitle.json

The format of this json file is:

var kiiroo_subtitles = {0.04:1,2.00:0,4.00:1,6.00:0,8.00:2,10.00:3,12.00:0,14.00:4,16.00:0};


8.00:4 is <Seconds since start of the video>:<ring pressure>

Ring pressure seems to be in the range interval of [0-4].

Now you "just" need to find a way to accurately encode every stroke in your porn movie.

This may not be as difficult as you might think. One way would be to use a desktop recording application like "recordmydesktop" and click the screen on every stroke. You could click on different parts of the screen to indicate the pressure on the rings, then if you could export that into plain text, then you should be able to parse it using a perl script or something. Or you could write some kind of recorder yourself, it wouldn't be difficult. Probably the best thing to do would be slow the video right now to get better synchronisation, say half speed, and then when the vstroker2.subtitle.json is exported, half all the timing offsets.

In terms of controlling the device using an anime flash game or something, you could use the code in: data/js/main.js.pagespeed.jm.*, specifically the handleFrameUpdate() function and sync it to whatever computer game you need. Connection information and the actual data comms with the Kiiroo device driver seems to be processed by data/js/sdk.js.pagespeed.jm.*

So... who likes drawing anime sprites?!

Any please paste any Kiiroo related technicals here. It would be an interesting project to write a piece of software for Kiiroo. One thing we don't know anything about is the device drivers that key to kiiroo via bluetooth. More information on that would be very helpful!

Keywords: Kiiroo Hacking, Controlling Kiiroo, Kiiroo Protocol.
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>> No. 2132 Anonymous
19th June 2016
Sunday 12:55 pm
2132 spacer
I don't know mate, I can see why it's been invented and I'm sure it's lovely for long distance couples and the like, but you're adding to this feeling that I'm living in a dystopian future.
>> No. 2133 Anonymous
19th June 2016
Sunday 1:29 pm
2133 spacer
I'm unsure whether to delete this or not on the grounds that it's spam.
>> No. 2134 Anonymous
19th June 2016
Sunday 2:42 pm
2134 spacer

I'm not a mod, but I think it depends whether it becomes funny or not within a few posts.

You're probably safe to delete this one and forget it existed.
>> No. 2135 Anonymous
19th June 2016
Sunday 4:26 pm
2135 spacer
Stick my cock in a death-trap that can be controlled remotely across the globe? Are you mental?
>> No. 2136 Anonymous
19th June 2016
Sunday 5:14 pm
2136 spacer
Someone doing that is how you were conceived, after all.
>> No. 2137 Anonymous
19th June 2016
Sunday 5:19 pm
2137 spacer
It was only a matter of time before something like this was invented. I think I remember reading about something like this in a sci-fi story - some kind of tactile shape-shifting board you could use to have sex over the internet, for example if you pressed your genitals into it the other person's board would take the shape of them, and then their commensurate fondling would be simulated by your board, etc. This is clearly not as good as that sounds though, unfortunately.
>> No. 2138 Anonymous
19th June 2016
Sunday 5:29 pm
2138 spacer
Various versions of this sort of thing have been around for years. They're probably reaching the stage of being almost worthwhile now. That said, they're not much use until most people all have the same brand, unless you want to buy a different one for each partner.
Also pretty useless given how sex actually works.
>> No. 2139 Anonymous
19th June 2016
Sunday 5:31 pm
2139 spacer
Was someone controlling your mum remotely from across the globe?
>> No. 2140 Anonymous
19th June 2016
Sunday 5:36 pm
2140 spacer
Finally, I won't have to convince women to let them stick my knob in their wallets.
>> No. 2141 Anonymous
19th June 2016
Sunday 6:05 pm
2141 spacer
This along with the Rift will be why we'll start seeing the streets a little more empty. Slowly but surely.
>> No. 2142 Anonymous
19th June 2016
Sunday 6:16 pm
2142 spacer
This is a plot to crush every single penis on the planet simultaneously by altering a single line of code at the right moment.
>> No. 2143 Anonymous
19th June 2016
Sunday 6:48 pm
2143 spacer

Burst out laughing. I'm going to start telling people I have a PhD in this.
>> No. 2166 Anonymous
9th October 2016
Sunday 1:32 am
2166 spacer
I'd love to hear of any progress with this.

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