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>> No. 2731 Anonymous
14th June 2020
Sunday 6:39 pm
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I wouldn't normally ask this but I've made a hash of it once already. As we're going to be working at home for the foreseeable future, do either of you know of any computer chairs that would reach the height of a kitchen counter? I'm looking at 90cm from floor to counter-top.

Amazon search is useless for this but I did come up with the option below which doesn't seem anymore comfortable than the chair I'm using at the moment.

I cannot stress enough how much of a ball-ache it is to return a computer chair you've already assembled. Even after the WD40 and club hammer treatment, you still need to somehow fit it all back in the packaging and dick about with parcel-monkey. The chair was £99 but even then I had thoughts of just chucking it.
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>> No. 2732 Anonymous
15th June 2020
Monday 11:39 am
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I am sorry to tell you that this is my only recommendation and it costs about 1600 quid. I know that's not helping, so self saging.
>> No. 2733 Anonymous
15th June 2020
Monday 11:45 am
2733 spacer

You can get them used and refurbished for about half that, though still going from £99 to £800 is still likely useless for OP.

Staples I've found is very good for chairs, they have plenty rated for 24 hour use and so on.

What you're looking for is usually called a "draughtsman chair" or similar.
>> No. 2734 Anonymous
15th June 2020
Monday 7:31 pm
2734 spacer
Having a taller chair puts more strain on the seat post if you put your weight off centre, I believe there are also stricter product safety regulations on higher chairs.
Both of these lead to the point that this height of chair needs a more compact seat base and limited recline, hence no one is able to make a tall chair that deviates far from the style of the one linked in the OP.
>> No. 2735 Anonymous
15th June 2020
Monday 9:38 pm
2735 spacer
Thanks but not to worry, lads. I'm still not sure of the chair in OP and reckon I'll just continue to work from my bed because I don't have the leftover motivation.

Work will pay for it but that fucking parcel-force bloke who came to pick up the old chair woke me up at 7 today and I'm sure the seller will find a reason to refuse the refund just to put the icing on the previous saga.
>> No. 2736 Anonymous
17th June 2020
Wednesday 1:11 am
2736 spacer
I would never recommend buying them new, but Hermann Miller draughtsman's (as >>2733 points out) are almost unicorns. The flagship Aeron you can get at decent discounts from office dissolutions and bankrupticies but the "high chair" equivalents aren't anywhere near as popular in the start-up and small business market and thus not quite as common.

A further caveat is that these chairs have a lot of adjustabilty which is best done by an ergonomics trained person. If you're buying this for home use and don't have that expertise you're wasting money on micro-adjustments you'll likely use wrong so you are much better off not splurging in this instance.
>> No. 2737 Anonymous
17th June 2020
Wednesday 9:27 am
2737 spacer
How does one get trained in ergonomics?
>> No. 2738 Anonymous
17th June 2020
Wednesday 11:43 am
2738 spacer

I've done no research, but it certainly sounds like a three hour course Sandra from HR insists on going on to "enhance her skillset", and once she's done it you'll never be able to slouch again without her wagging her finger at you.

I'd rather have the twisted spine.

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