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>> No. 2777 Anonymous
14th September 2020
Monday 9:48 pm
2777 tool chest
ladm8s I need to up my tool storage game.

My tool collection ever expands by the month, as is correct and normal - I have gotten by over the years on many different sizes and shapes of plastic boxes, mostly themed around each kind of tool/task (one for electronics, one for electrical, a separate one for cabling obviously, one for cars/bikes, one for decorating and building etc) and will probably continue in that vein when I need portability. But the main workshop/garage needs something a bit more substantial.

I am considering one of these trolleys with lots of drawers, there are many on the market, and I know you two will have researched this and bought the right thing. Please help. I need something roughly like this pictured, that is large, sturdy and isn't a zillion pounds.

What did you buy?
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>> No. 2778 Anonymous
14th September 2020
Monday 10:01 pm
2778 spacer
>that is large, sturdy and isn't a zillion pounds.

Pick two.

I have, of course, thoroughly researched this - but I'm not sure I bought the right thing. This is what I bought :


It's good - but it's not the best. They're sturdy enough, but really just made of thin sheet metal. They hold my tools and the drawer bearings are nice, but they're not that big. I do wish I had paid more for the heavy duty ones (literally called Clarke HD), but they were significantly more expensive. My units have lasted a decade in a shed, so they're not bad, but they don't have that quality feel. I recommend them for the price - but if you have a larger budget, go for the pricier options. But you can't go wrong with Clarke/Machinemart.

I was also extremely impressed with the set Costco sell -


Every time I'm in there I wistfully open and close the drawers. They're very well built.

I would say the most important thing is to actually go look at them before you buy. Only you know what size/draw layout is right for you, and even with measuring I find it's hard to 'know' if it's going to work for your tools without eyeballing it, and obviously if you look at them in person you can see how well they're built.

In the end, it's just a metal box with drawers, I think unless you're buying the dodgy ebay ones that come with 'free tools' you'll be good.
>> No. 2779 Anonymous
14th September 2020
Monday 10:12 pm
2779 spacer

Oh lad - we're far too similar. I was in Costco THIS evening wistfully looking at SIX HUNDRED POUNDS worth of tool chest thinking, how can I squeeze this in the car and justify it to the missus. I literally went there to look at these because I remember they had them recently, but I thought they had slightly smaller / cheaper ones.

I have also found machinemart - brother tell me about that bottom cupboard - what is in there? I'm leaning toward something that is more ALL DRAWERS as I simply don't need another cupboard and I'm more of a BIG DRAWERS kind of guy.

Picture is entirely gratuitous, my apologies I couldn't help it.
>> No. 2780 Anonymous
14th September 2020
Monday 10:13 pm
2780 spacer
I just have a fuckload of those naff little screwdrivers from when I used to work at Maplin.

And to think people turned me down when I had to flog them for a quid at the till. Your loss, smart arse, those little bastards are handy. I've got one in every room of the house I think.

I have nothing useful to add to this thread.
>> No. 2781 Anonymous
14th September 2020
Monday 10:37 pm
2781 spacer

My justification for when I eventually buy the Costco one is that it'll last me a lifetime - I'm sure your missus will roll her eyes at that, but then also nobody other than people like us actually know how much these tool chests cost - tell her it was a hundred quid, she'll believe it, and probably still be shocked at the price.

When I bought the Machinemart one, the cabinets were probably worth ever so slightly more than my entire tool collection - these days I have thousands of pounds worth of tools, plus a lot of stuff inherited from my grandad which is priceless to me - I feel like spending a little more (okay a lot fucking more) on a space to keep them organised and safe makes sense. But I haven't been able to take that plunge yet.

>brother tell me about that bottom cupboard

The bottom cupboard is where I keep my 'sometimes' tools that come in those black plastic cases - it's mostly air compressor tools, The Biggest Drill We Have, and the sort of quite specific tools I don't use very much like angle grinders etc. It's nice to keep them all in one place, and when I was working in a small shed was perfect - now I have a big garage with shelving units, it makes a little less sense, but still is probably more useful than another three shallow drawers, at least for my purposes. I think BIG DRAWERS is probably a more sensible way to go, just in terms of organisation and practicality. There's nothing my bottom cupboard does that a plastic tub couldn't also do.

I use the two units purely for my car tools now, having everything in a rolling cabinet I can take out into the yard is just really, really nice. But that Costco one really speaks to me.

Also, whatever you do, make sure you buy a label maker alongside your tool chest - preferably one of those old style manual ones that punches the letters in, but an electric one is fine too - if we are as similar as you claim, you will find nothing in this world more pleasurable than spending an evening organising and labelling your new tool drawers.
>> No. 2782 Anonymous
14th September 2020
Monday 10:42 pm
2782 spacer

If you're on a tight budget, second-hand Bisley Multidrawer cabinets are a decent option. Not this one though, the labels give me the fear.
>> No. 2783 Anonymous
14th September 2020
Monday 10:49 pm
2783 spacer

I don't work in healthcare but even a cursory glance at that and I can see the forms are in the wrong order. Why are the nightly checks so far down and so far away from the daily ones? Why are turn charts and bed rails not next to each other, and much further up as they're clearly used more frequently than, for example, the restraint forms?

This reminds me of when I started my most recent job and they had the daily equipment checks eight drawers lower than the weekly vehicle checks. Absolute psychopaths.
>> No. 2784 Anonymous
14th September 2020
Monday 10:52 pm
2784 spacer

>buy a label maker
Sort yourself out, you know me better than that. Picture is related.

I am so sorry lad. Those little screwdrivers are useful, but you're not gonna need a tool chest for those. I wasn't expecting complete agreement, there are only three of us here after all.
>> No. 2785 Anonymous
14th September 2020
Monday 10:53 pm
2785 spacer

What does peg care mean? And DNAR?
>> No. 2786 Anonymous
14th September 2020
Monday 11:02 pm
2786 spacer

I should have known. I bought an electric one recently, a Brother. It's fine, but I feel like it wastes a lot of label with blank space due to the design of it. You can do icons though, that's fun - now everyone knows my fusebox has dangerous electricity in it.


Peg is probably PEG feeding, i.e nutrients via a tube in your stomach. DNAR will be Do Not Attempt Resuscitation.

If I had to guess this is from an elderly or ICU ward. Grim stuff - that's a haunted filing cabinet if I ever did see one.
>> No. 2787 Anonymous
14th September 2020
Monday 11:05 pm
2787 spacer
>If I had to guess this is from an elderly or ICU ward. Grim stuff - that's a haunted filing cabinet if I ever did see one.
Better than one from the children's ward, you'd never get any work done without being interrupted by a ghostly "Now then, now then".
>> No. 2788 Anonymous
14th September 2020
Monday 11:14 pm
2788 spacer

Oh - I completely forgot to mention, I was talking to one of my Car Friends the other day, he owns a Snap-On tool chest - it was something like three grand new. If that's not enough to make the Kirkland one seem reasonable, I don't know what is.

Please accept a disgusting picture of my chest in a sadly departed shed.
>> No. 2789 Anonymous
14th September 2020
Monday 11:22 pm
2789 spacer

>Snap-On tool chest

Now then (now then) - there is clearly something else at work with Snap-On as I have heard the same thing from Car People.

I know that they come round in a van and sell you it, like a super over-engineered Avon lady? Is it all on tick? Does it come with tools? Are they the Apple of tools/chests and have every single socket size known to man? Or were they simply the first in this market and everyone is trying to ape them and their beautiful Ferrari-red boxes?

There must be a reason and I can't fathom what it is.
>> No. 2790 Anonymous
14th September 2020
Monday 11:49 pm
2790 spacer
>Apply directly to the toolshed
>> No. 2791 Anonymous
14th September 2020
Monday 11:50 pm
2791 spacer

>Please accept a disgusting

No shed is disgusting, I love it.

This is my latest shed renovation - created a new internal skin on a rotten, rat-eaten piece of shit. I won't be working in it as I have a garage now, but I do intend to store stuff and sit and read my Kindle sometimes as its the warmest part of the garden. I also insulated the walls and ceiling, so I could sleep in it. Needs another coat of paint around the details but is almost done.

I think I should have made it a sauna tbh but pretty happy with how it turned out.
>> No. 2792 Anonymous
15th September 2020
Tuesday 12:24 am
2792 spacer

I still haven't worked it out. They're nice - really nice - but I can't say they feel any sturdier or smoother than the £600-1000 range of chests I've seen. They are bigger, they have a warranty (though god knows how that works here in the UK) but really I think the brand is the reason - you might be right in thinking that they're the Apple of tools, but more the current day Apple than the late 2000's Apple if you know what I mean.

As I understand it, their tools aren't particularly amazing, either, I've heard a lot of horror stories - though I've noticed our engineers at work all use Snap-on grease guns, no idea why. But if it's good enough for Britain's finest 737 engineers...


>I think I should have made it a sauna tbh

I don't think you'd have been welcome here anymore - that's just beyond the pale. A shed at least needs at least to be somewhere you could feasibly repair at a bicycle (at the minimum), no matter how plush it is.

I'm thinking about a summer house style shed now too, mind, as I also have migrated to the garage for work. There's also been thoughts of something big enough to be called a barn - I have a lot of car and bike plans, and a council that doesn't mind rubber stamping some planning permission.
>> No. 2793 Anonymous
15th September 2020
Tuesday 12:27 am
2793 spacer

I should also say that I've never in my life seen a professional car mechanic use Snap-on stuff, presumably it makes little economic sense even if they are hard wearing. So I was very surprised to see our engineers using them, even if it was out of the company budget.
>> No. 2794 Anonymous
15th September 2020
Tuesday 12:33 am
2794 spacer
Why does nobody think my paed[iatric] o-file cabinet joke is funny? Fuck the lot of you.
>> No. 2795 Anonymous
15th September 2020
Tuesday 12:49 am
2795 spacer

I laughed, I just don't think you're allowed to say "lol" on /uhu/.
>> No. 2796 Anonymous
15th September 2020
Tuesday 12:50 am
2796 spacer

Now then young man, what's your problem?
>> No. 2797 Anonymous
15th September 2020
Tuesday 12:52 am
2797 spacer
Also, if we're going to be meta about your excellent joke, I refer you to the first four words of >>2789
>> No. 2798 Anonymous
15th September 2020
Tuesday 1:09 am
2798 spacer

I missed that. Thanks.
>> No. 2799 Anonymous
15th September 2020
Tuesday 9:02 am
2799 spacer

I've bought various US-Pro stuff over the years, and it's been good. I partiucularly like the workbench - like this but all drawers rather than a cupboard. It's bastard heavy when fully loaded, mind. Only just fits through a regular door, so getting it into the house was tricky, and I'm not looking forward to moving it into my new mega-shed, but it's got to be done.
>> No. 2800 Anonymous
21st September 2020
Monday 6:22 pm
2800 spacer

It's irrelevant since it's now ILLEGAL to go to Costco, but I noticed they're cheaper than they used to be. They're also listed as sold out on the website - does this mean they've stopped making them? If so I'm definitely going to have to panic buy a set.
>> No. 2801 Anonymous
21st September 2020
Monday 6:47 pm
2801 spacer
I saw they were down to one set at my local one when I went yesterday, but the price was still the same.

I opened and closed all the drawers approvingly. It's a shame, the bottom half of the set would suit me down to the ground, a bit like that pictured in >>2799
>> No. 2802 Anonymous
21st September 2020
Monday 7:24 pm
2802 spacer

Machine Mart have got similar-ish cabinets at similar-ish prices.

>> No. 2803 Anonymous
21st September 2020
Monday 7:41 pm
2803 spacer
I need to do a Costco run, but every time I've been past it recently they've been queueing for miles.
>> No. 2804 Anonymous
22nd September 2020
Tuesday 1:28 am
2804 spacer

My local one is still reasonable during the middle of a weekday, or at about 7pm just before closing. But I live in the northern tundra, so who knows.

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