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>> No. 3065 Anonymous
11th June 2022
Saturday 11:48 am
3065 spacer
This door handle has one (or maybe more than one) of its screws going all the way through the door, but the tiny top bit that secures it has been lost and I need a replacement. What do you call these things? It looks like the top of the screw but it has a hole in the middle for the other screw to go through. I've been searching for stuff like 'screw caps' and it's not helping.
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>> No. 3066 Anonymous
11th June 2022
Saturday 11:58 am
3066 spacer
You can't replace the head of a screw. A screw is one solid piece of metal, including the head. The head of that screw has sheared off, either because of over-tightening or stress.

You need to remove the handle, extract the remnants of the screw with a pair of pliers and replace it with a new screw. If you can't get a grip on it with pliers, you'll need to use a screw extractor tool. Once it's out, you'll need to replace it with a new screw.
>> No. 3067 Anonymous
11th June 2022
Saturday 12:02 pm
3067 spacer
Mostly >>3066 but before you go out and buy a screw extractor tool, see if you can just rotate the disc plate a few degrees and re-screw it with one fresh screw, re-using the two that aren't broken.
>> No. 3068 Anonymous
11th June 2022
Saturday 12:20 pm
3068 spacer
No no you're misunderstanding. The screw itself is fine and it has a head. It is entering from the opposite side of the door. You're looking at the bottom of the screw. The hole goes all the way through the door. I just need something to screw onto the bottom to secure it, otherwise it will fall out.
>> No. 3069 Anonymous
11th June 2022
Saturday 12:28 pm
3069 spacer
So it's a bolt rather than a screw? In that case you need a nut for it.
>> No. 3070 Anonymous
11th June 2022
Saturday 1:11 pm
3070 spacer
Holy shit this has to be a troll.
>> No. 3071 Anonymous
11th June 2022
Saturday 1:21 pm
3071 spacer


Assuming this isn't some weird troll, then what I think you're describing is a barrel nut.
>> No. 3072 Anonymous
11th June 2022
Saturday 1:38 pm
3072 spacer

Why do you think it's a troll? Am I asking a weird or stupid question? I'm just looking for an equivalent to the thing that I lost. I drew a picture of it. Maybe it came with the door handle I dunno. Not sure if a barrel nut is the right thing.
>> No. 3073 Anonymous
11th June 2022
Saturday 2:13 pm
3073 spacer

That's a nut m8. It's round and it's got a slot in it, so you want a slotted round nut. If it's a metric thread, then you just need to measure the outside diameter of the screw around the largest part of the thread to find the right size. If it measures 4mm you need an M4 nut, if it measures 5mm you need an M5 etc. If it isn't a round number of millimetres, you've probably been cursed by the Imperial Fasteners Fairy and I'd suggest taking the bolt into a decent hardware shop.

>> No. 3074 Anonymous
11th June 2022
Saturday 2:38 pm
3074 spacer
Fair enough I suppose, thank you. I'm just worried about finding the right size for the hole because nuts are generally quite thick, whereas the thing I lost was very thin and a bit tapered and probably came with the door handle to fit the hole perfectly flat.
>> No. 3075 Anonymous
11th June 2022
Saturday 5:21 pm
3075 spacer

I think perhaps you're describing an insert nut. You screw it in with an allen key, and then it takes a bolt through the center.


But I would also go with the other suggestion in the thread, to simply rotate the entire thing by a few degrees and just use normal screws. Captive insert nuts like this are usually used to fix bits of furniture together, that might need to come undone later - something like a large worktop, desk or table.
>> No. 3076 Anonymous
11th June 2022
Saturday 7:41 pm
3076 spacer
For 5 seconds of googling it seems it might be called a sleeve.

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