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>> No. 2805 Anonymous
22nd September 2020
Tuesday 5:07 pm
2805 spacer
I broke a glass shelf in my shower. Most of it is in tact, and it broke only in the corner where it attaches to the shower frame.

Is there a heavy duty adhesive that can reliably attach glass to glass and/or glass to metal in a wet environment?

If not, is there any other way I can secure the shelf back into the frame?

It's similar to the picture, except with just one large metal piece in the corner.
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>> No. 2806 Anonymous
22nd September 2020
Tuesday 5:24 pm
2806 spacer
Most of it is in what?

If there's a large enough surface area you might try silicone; seems to work well enough on broken fish tanks.
>> No. 2807 Anonymous
22nd September 2020
Tuesday 6:18 pm
2807 spacer
Epoxy will bond to glass if the bonding surface is clean and degreased. Fast epoxy adhesives tend to be piss yellow, but you can find water-clear epoxies if you shop around.

Super glue (cyanoacrylate) will bond to glass, but the bond tends to be weak unless you use an acid etch pre-treatment.

Also, if we're discussing gluing glass I am legally obliged to reference Big Frank.

>> No. 2808 Anonymous
22nd September 2020
Tuesday 11:25 pm
2808 spacer
Fixing glass like this hardly ever works in my experience.

B&Q, Amazon or IKEA is your friend, I would just replace, it will be cheap for a shelf that small and easier than fucking about with different glues; I would forever be worrying about any fix breaking again while I was in the shower.


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