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>> No. 2907 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 7:12 pm
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What's the heat and water tolerance of your typical bit of hardened Polyfilla / generic brand spackle?

Could it survive regular exposure to hot water?
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>> No. 2908 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 7:32 pm
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>> No. 2909 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 8:49 pm
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As far as I've been able to gather, Polyfilla is mostly cellulose and has relatively poor water resistance. You could try protecting it with a polyurethane or acrylic varnish, but I can't make any promises about how well it would work.

Polymer clay is highly water-resistant after curing in an oven. Epoxy putty cures at room temperature and will withstand pretty much anything.
>> No. 2910 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 8:55 pm
2910 spacer
I kept some dried polymer clay in water or possibly oil for a few years and it swelled up, went soft, fell apart.
>> No. 2911 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 9:19 pm
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There is an exterior grade of polyfilla that might be worth a try. Waterproof, think its based on cement, or cement+resin.
>> No. 2912 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 9:23 pm
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Properly cured polymer clay is basically PVC, which has excellent water resistance but relatively poor resistance to oils. In the uncured or partially-cured state there'll be a lot of filler material and unbound plasticisers that aren't necessarily stable in water.
>> No. 2913 Anonymous
10th April 2021
Saturday 9:41 pm
2913 spacer
Thanks lads. I've double checked and my generic brand stuff is actually "plastic putty". It came with a hardening agent and the label claims it's water resistant. It's also hardened like rock, so I'm happy enough.

I'll let you all know if it melts in about two years time.
>> No. 2915 Anonymous
17th April 2021
Saturday 9:45 am
2915 spacer

OP here an update: the plastic putty absolutely did not withstand exposure to regular warm water, and despite hardening like a rock, softened and came away in bits.

I've now been arsed to go to the shop and buy a proper waterproof glue and a caulking gun.

Lesson learned, don't be lazy when it comes to water and heat tolerance.

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