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>> No. 4511 Anonymous
19th May 2013
Sunday 6:19 am
4511 spacer
im fucking just sat here stressing and being pissed off that my dads made it so hard for me to get a house. i kind of had my heart set on that big one, and since i might have to do resits, i likely wont get my results till late august. meaning i would have to wait till then to start looking or lie and say i passed maths the first time.
having to house-hunt that late would be a nightmare,and how am i meant to get down to bristol everytime i want to view one?
i could ask my uncle, but he'll give the excuse that he isnt employed atm.
wtf am i meant to do?
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>> No. 4512 Anonymous
19th May 2013
Sunday 6:28 am
4512 spacer
A little back story is needed here m8...
>> No. 4513 Anonymous
19th May 2013
Sunday 6:56 am
4513 spacer
How did your dad make it hard?qqq
>> No. 4514 Anonymous
19th May 2013
Sunday 7:05 am
4514 spacer
Learn to capitalise.
>> No. 4516 Anonymous
19th May 2013
Sunday 2:38 pm
4516 spacer
oh whoops. sorry, hes refusing to be my guarantor till i get my exam results. I'm perfectly capable of capitalisation, but I didn't think it was necessary in order to convey the information herein.
>> No. 4517 Anonymous
19th May 2013
Sunday 2:56 pm
4517 spacer
Tell him that's entirely unreasonable as you will be unable to get a house by the time your exam results are received.

Also explain your fucking situation instead of vomiting up half finished sentences and assuming we know what the fuck you're talking about. Also punctuation and capitals were invented for a reason.

Anyway, even if you fail I assume you'd retake the year in which case you'd need a house anyway.
>> No. 4518 Anonymous
19th May 2013
Sunday 4:37 pm
4518 spacer
I'm assuming he's referring to his A-level results.
>> No. 4519 Anonymous
19th May 2013
Sunday 4:50 pm
4519 spacer
I'm assuming he means uni, since universities don't generally require a guarantor for uni accomodation as most of it comes from the SLC.
>> No. 4520 Anonymous
19th May 2013
Sunday 5:27 pm
4520 spacer
I based my assumption on the need to "pass maths", and having to "get down to bristol", which presumably he wouldn't have to do were he already there.
>> No. 4552 Anonymous
9th June 2013
Sunday 3:54 pm
4552 spacer
sorted now, persuasion succeeded. sometimes its good just to type. See my other thread in /A/ for some interesting plants!
>> No. 4553 Anonymous
9th June 2013
Sunday 4:38 pm
4553 spacer
As much as I enjoy your lovely little gardening exploits, if you don't start making an effort to communicate to our standards you can expect to be disciplined soon. The shift key requires the barest twitch of your little finger; start making it.
>> No. 4554 Anonymous
9th June 2013
Sunday 7:49 pm
4554 spacer
>> No. 4555 Anonymous
10th June 2013
Monday 2:16 am
4555 spacer
I'm not convince a person who can barely convey concepts, and leaves enough ambiguity it is a topic of discussion should really have a degree (maybe media). I can already feel my own degree being devalued by the possibility of OP getting one...
>> No. 4556 Anonymous
10th June 2013
Monday 3:59 am
4556 spacer
Fucking hell, get to bed lad.
>> No. 4557 Anonymous
10th June 2013
Monday 4:13 am
4557 spacer
Why do you feel that you're entitled to a house?
>> No. 4558 Anonymous
10th June 2013
Monday 4:43 am
4558 spacer
This. OP you're a cunt.
>> No. 4559 Anonymous
10th June 2013
Monday 11:19 am
4559 spacer
Don't be dumb, it's not an unreasonable expectation that your parents should enable you to have somewhere to live at uni. He needs a guarantor, they know this, pretty much everyone's guarantor is one of their parents.

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