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>> No. 2704 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 11:48 am
2704 spacer
Lads. How in the name of shitting fuck are you supposed to get the bulb out of this thing? It seems like it's permanently attached and I'm not going to pull it out of the ceiling as I'd like to keep my deposit.
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>> No. 2705 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 11:53 am
2705 spacer
If it won't unlock by rotating you may have to go into the attic and do it from that end.
>> No. 2706 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 11:55 am
2706 spacer
Have you tried pushing up and twisting the white cover? Or maybe there's a clip i one side.
>> No. 2707 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 11:58 am
2707 spacer
I have the same lights lad. The white bit should rotate.
>> No. 2708 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 12:18 pm
2708 spacer

I gave it a twist and it made an awful noise but now I can see that there are spring loaded clips holding it in. They are only against the plasterboard of the ceiling through, so I darent pull straight down lest I put a hole through the board. Nothing else seems to twist.
>> No. 2709 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 12:46 pm
2709 spacer

Have lights I installed in my grandparents kitchen that fit exactly the same, really rather powerful spring clips - I don't think they're really supposed to be pulled back out, like you say.

You must be able to twist or pry off the white plastic shroud - there's clearly a split there where your thumb is. Maybe try working a screwdriver in there?
>> No. 2710 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 12:55 pm
2710 spacer
The upper white part is rubberised - I've run a flathead and some tweezers all the way around to see if there's a release pin and I can't find a thing, and can't get purchase because as I say the upper part is just a rubber seal. I'm half and half for taking the blue tape off and seeing if the clips are attached by screws or something but it doesn't feel like it.
>> No. 2711 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 1:02 pm
2711 spacer

That's very strange, it almost seems like someones just glued it on there or something.
>> No. 2712 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 1:08 pm
2712 spacer
The spring loaded clips are what actually holds it in place - they should grip around the plasterboard at first, and then move backwards to grip it when you push it back in. Once you release the clips, the whole thing will come out (still attached to the wires obv).
>> No. 2713 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 1:09 pm
2713 spacer


I've been googling and found this - perhaps your instinct is right about the tape, and also the rubber seal is aftermarket too?
What a load of faff for a light.
>> No. 2715 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 1:15 pm
2715 spacer

I think I've found the unit. If it is this one, looks like if the unit dies you replace the whole thing, as it's really an smd LED.

>> No. 2716 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 1:50 pm
2716 spacer
My particular unit has three of these clips, and they are so stiff I can't even manually push them up.

My unit looks like a standard halogen type bulb, and as I say has three clips. I've been hunting too and found nothing yet.
>> No. 2717 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 3:54 pm
2717 spacer

It's very odd, I've been completely unable to find anything with three clips. It must be ancient.
>> No. 2718 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 4:02 pm
2718 spacer

I'm reasonably certain it's an older version of a Click FlameGuard housing, and in that case the bezel partially obscuring the bulb just needs to be unscrewed, but if it's been on there for a long time or subjected to heat (halogen bulb so it has) then it might be seized.

So you just need to unscrew it, or try to.

>> No. 2719 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 5:02 pm
2719 spacer
I have these in my bathroom. I went into the attic to replace the bulbs. Those brackets that hold the bulbs are fiddly.
>> No. 2720 Anonymous
10th May 2020
Sunday 8:28 pm
2720 spacer
Unfortunately as I live in a flat - no attic to do that with.

That's an interesting link, the blue tape looks convincing. I'll squirt some WD40 onto the gap and leave it for a bit and see what happens, thanks.

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