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>> No. 4446 Anonymous
7th May 2013
Tuesday 12:01 am
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Any UoL lads been enjoying this drama storm?

The ULU is finally to be shut down, likely due to its abysmal election turnout rate and poor reception among students. Though its President claims that the Unis are out to get them because they organised protests against tuition fees.

Latest news; http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-22384936
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>> No. 4447 Anonymous
7th May 2013
Tuesday 1:05 am
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I thought this thread was about the University of Leicester for a second, but then I realised no decent people go there
>> No. 4450 Anonymous
7th May 2013
Tuesday 3:17 am
4450 spacer
That's fucking awful. On what planet is the solution to low participation in a democratic institution to make it entirely undemocratic?
>> No. 4454 Anonymous
7th May 2013
Tuesday 7:06 am
4454 spacer

The University of London is a federal university, made up of 18 colleges and 10 institutes. Each of these bodies has a student union, so all students will continue to be represented by an NUS-affiliated SU. The ULU has become increasingly unrepresentative of the student body as a whole, as demonstrated by the incredibly low election turnout of just 2%. It is entirely right that the UoL should derecognise that union, as it no longer has a legitimate claim to represent the student body.
>> No. 4498 Anonymous
12th May 2013
Sunday 8:42 am
4498 spacer
Exactly this, ULU is also notoriously useless at organizing anything that isn't self-promotion. Nobody at my college has anything to do with them, so no tears have been shed.
>> No. 4507 Anonymous
18th May 2013
Saturday 11:26 pm
4507 spacer
So its a Union that nobody gives a toss about and only exists to sponge money from the services students actually need. Of course it justifies itself by being a hub of 'political' activity.

Isn't that the case with all student unions?
>> No. 4510 Anonymous
19th May 2013
Sunday 12:35 am
4510 spacer

Depends. Unions tend to become shit when they start being 'second-order' (i.e. representing a larger body made up of several groups already with their own unions). You see it with OUSU and CUSU at Oxbridge who have their colleges, and you see it with ULU with the UoL.
>> No. 4515 Anonymous
19th May 2013
Sunday 10:14 am
4515 spacer
Arguably, but my SU have done some decent things. ULU's downfall is probably due in part to its current President (Chessum, in the OP, who's by now had a paid role in student politics for three or more years) and is by all accounts an incompetent and unlikeable cunt.

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