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>> No. 5041 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 10:30 am
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Any lads who studied abroad: how did you afford it? Where did you go, and how did you find your programme?

I took on a Masters at my undergraduate uni without much idea of my options, a mistake I don't intend to make again if I manage to get further.
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>> No. 5042 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 11:12 am
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It is either effectively free, free or free and they pay you. This includes post-grad study, and being British.

Why anyone would study in the UK is beyond me.
>> No. 5043 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 11:23 am
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Could you please explain further? I wasn't made aware of any free opportunities abroad during study. What about travel costs and accommodation? Is tuition funded by scholarship or some sort of scheme? Where did you look to find these programmes?
>> No. 5044 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 11:27 am
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Incredibly the UK education system keeps quiet about the opportunities in Europe. Have a gander at Scandinavia if you want to be paid to study. Ditto Belgium.

France, Germany, Spain and Italy charge less than 500 EUR a year and have noticeably lower costs of living.

Have a little look around then feel free to ask more. But my suggestion would always be Scandinavia.
>> No. 5045 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 11:34 am
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I blame my now wife. She couldn't have come with me.
>> No. 5046 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 11:50 am
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>Why anyone would study in the UK is beyond me.
In fairness the quality of the education available is still among the best of the world, and you get to live in a country with strong graduate career possibilities. It's just insanely inaccessible unless you've had a trust fund set aside for you before you were born.
>> No. 5047 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 12:12 pm
5047 spacer

I appreciate the information but I'm going to be candid and say that this discovery is more than just surprising for me. I grew up in one of the outlying towns of the UK where not much happens. The only real strength of where I live is the university, and I've already studied there. I've never been abroad and don't have any savings, so to find out I could have studied in another country for free is enough to make me a bit sick.

It'd be really helpful to me if you could be more specific. This isn't just a case of a missed opportunity for me, it's more like exposure to a different world. If it seems I'm being lazy, I apologise, but this is something I've always assumed to be off limits to me. I find it difficult to contextualise information that I just pick up from websites or application forms, I'm really looking for something more if that's possible.
>> No. 5048 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 12:22 pm
5048 spacer

I am only replying because I undestand your pain - I've been there. But mate, do yourself a favour and hit the search engines.

Most Scandi countries will not just give you a free course, even post-grad, taught and assessed in English, but will give you money to keep a roof over your head, food on the table and a tiny bit left over.

You could have taken your student loan and studied in pretty much any EU country and lived like a prince. course fees are fuck all there.

Look, do a bit of searching. Even the UK press has occasionally run articles about this. Search, then come back once you have a more focused question and I may be able to give you a bit of advice regarding uni's, countries and courses. Or find someone who can.
>> No. 5049 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 12:58 pm
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Not him but I've looked into doing a masters in Scandinavia somewhere, mostly Sweden and although the courses are free I didn't see anything about them paying for accommodation or living costs? From what I could make out you needed to be able to prove you could support yourself financially whilst you were out there. Something like 700kr a month I think?
>> No. 5050 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 2:06 pm
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This is the only post I'm going to make in this thread.

Your woeful basic research skills should preclude you from doing one to be honest.
>> No. 5052 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 2:36 pm
5052 spacer

As the lad who chimed in earlier with reluctant helpfulness I fully endorse your post. There is a reason the UK is falling into the shitter, and certain posters on here are the perfect example of the problem. I expect, but do not really wish to have to see, the posts they make in a couple of years when they have to enter the real world...
>> No. 5053 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 2:51 pm
5053 spacer
>>5050 >>5052
While normally I'd agree with this sentiment, the link more or less supported what he said, besides his missing zero. It was a shitty link to boot. You'd need to work in Sweden for two years to receive studiemedel.
>> No. 5054 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 3:03 pm
5054 spacer
Breaking my own rule here but the idea of the link was to lead to other lines of enquiry, not a one-stop 'here's the answer' article you dense, lazy cunt.
>> No. 5056 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 3:10 pm
5056 spacer
Yeah that pretty much says what I said no? I did miss off a zero as >>5053 quite rightly pointed out. I'm aware there might be some scholarships available but the link you posted isn't much help with that.

I don't really understand why you're being so snarky and begrudging in helping people out. If you genuinely have some useful knowledge on the subject why not just post it instead of sneering down your nose at people?

I've been in the real world for a while lad, no need to turn this thread into a cunt off is there.

Cheers, that looks a lot more useful. From what I've read it's pretty hard to get part time/casual work out there if you have no grasp of the language as well. Will have a proper read of that link though.
>> No. 5058 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 3:46 pm
5058 spacer
OP again. Obviously posters are under no obligation to share how they got onto their programmes, but I admit I am a bit confused by the reluctance. I don't think anyone is expecting a precise guide or blueprint. In making this topic I was mainly hoping to know more about your experiences so I could gather ideas and maybe gain a sense of how these things can be done.

I'm more than willing to do my own research, but everyone starts somewhere. Where did you first hear of your programmes? Did it just pop into your head one day to relentlessly Google it to and chase down leads? Did you gain some background knowledge by reading up using a particular resource first? Did someone mention it to you, and you pursued talking to people and making contacts?
>> No. 5059 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 3:49 pm
5059 spacer

Oh, petal.

But seriously mate, this should take all of about 5 minutes to track down. Try some inventive search terms. Like "studying in X". I will chip in as and when I feel it is worth doing so.
>> No. 5060 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 3:50 pm
5060 spacer

> Did it just pop into your head one day to relentlessly Google it to and chase down leads?

Yes. Try it, then come back with a more clear set of questions and, as above, will be happy to oblige.
>> No. 5061 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 3:55 pm
5061 spacer


Sorry lads, it is pushing midnight here and I am off to bed...
>> No. 5062 Anonymous
7th January 2014
Tuesday 4:36 pm
5062 spacer

What should? Whether I can receive funding for accommodation and board whilst studying in Sweden? Because that's all I personally was asking and posting about.

I made this post >>5049 as previous searching had indicated that I would have to fund living expenses myself. I only posted it because >>5048 suggested that most Scandinavian countries will pay for your living expenses.
Reading through, http://www.csn.se/en/2.1034/2.1036/2.1037/2.1040/1.9366 doing a bit more searching and from previous searches this doesn't seem to be the case to me?

If you have other information or knowledge to the contrary I'd be grateful to hear it as all the places I've looked have indicated that apart from the actual course fees I'd have to fund myself.

I honestly don't understand why people feel the need to be so willfully unhelpful, especially at what seemed to me a very reasonable OP. He doesn't seem to want a list of links but actual first hand experience. Why that inspires such ire in some posters is a mystery to me.
>> No. 5069 Anonymous
5th February 2014
Wednesday 8:30 pm
5069 spacer
Okay, I feel this is just about close enough not to merit its own thread:

Have any /uni/lads managed to get proper summer work abroad - that is, the sort of thing which will bear scrutiny on the CV, and receiving at least enough remuneration that you're not left out of pocket?

If so, how?

I've got(-ish) French and Russian, but I'm on a non-language degree; I'll not specify which in order not to narrow the scope of the discussion. Third year, going on fourth of four.
>> No. 5070 Anonymous
6th February 2014
Thursday 3:48 am
5070 spacer
Its free in EU countries where it is free for residents but there is no obligation under EU law for similar financial support so I'm wondering where you got this from.

I've actually been looking at this myself for future plans (I study undergraduate atm) and whilst it is indeed free to do a Masters in Stockholm there are no local scholarships for EU residents and you need to prove an income of 7,000kr a year to cover living costs. There is probably a need for more keeping in mind the housing situation in Sweden is much like ours and the cost of food, drink and cigarettes is outrageous.

I have however found that the Skills Funding Agency in the UK might give me money towards my studies, or at least the lady on the phone told me so. I need to get the University in Stockholm to register to it but when I pull my finger out I will let you guys know how much money I can sponge off the government.

Bollocks, I'm not the only one looking into this and I could have saved some typing if I had read the rest of the thread and seen my twin here.

Stop being an annoying faggot. >>5042 made the statement of certain states paying for you to study and the only theoretical way you could do that would be to study part-time and look for work (in order to claim jobseekers).

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