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>> No. 2864 Anonymous
10th February 2021
Wednesday 6:27 pm
2864 spacer
Lads. Something happened to two of the carpet tiles in my current flat, and I'd like to replace them rather than lose my deposit. I carefully took one up and found no manufacturer identification, just the number '50718' printed on the back. Googling "50718" "carpet tile" gets me sweet fuck all.

I'd rather not alert the landlord of this, so before I go asking for new carpet tiles from them, can anyone help me ID this?

Thanks lads. Thads.
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>> No. 2865 Anonymous
10th February 2021
Wednesday 6:38 pm
2865 spacer
Could you swap the damaged tiles with ones under something that will hide your shame?
(because, in my experience, good luck matching carpet tiles. Your landlord may well use he same ones in multiple flats and have a stash of spares so coming clean may not be as painful as you fear. Although that relies on your LL not being a cunt.)
>> No. 2866 Anonymous
10th February 2021
Wednesday 6:38 pm
2866 spacer
In the current state of lockdown, you're shit out of luck, but when carpet places open back up take it round one and ask for a like for like replacement. If they don't have it in stock, they'll be able to order it from their suppliers catalogue.
>> No. 2867 Anonymous
10th February 2021
Wednesday 6:54 pm
2867 spacer
I've ordered some free samples from an online supplier, and B&Q remain open and this looks promisingly similar: https://www.diy.com/departments/colours-clove-carpet-tile-l-500mm/109033_BQ.prd

Swapping was my first thought, but if possible I'd like to not do that. As I understand, all the residential carpets in this building are the same, so I hope that's true. If none of the samples I've ordered match then I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and ask the estate agent.
>> No. 2868 Anonymous
10th February 2021
Wednesday 8:58 pm
2868 spacer
>Something happened to two of the carpet tiles in my current flat,

Care to elaborate?
>> No. 2869 Anonymous
10th February 2021
Wednesday 9:28 pm
2869 spacer
I don't know exactly, but my best guess is my office chair wheel got stuck and tore a chunk of the threading out. Either way, there's inch-wide black patch of missing carpet. Unfotunately that was right on the boundary of two tiles.
>> No. 2870 Anonymous
10th February 2021
Wednesday 9:39 pm
2870 spacer
Fair enough. To be honest I think I was hoping for some sort of amusing and elaborate wanking/shitting/murder incident or something. I hope you get it sorted anyways ladm8.
>> No. 2871 Anonymous
10th February 2021
Wednesday 9:47 pm
2871 spacer
My bad. I realise on second reading that my OP makes it sound quite intriguing when in reality it was just because I don't know what happened.
>> No. 2872 Anonymous
10th February 2021
Wednesday 10:08 pm
2872 spacer
I was imagining he had set them on fire.
>> No. 2946 Anonymous
21st July 2021
Wednesday 10:46 am
2946 spacer

After several months of chasing up letting agencies and then developers, finally got hold of the model name. The company was nice enough to send me two tiles for free. All's well that ends well, I suppose. Now I just need to run a steamroller over a few times so it's not obvious.
>> No. 2947 Anonymous
21st July 2021
Wednesday 11:08 am
2947 spacer
That looks really fine as a repair - no landlord is going to complain about that.
>> No. 2948 Anonymous
21st July 2021
Wednesday 11:32 am
2948 spacer

Well, from one cock up to another. A routine lightbulb change has gone tits up. I fucking hate these cunting downlighter things. It's now hanging out of the ceiling at an angle, the lightbulb is just flopping around inside it, and if I pull straight down I can hear the plasterboard start to strain, and I'd rather not put a massive hole in my ceiling. If I try and push it back up it just falls down to this position here.

The spring loaded 'wings' appear to be twisted from what little I can see.

Is this something I can call the landlord to sort out, or will they say it's my fuckup and I'll have to pay an electrician to come sort out?
>> No. 2949 Anonymous
21st July 2021
Wednesday 11:37 am
2949 spacer
You just have to fiddle with the clips for long enough - doesn't need an electrician.
>> No. 2950 Anonymous
21st July 2021
Wednesday 11:55 am
2950 spacer

This doesn't look right, but I can't get a better angle to look at it than this.
>> No. 2951 Anonymous
21st July 2021
Wednesday 12:27 pm
2951 spacer
Well, I managed to free th bulb and change it but it simply won't go back up into the ceiling.

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